Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan – What to Eat in a Day

Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan – What to Eat in a Day

Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan – What to Eat in a Day

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méditerranée and keto is actually not that complicated however a sample diet or an example speaks a million words in this case so I want to lay out what you can eat breakfast lunch dinner snack options everything but also give you the full understanding and justification as to why these foods are in place now some of you may not have watched my full how-to Mediterranean keto video where I broke down the benefits and how it really works so I encourage you to watch that video but you can watch it after you watch this one that’s what at least gives you I don’t know the straight up facts so you can just get down to it and get started but it’s important to note that the Mediterranean diet itself although it sounds like a diet it’s more like a regional thing okay it’s always talking about sort of the geography and sort of where it’s from where the foods are coming from so it’s not like it’s a diet per se whereas the ketogenic diet or a ketogenic pattern is more about your macronutrients so what that means is the Mediterranean diet and the keto diet are perpendicular diets they run alongside each other they don’t oppose each other you can take attributes of the Mediterranean diet and apply it to the macronutrient breakdown of the ketogenic diet so they work really really harm on eeeh sleek together and the Mediterranean diet has been around for so long and touted as one of the healthiest most anti-inflammatory diet protocols that is out there it would make sense to just incorporate that alongside the ketogenic diet which is also one of the most therapeutic and anti inflammatory diets that are out there so combine them and you have a recipe for success alright so we’re gonna have some fun with this I do want to ask that you hit that red subscribe button and then do hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications that way you’re always seeing my videos and you’re never missing things that I’m talking about so without further ado let’s go ahead and talk about this okay so we’re breakfast on the Mediterranean keto meal plan it’s actually really tasty I’ve put together a couple options here and you can kind of be flexible with them and flex acute as you need to right option number one two poached eggs okay two whole poached eggs the reason we’re poaching them you’re trying to reduce the added oils okay we don’t want that oxidation we don’t want the extra cooking with oils if we don’t need it right okay but then I also add an extra yolk so yes you can separate the egg yolk from the white and still do poach the yolk believe it or not it just kind of cooks the yolk in a simple form it cooks a little bit differently or you can scramble it up differently point is poached eggs are totally Mediterranean and they just have that kind of vibe right now additionally what you’ll want to put with these eggs if you like it is one and a half ounces of smoked locks so smoked salmon now I want you to be careful because a lot of the smoked salmon like the Norwegian salmon can be a little bit sketchy right now when it comes down to mercury and radiation levels so you want to go some of the other kinds of smoked salmon usually the Atlantic versus the Norwegian so just pay attention to that okay you can put a little bit of capers on it remember sodium and salt is okay on a ketogenic diet because you’re losing those minerals anyway so it’s okay so don’t worry about the salt it’s not a problem if you don’t like the taste of LOX you can always substitute one can of sardines okay again might sound a little bit weird and it might be deterring you but don’t worry I have other options what we want is we want this high amount of vitamin D first thing in the morning studies have shown that the bioavailability of vitamin D and sort of that biosynthesis it ends up working out a little bit better if we’re consuming it from food sources in the morning so I like getting our vitamin D with our sardines and things like that in the morning then I say one cup of spinach sautéed in avocado oil avocado oil can handle high heat okay so you take one cup of spinach and you wilt it and you cook it up with a little bit of avocado oil maybe a half a tablespoon maybe a tablespoon cook it up so it kind of shrivels up and it becomes more of a breakfast dish that way you can make it almost like an eggs benedict but without the actual muffin right and then lastly I say put a quarter cup of olives kalamata olives black olives whatever high amounts of vitamin D – so we’re getting rid of the D – that’s gonna convert into vitamin d3 here really good stuff so that’s a perfect little breakfast there now you don’t like eggs or you’re sick of eggs let’s go ahead and look at what I have for option two