Microwaves MAY Alter Food- But Are Safer than We Think

Microwaves MAY Alter Food- But Are Safer than We Think

Microwaves MAY Alter Food- But Are Safer than We Think

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if someone tells you not to microwave food go ahead and tell them to get out of your house okay because microwaving food is not unhealthy and I will explain why in this video you see the other day I had someone in my house and they were razzing me because I microwaved a little piece of chicken they’re like Thomas here you are this health guru yet you’re using the microwave like what would your fans and followers think of that if they saw you doing that okay put on my education hat and explain to you the situation then I realize well wait a minute I probably should explain this to my audience and explain this to people to watch my channel because there is some pretty legit scientific evidence that shows that cooking with a microwave is not unhealthy like people think there’s just a lot of misinformation other so we’re gonna break it all down make it short and sweet and simple for you so you have some ammunition to share with those friends of yours that are telling you you’re unhealthy but first go ahead hit that red subscribe button and hit that little Bell icon to turn on notifications and then after this video please check out thrive market so speaking of food that’s microwavable thrive has some thrive is an online grocery store and I’m affiliated with them so I’ve been able to create keto boxes fasting boxes thyroid support boxes all kinds of different grocery boxes so you can get foods that Thomas would recommend literally in a grocery box delivered to your doorstep cheaper than what you’d spend at the grocery store it’s a no brainer so check them out in the description after and watch this video alright so this whole thing comes from the old there’s no such thing as a free lunch aspect right if people say that always a costs to something and if microwaving food makes cooking food easier then there must be a cost associated with it all right first of all that’s not always the case ok take go into a restaurant for example ok sure it’s convenient but it’s expensive so you would think ok it’s expensive it’s gonna be healthy well eating at a restaurant even though it’s expensive a fancy restaurant doesn’t make it healthy the point is it just doesn’t add up but a fast-food place might be different my whole purpose in saying that is that whole no free lunch thing isn’t always true ok so when we look at the case of microwaves it’s easy to think well it’s easy to cook in a microwave so it’s automatically unhealthy so with that in mind let’s talk about the number one thing that people would usually have beef about regarding the microwave the radiation piece the word radiation just has a bad connotation to begin with right because we think cancer treatment we think that’s what microwaves are not x-ray machines ok it’s not like you’re getting traditional radiation coming out okay and first of all the waves that are coming from a microwave are somewhere in between a radio wave and a light wave which we’re exposed to 24/7 okay so all the time we’re exposed to desert so we’re not exposing ourselves to anything additional than what we ordinarily would be exposed to and let’s be realistic here we’re getting into the 5g generation we’re about to be exposed to a lot more than just what’s coming out of a microwave so the point is you don’t really have to be worrying about that you see what’s happening is when you’re cooking with a microwave all that’s happening is little bits of frequency are causing water molecules to vibrate in the food at a very high speed creating a thermic effect basically the water is vibrating so much that it’s generating heat and it’s cooking the food from the inside out and just so you know the little screen that you see on a microwave door protects you from most of that frequency anyway even though it’s not bad to begin with okay so now we have to remember that there’s four things that would normally kill nutrients in food so that’s the other bit myth is that microwaving food and makes it less healthy okay you’re losing nutritional value there’s four things we have to look out for when we’re cooking okay one cooking with too much heat that’s going to kill a lot of nutrients exposing the too much heat cooking for too long because that exposes them to heat for too long which kills nutrients then we have to cook without blackening okay so like if you’re grilling or searing something you’re blackening the edges and then lastly we have to try to cook without submerging because if we submerge then we literally lose nutrients so here’s the thing we cook too quickly we’re cooking with too much heat and that’s killing off stuff cooking for too long exposing too much heat searing and grilling exposes you to what are called glycation end products and also heterocyclic amines which are carcinogens so we have two things one that wreaks havoc on your body from an oxidative stress standpoint and one that wreaks havoc on your body from a cancer standpoint so that’s not good okay or at least in moderation right and then the last thing is if we boil food then we lose the nutrients as they literally leach out into the fluid so microwaving by triggering just this little vibration of water molecules in our food from the inside out cooks quick it cooks at a moderately low heat believe it or not because it’s cooking from the inside out and it’s not exposing us to glycation end-products because it’s not cooking from the outside where it’s charring the outside and we’re not exposing it in water so we’re not draining the nutrients so it’s actually probably the healthiest way to preserve nutrients sure you could dig up any dirt on a microwave but I can also dig up dirt on a grill I can dig up dirt on broiling I can dig up dirt on boiling all this stuff you can find reasons for things to be unhealthy but the point is is that cooking with a microwave does not kill off the nutrients and the most important thing to say here is it’s not going to expose you to ridiculous amounts of radiation we’re talking no more than a radio sitting on the counter and definitely a lot less than your cell phone sitting in your pocket so if it’s standing between you and getting healthy then by all means don’t throw out your microwave you use it and use it for the convenience because I will tell you the glucose in your system and the excess calories in your system are doing a heck of a lot more damage than consuming something that was cooked in a microwave but as always keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About Microwaves MAY Alter Food- But Are Safer than We Think.
Microwaves MAY Alter Food- But Are Safer than We Think

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Microwaves MAY Alter Food- But Are Safer than We Think – Thomas DeLauer

There’s this popular belief going around that says it’s unhealthy to microwave food… but how much truth is there to this claim?! We know that there’s some radiation involved with microwaves, right? And food + radiation seems like a big no, too. So let’s dive into the science behind microwaves to see if they really are as dangerous as people claim. I’ll see you in the comments!

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