Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins) and Joint Stiffness

Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins) and Joint Stiffness

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More specifically, you want help with Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins) and Joint Stiffness?

hey I’m back in this video we will talk about mycotoxins in joint pain so what are mycotoxins basically their poisons release from mold or fungus okay there’s about 300 different types but only about 30 are truly poisonous and what they do is they inactivate the white blood cell they make your white blood cells your immune system go to sleep they do create a lot of problems now they create fatigue weakness chronic sinus issues cognitive problems stiffness joint pain all sorts of arthritic type pain skin rashes and skin issues neurological problems respiratory problems and allergies other than that they’re totally safe right I’m just kidding let’s get to the cause it’s all the potential causes now if you had a flooding in your house or some leak after a storm and then the mold starts growing you can be exposed that way that’s very common or it could come from the food that you’re eating a lot of times you’ll have higher levels of mold and corn wheat grains soybean beans peanuts cheese wine beer coffee and bread and what’s interesting if you ever read the labels on some of these foods because they have a little chemical in there and if you look up the chemical it releases formaldehyde which is basically a mold killer so they’re putting mold killers in these foods and another cause could be taking antibiotics do you ever notice why some people get yeast infections or Candida after they take antibiotics well they get this overgrowth of fungus and mold then we get to the glyphosate exposure now what is glyphosate that’s the Roundup Ready the chemical the herbicide in GMO foods if you think about it the massive exposure of this chemical on the soil over a period of time he’s going to totally disrupt the flora or the friendly bacterial growth in the soil which is going to spike certain mole growths specifically a type of microorganism called Fusarium okay Fusarium is a microbe that grows after you use glyphosate so I believe that a lot of the mold exposure that we’re getting is right there because it’s in almost all the especially if you’re consuming all the GMO foods which is hard to get away from corn soy canola okay so these are some of the things that could cause the mold which then relates to joint pain and a lot of other symptoms now what do you do about it well there’s four main things that I recommend number one grapefruit seed oil is awesome it’s a great anti mold anti fungus and it’s very very gentle on your own friendly bacteria and the next one is garlic which is the ultimate an tiny microbe and then we have bentonite clay which actually gets rid of Michel toxins out of the body and then the last one would be in each of wood sugar because the mold and fungus and yeast and Candida live on sugar you’re gonna have to go on the intermittent fasting and the ketogenic program that I’ve been talking about so go ahead and apply this information and share what you think in the comments down below hey if you haven’t already subscribed press this little button down below okay thanks 

This Post Was All About Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins) and Joint Stiffness.
Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins) and Joint Stiffness

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Dr. Berg talks about mycotoxins and joint pain. This is the toxins or poisons released from mold and fungus. These mycotoxins inactivate our white blood cells.

Common symptoms are:
-stiffness and pain
-sleep apnea
-cognitive problems
-skin issues
-respiratory problems (allergies)

-being exposed to mold (ex. floating in your basement)
-the food you eat (corn, grains, soy, peanuts, etc.
-glyphosate (GMO) – can spike the microbe Fusarium.

I recommend:
-Grapefruit seed extract
-Bentonite Clay
-Get off the sugar

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