here four ounces of lean ground chicken or lean pork people will say that pork isn’t Mediterranean I’m pretty sure the Mediterranean diet has a lot of you know charcuterie like we’ve got the prosciutto we’ve got the hams so I think you’re okay we just want it to be lean okay want it to be lean don’t get this high fat stuff and then we want a half of a medium avocado and actually stepping back for one second why do you want leaner cuts of meat because we can control where the fats come from the nice thing about Mediterranean keto diet is we’re getting fats from plan sources we’re getting fats from other sources we’re not relying on meat sources like we would say maybe a dirty Kido like where you’re just eating lettuce wrap burgers all the time okay so then half of the medium avocado coming in for fats 1/4 cup of mushrooms okay the reason I’m getting the mushrooms in there again is full body but also that vitamin d2 and then one ounce of walnuts or pecans why walnuts or pecans highest omega-3 content one of the biggest benefits of the Mediterranean keto diet is that we are getting the anti-inflammatory effect of lowered levels of omega sixes okay well most nuts have such high amounts of omega sixes and they can be very inflammatory at least with these walnuts and pecans we have a nice omega-3 content plus walnuts and pecans are actually a little bit easier to digest they’re softer they’re mechanically easier to break down so that’s a perfect little breakfast there so you notice how the fats aren’t astronomically high we’re leaning on lean proteins and getting nice modest amounts of fats you can hybridize these if you need to now let’s go ahead and let’s move into lunch now it’s very important with a Mediterranean style diet too that you have long enough gaps between breakfast and lunch okay so if you eat your breakfast at 7 a.m. you might want to hold off on your lunch until like 1:00 p.m. you look at the Mediterranean the European cultures they do focus a lot of their entertainment around food and things like that but they also don’t snack all day usually okay they have larger meals they almost follow an intermittent fasting regimen in a lot of ways anyway so the point is is I want it to be very clean even though I have lists of snacks on the other side of the board here I want to be able to really make it clear that the snacks are really only if you need them so lunch options option 1 5 ounces of lean steak okay we’re talking lean red meat not fatty gross cuts of red meat lean red meat okay thin sliced if you can and then I want one tablespoon of avocado mayonnaise you don’t have to make it it doesn’t it’s not something crazy fancy okay like primal kitchen has avocado Mayo some of these other companies sir Kensington’s have avocado Mayo they’re just mayonnaise that are made with avocado oil instead of soybean oil now when it comes to the lean meat I highly highly highly recommend that you check out butcher box down below in the description okay so a lot of people will say the Mediterranean keto diet shouldn’t have red meat I beg to differ I think that’s okay but if you’re having low-quality red meat then it’s not okay okay so butcher box has grass fed grass finished high omega-3 steak ground meat but they also have the pork that you would need the chicken that you would need and even the salmon that you would need which we can talk more about so highly recommend I put a link down below in the description butcher box delivers the meat right to your doorstep and it’s literally cheaper than what you would get at the grocery store when it comes down to grass-fed grass-finished so definitely don’t want to miss out on the special link down below in the description if you want to try this dietary protocol or you’re just looking to do keto in general okay this lean steak with avocado Mayo it’s actually going to be put on a bun made by a portobello mushroom so you’re making sort of a almost a steak sandwich a really lean steak sandwich with avocado Mayo but it gets better okay so then we go one to two tablespoons of olive oil pesto good quality pesto is going to be made with olive oil okay you see low quality ones made with canola oil so look at the label try to find it with olive oil pine nuts are really good basil is really good all these things in pesto are powerful but we want the olive oil because let me get nerdy Vaughn you for a second the olive oil contains something known as oleic acid okay it converts into something called oay which activates something in our body known as PPAR alpha which is a genetic system to turn on more development of brown fat versus white fat which means when you consume olive oil your body at a genetic level starts to burn more fat for heat okay that’s what brown fat is so point is olive oil and avocado oil amazing things because of the oleic acid so we want that in there now I put some options here you can go ahead and you can use egg thins okay so like there’s these things called crappy knees that you can