Metabolic Syndrome Is Really the Hyperinsulinemia Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome Is Really the Hyperinsulinemia Syndrome

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This Post Was All About Metabolic Syndrome Is Really the Hyperinsulinemia Syndrome.
Metabolic Syndrome Is Really the Hyperinsulinemia Syndrome

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Metabolic syndrome should really be called hyperinsulinemia syndrome: here’s why!


0:00 What is metabolic syndrome?
0:57 Why high insulin causes insulin resistance
2:50 What causes insulin resistance?
4:43 Summary

In this video, let’s talk about metabolic syndrome. This is also known as syndrome X.

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of several health problems, including:
• High lipids
• High blood sugar
• Insulin resistance or diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Obesity

I want to talk about why metabolic syndrome should really be called hyperinsulinemia syndrome. The convention viewpoint on this is that insulin resistance leads to increased insulin—is that true? Or is the high insulin that causes insulin resistance?

To figure this out, all we have to do is observe what happens after a gastric bypass—where they bypass part of the small intestine. The small intestine affects insulin production.

As it turns out, a gastric bypass reduces high insulin. In turn, this reduces type 2 diabetes by 83%. It also reduces high blood pressure by 63% and reduces high cholesterol by 61%. All of these are what make up syndrome X or metabolic syndrome. Additionally, gastric bypass improves sleep apnea, PCOS, fatty liver, GERD, and joint pain.

If you lower insulin, you produce a massive amount of change across the board with your health—including many issues associated with metabolic syndrome.

When you have high insulin over a period of time, the body starts to resist it. In turn, this raises insulin more, which also causes more insulin resistance. It’s a vicious cycle, but only if you continue to have poor dietary habits, like:
• Frequent eating
• Consuming too many carbohydrates
• Consuming too much sugar

Most doctors just don’t connect these dots.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped clear up what metabolic syndrome really is, and why it should be called hyperinsulinemia syndrome.

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