My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting

My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting

My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting

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More specifically, you want help with My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting?

some of the things that I mentioned are gonna be small obscure publications that you’ve never heard of some of the ones that I talked about are going to be big name ones that you have heard of this video is all about where I get information or where I enjoy getting information you see you come here and you watch my videos and I’m articulating semi complex subject matter in ways that you can understand but I don’t just sit here with just a natural knowledge of this stuff I learned from those around me I learned from doctors I learned from specific publications I learned from my team and I want to share with you what I would consider my favorite resources in no particular order in no real biased opinion just straight-up what I think are really good resources big small whatever I do want to ask that you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications alright okay so the first thing that I need to address is my own experience okay so if you know my channel then you probably know my story and I’m not gonna go into a whole lot of detail on it but I was close to 300 pounds I’ve lost about a hundred and ten pounds utilizing the ketogenic diet utilizing intermittent fasting utilizing carb cycling kind of a myriad of the three right okay but the thing is is that with that kind of weight loss comes a lot of experience and I worked in the health care world okay I had a group of about 1200 physicians that I worked with so the point was is that I had a lot of just information around me when I was going through my transformation that kind of planted the seed and got me excited about all the scientific research that’s out there surrounding these metabolically flexible ways of eating right conditioning yourself to be fat adapted fasting things like that and all about metabolic flexibility point is is that the foundational knowledge was planted in my mind based on my own experience but I unwritten ease probably the main one is going to simply be PubMed good old-fashioned PubMed calm right be your own educator hey 27 million citations on PubMed you need to go and you need to find your own research that supports what you are looking for at that point in time and it’s important to know that research conflicts constantly okay so I can talk about one study one day and find a study that conflicts it the other day but there’s a practical application in each setting depending on what you’re doing right so you need to find what works for you and I you to just dive into PubMed and trust me it is complicated because there are so much information out there but that’s a lot of where I get my information and the thing is is you know you find the abstract and you can at least get a solid conclusion and sometimes you get an opportunity to go and review the full paper sometimes you have to pay for it and rent at the point is is that you need to be your own educator and you need to connect your own dots but that’s not the answer you’re looking for so let’s go ahead and let’s move on to the next one okay certain books okay there are books that I like that usually reference question and answer format a book that I recommend is one called keto answers by dr. Anthony Gustin so that’s a really good book so it’s like 300 different questions that are laid out around the ketogenic diet so you can always go check out that book you have to be careful with a lot of books because a lot of them end up being ghost written and they’re not really the actual knowledge that you want coming from the person that you think it’s coming from with a nice thing about keto answers is I reference that book all the time okay so that’s a perfect way to just find quick resource of hey quick question about keto can I get a solid answer on it okay so that’s a big source for me then of course I have to talk about my team right okay I’ve got you know Matt who’s kind of my right-hand man who’s always researching and always finding new compelling things and then it’s our job to sit together and connect the dots we’re just nerds okay we we sit and we nerd out there’s no denying the fact that you have to be a little bit of just an inherent nerd to enjoy this then I have Nick Norwood’s over at Oxford University he helps me out a lot too cutting edge research newer stuff things that people don’t necessarily have access to and he’s got a great way of explaining things too you are only as good as the people that you surround yourself around you are not gonna be just perfect by yourself okay now the next piece is going to be digital publications all right like going online certain com websites right so one that I recommend when it comes down to workout content it’s called bar Bend calm that’s a really good one because it’s all science back it’s all really good research in the amount of content and they put out each day is unbelievable okay so bar been calm and then you can also take the information that you get there and cross-reference with stuff over at PubMed so if you’re looking at like workout design if you’re looking at different ways to period eyes I get a lot of my insight from that because they pride themselves on not being biased or not being one-sided right they get just and subjects and research from all over the place so then I can formulate my own opinion and then cross-reference where I need to then when it comes down to like supplement research examine calm is always great because it gives the good the bad and the ugly with mainstream supplements and understanding formulations and understanding what goes into a compound and what the mechanism of action is it’s just important that you know what you’re putting in your body and I’m just giving you the basic foundation here right but now let’s talk about some other things right you guys watch YouTube guys listen to podcast let me give you a few the podcasts that I would recommend okay the first pot is that I would recommend is going to be keto answers podcasts okay also by Anthony Gus Tim so it’s not just because he’s a friend of mine it’s because I’ve been on his show a few times and I actually like the subject matter it’s always an interview format he’s always got good guests but I’m gonna divide this into sort of three categories so keto answers is a good podcast if you’re interested in a little bit more digestible forms right so it’s complex enough but it’s not so complex that your brain is gonna be spinning right so next up is gonna be dr. Rhonda Patrick she has a podcast called found my fitness now the cool thing about Rhonda is she’s focused on like longevity and metabolic conditioning as well so a lot of her research is in the world of mitochondrial health so she did her graduate research at st. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and it was all in the world of mitochondrial health so all in the world of the metabolism so she truly is an expert when it comes down to fasting when it comes down to prolonged fasting but quite honestly the thing I like most about her podcasts about Rhonda Patrick is her focus on hormetic stressors sauna cold therapy things like that how do you stress your body to get an adaptive response so she’s kind of a little bit more advanced a little bit more scientific but still in the world of somewhat digestible right then we advanced all the way down to Peter at TIA so the Peter at TIA Drive really good podcast if you’re trying to get a little bit more in depth so he’s got a big oncology background so he came out of Stanford and Johns Hopkins he’s really really awesome so he’s a trained physician so his stuffs a little bit more complicated so if you’re entry-level Peter might not be for you so I recommend starting at keto answers then starting to get a little more onto Patrick and then get a little bit more of Peter at Tia these are just people that I listen to to have more I don’t know provoked thoughts right to think okay outside the box of what I see in my own ecosystem now let’s talk things to avoid it all costs things that are gonna send you down the wrong rabbit holes and are gonna confuse you I will honestly say 98% of YouTube okay I say that with a grain of salt because I am on YouTube and you know what even I’m wrong I’m wrong a lot and I usually call myself out on it but most people are blatantly wrong on YouTube and I’m not going to name names the point is like they are blatantly wrong and they know it they do what they can to get views anytime that the system can be gamed algorithmically to get views like Facebook Instagram YouTube that shouldn’t be your go-to source you should cross-reference the people that you listen to for example Anthony Gustin for example bar Bend ok across different social medias and good quality ronda patrick patriot sia all these really really good you just got to be careful next up is definitely going to be avoiding fitness magazines okay as someone that came out of the fitness industry i will honestly tell you that most of them are garbage most of them are just telling you ultimately what’s going to circumnavigate to buy a supplement on the next page so just be very very careful with that now another one like i mentioned before is be careful with most books books are not always the best educational resource in terms of nonfiction in fact in an interview with NPR it was found that approximately 60% of non-fiction books were written by ghost writers okay usually because they want celebrity names to be able to sell the books but the celebrities don’t have time or the ability to write a book so they get a ghostwriter so the point is you think that you’re getting the information from that source but it’s usually it’s gone through so many different games of telephone along the line the message is not the same so i just encourage you to be careful with books there’s not always the best source now the last one that you absolutely just need to be aware of and you should just tune out 100% without a doubt is the loudmouth at the gym and i know a lot of you are saying oh my gosh i don’t listen to that guy anyway but the fact there’s a lot of you probably do too even if it’s inadvertently that’s the guy that just walks around the gym doesn’t really work out just walks around just having the executive job work out the whole time okay in fact what’s interesting is a study that was published in The Telegraph found that one out of three people that go to the gym admittedly don’t even break a sweat because they’re talking most of the time are these the kind of people that you want to be taking workout advice from or nutrition advice from because the funny thing is is more often than not they’re the people that are talking about nutrition advice and workout advice walking around hey you should do this hey you should do that because I read it or I saw it they can’t even practically apply it themselves okay so just you be you you focus on you and most importantly above all else take everything that I’ve talked about and apply it to you because that is how it’s gonna work and what you perceive out of all the content and everything that you consume is totally different than what the person next to you will consume and what they will actually translate and perceive out of it Ubu but anyhow hope this gives you a little bit of a start some places that you can research and just become your own advocate for your own health as always I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting.
My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting

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My Favorite (current) Resources for Keto & Fasting – Thomas DeLauer

Where would I be without my team? I often get asked about how I’m so well versed in all these topics. Well, the simple answer is through the collective work of my team, and some very reputable resources. There are a few science-backed publications that I rely on that I would like to share with you in hopes that YOU will utilize them to better yourself, too!. Enjoy the video and I’ll see you in the comment!!

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