get at Costco something that they’re like these little teeny egg fins so you make this into either a wrap or you can make it into a Portobello sandwich okay so I put the here as an option or butter lettuce make it into a lettuce wrap because this could be a very good Mediterranean style wrap or a Mediterranean style Sam it’s just a great delicious lunch that’s high fat okay now let’s look at option two for a second hit option two I said five ounces of lean grilled chicken okay Grill it in some kind of like lemon dill kind of thing so that you’re giving sort of that Mediterranean Greek kind of flavoring there and then we’re keeping it lean we don’t want fatty cuts of meat on Mediterranean keto unless they are very controlled especially with poultry we don’t want the fatty cuts of poultry because the fatty acid profile of poultry is so much worse than the fatty acid profile of a red meat for instance 10 grams of fat coming from chicken is going to be a much lower quality fat than 10 grams of fat coming from a beef right that doesn’t mean that beef is better than chicken by any means it just means if you go with chicken or poultry you go lean whenever possible now what I’ve done here is I’ve created something this is something I’ve made before I call it diluted humus okay humus is great but it’s not fully keto because the chickpeas do add up in carbs so what you do is you take a few tablespoons of hummus the hummus that you would really like on a kind of a Greek style dish and you dilute it with another tablespoon or tablespoon and a half of either mayonnaise or you mash up some avocado and make it into almost a hummus guacamole you still get the flavor of the hummus but with much less carbohydrates so just kind of dilute that you know for lack of a better term there okay then we have one ounce of parmesan Romano or any other kind of clean cheese okay we want that cheese in there just to give it that Mediterranean feel but the parmesan and the Romano are gonna be aged cheese’s which have much less of a negative impact as far as the casein proteins go plus because they’re aged they end up getting cultured more and have much less in the way of lactose much more Mediterranean European style cheese that we would have anyway the quality of the cheese that we get in Europe is so much better than the quality of cheese we typically find in America so it’s important that you note that all right and then we have here prosciutto and a ham but no salami so you see what I’m going here I’m almost making my own little charcuterie right so it’s like a Greek style so anyway you can get some cheese sticks that are clean you can get some Parmesan cheese sticks then you can wrap them in a little bit of prosciutto you can totally make this fun then one half to one ounce of pecans walnuts or macadamia nuts in this case okay so a very clean little dish the thing I like about option two is it’s much more of something that you could sort of put just in a little box almost again like a charcuterie box that you bring to work you’ve got your chicken you’ve got your prosciutto you’ve got your cheese you’ve got your nuts it’s like a little bistro box pretty cool little dish there that you can have on the go still totally Quito now we get into dinners I give you three options for dinners all of these things you can mix and match but it gives you a good idea of the plethora of different things that you can consume on Mediterranean keto okay so option number one one to one and a half cans of skipjack or chunk light tuna avoid the albacore higher mercury content okay we want the good clean chunk light tuna that doesn’t have as much mercury albacore tastes good but it’s higher mercury one and a half tablespoons of mayo again goes without saying that’s gonna be avocado or olive oil-based Mayo no canola then 1/4 of an avocado cut into small cubes and then tomatoes cherry tomatoes cut in half or diced tomatoes you can mix and match this you can do whatever you need to do here but make that into a little tuna salad really good yummy tuna salad you can put some celery in there you can add some other things in there to make some fun of it but you get the gist okay clean tuna salad and that’s gonna go over a bed of baby kale or spinach baby kale is easier to break down you will have a better time it’s not like chewing down on like cellophane like regular kale is so that’s really easy then a quarter cup of parmesan so good amount of cheese we’re getting good cheese there and then olive oil-based dressing whether you just want to use olive oil and vinegar or you want to just throw a bunch of olive oil on there and just make it just an oily salad totally up to you okay so here we have a good amount of fat coming from good sources the mayonnaise the avocado the parmesan and the olive oil really delicious dish then option number two and you see money back up again all these things are not like hardcore recipes they’re just giving you ideas of combining the perfect macronutrients and the perfect fatty acid profile with Mediterranean keto so option two surf and turf one of my favorite ones surf and turf in this case I’m talking about maybe three to four ounces of good quality shrimp shrimp has your high amounts of zinc your high amounts of copper your high amounts of selenium they are a mineral epicenter they have so much mineral power that can help our brain send the right signals and help our bodies function properly and then you combine that with the good fatty acid profile of some lean beef then you’ve got a really good situation if you don’t eat beef you can still combine this with chicken just do lean chicken so a filet mignon if you want to go fancy on this would be amazing some shrimp and Lee fillet amazing and just in case you are still wondering yes and you can get fillets and you can get good quality fish also through butcher box so check them out down in the description for all this stuff when it comes down to the meat side of things you’re gonna serve that up over 1 cup of rice or mashed cauliflower rice if you want to do it easy because you can get it in the frozen section or mashed if you have some time to mash it up one and a half ounces of goat or feta cheese mixed into the rice you’re almost making a pilaf or your make mixing it into the mashed potatoes to give it that Mediterranean sort of Greek feel it that feta is usually coming from sheep or goat and it’s going to be much lower in again those negative a1 casein proteins talk about those in other videos won’t waste your time here 1 tbsp of ghee just gives it that body and gives it that flavor ghee is clarified butter you don’t see a lot of straight-up butter on a Mediterranean diet but you do see ghee because it’s clarified and it’s cleaner and it’s not necessarily part of the Mediterranean diet but we can adopt it into the Mediterranean diet in this case ok and then we have baby broccoli or Brussels sprouts so we want our cruciferous vegetable whenever we can gonna support thyroid function it’s also going to support proper endocrine function it’s going to support our estrogen management within the body it’s a really good stuff for men and women and then I usually say add a tiny bit of citrus with your marinade or anything that you’re doing so if you think about sort of a Greek pilaf or you think of some of these Rice’s that would have feta in it they have this like sweet feel a little bit of citrus like a little bit of lemon or a little bit of orange and possibly even a little bit of stevia mixed into that rice along with that feta believe it or not gives it that really just almost how do I put this and I lived in Italy for a while but almost that that Cinque Terre feel that you would get in like a coastal region of Italy anyhow option number 3 this is going to be a gut health option because the Mediterranean diet is really good for gut health and one of the biggest pieces and reasons people do it now when you look at the keto diet it’s also good for gut health so let’s combine some cool things here you can rotate through these 5 to 6 ounces of chicken made into kebabs and you don’t have to you can have it straight up but again mix it up with some dill make fun and I have some fun with the merited and then we’re gonna make some Satsuki with Greek yogurt or bar garyun yogurt now the cool thing is all you have to do is really add some dill some salt some other spices you can look up different recipes for Satsuki but I like to use Bulgarian yogurt because it’s a higher fat content and it’s just a better ratio of fat to carb but you can easily make it with Greek yogurt and we’re not talking much maybe three to four tablespoons you can get one of those little containers of Greek yogurt and that’s gonna be more than enough and you’re getting the probiotic effect that’s going to be good for your gut just enough dairy to still work for Mediterranean keto then 12 to 15 stalks of asparagus good powerful prebiotic fiber okay very good to help grow the existing gut bacteria that you’re already making such a positive change with then what you want to do that asparagus is add nutritional yeast a couple tablespoons why do I do this huge surge of beta glucans a huge surge of white blood cell activity that actually can help kill off that basically bad gut bacteria so really good stuff there and then we have one and a half tablespoons of coconut oil or ghee to mix into the asparagus you’re making almost this kind of fatty asparagus if you want to call it that but it’s amazing and this fat combined to the nutritional yeast to give it almost a cheesy consistency and then we have a half of avocado just for the fats okay yeah there is some gut health there but really it’s just for the fats and then add some Chia or some flax that we get the soluble fiber that helps keep things moving as well so you can see we’ve got a very clear methodical approach for gut health there now we have to jump on over and talk about snacks and supplements for one seconds if you’re gonna do this diet there are gonna be deficiencies just like any dietary protocol however I will say the Mediterranean keto diet is probably one of the best diets in terms of not giving you deficiencies it’s very very abundant with a lot of what you need but let’s talk about snacks and remember try not to snack every time we snack we spike our insulin and when we spike our insulin we end up shutting off fat burning for that period of time so you’re better off to just have clear lines of delineation between your meals no blurred lines with snacking but if you must here’s what you can really go for nuts and nut butters however I don’t recommend having them a lot but here’s the order in which I would consume them pecans first okay oops it looks like I throat peons that’s okay pecans then we have walnuts macadamia nuts Brazil nuts nuts and ninh almonds last almonds aren’t bad they’re just last on this list because they’re a high high omega-6 content also make some chia pudding take a tablespoon or two of chia seeds mix it with a little bit of almond milk or coconut milk we’ll let it set for a while and that’s a great little satiating snack high in soluble fiber that’s totally Mediterranean keto all of these nuts could also be consumed in a nut butter form but just note they are trapped foods and you consume a lot of calories with them so be very careful you notice I don’t have nut butters on here a whole lot other snacks olives snack on all is why do people always just think that it has to go on a dish olives are tasty to snack on so enjoy them I put smash in there which is an acronym for sardines mackerel anchovies salmon and herring okay these are the best canned fish that you can have and they are a perfect little snack on keto and they are perfect snack on Mediterranean diets let alone Mediterranean keto so go to town on those seaweed snacks just try to get seaweed snacks that are in olive oil not in canola oil seaweed snacks very very high in iodine which is very good for your thyroid your thyroid combines iodine with tyrosine and that’s how thyroid hormone is ultimately made you want to burn fat you want to keep your metabolism high there you go okay and then we want to go with artichokes are just a great little snack appetizers good prebiotic fiber again very Mediterranean and dip them in some mayonnaise things like that and then fruit in small amounts less than 10 grams of carbs per day coming from fruit is okay Mediterranean diets are high in good amounts of fruit melons berries I recommend getting them from berries don’t use them as a snack use them more so as maybe an addition to a meal if you wanted a little bit something sweet fresh good quality cheese is okay as a snack but don’t have a lot of it you gotta use moderation here and then cured meats again healthy here cured meat so when you look at a cured meat label it should say like two things the meat and salt and maybe some enzymes or maybe some other small thing but no preservatives no other things if you look at most salami unfortunately salami is have a bunch of other garbage in there I like prosciutto I like you know cured ham because super simple it’s a little salty but it’s clean and it’s usually pretty lean now let’s talk supplements for just a moment and I don’t want to spend a lot of detail here because this is a really ambiguous area depending on who you are and what your needs are but some important things coenzyme q10 between three and six hundred milligrams per day will be perfect what that’s going to do is it’s going to improve the velocity in a way of how you can transfer energy into the mitochondria basically create more energy on keto fish oil because the whole spirit of this dietary pattern is getting our omega-3 content high and our mega six levels low it never hurts to support that so go for a krill go for a Cala marine go for an algal oil avoid low quality fish oil spin the extra couple dollars and get one that has a high DHA content okay then vitamin d3 and k2 why is the Mediterranean lifestyle so healthy well a lot of us because the foods that they’re consuming are high in vitamin D and a lot of those cultures are getting a lot of vitamin D they’re out in the Sun a lot they’re in that Sun Belt so they get good amounts of vitamin D and then the food that they eat consequently has high levels of vitamin D you could be living in Minnesota or up north in Canada trying to follow this dietary protocol and you might not get all the vitamin D that you need from your food right so I highly recommend between 2,500 and 4,000 IU’s of vitamin D plus about 300 milligrams of k2 which comes with a lot of vitamin D anyway to get those levels up magnesium I would say between two and six hundred milligrams of magnesium per day preferably through a form such as die magnesium male eight some chelated form not citrate or oxide really cheap versions they then apple cider vinegar sip on throughout the day or have with your meals just to help with digestion and blood sugar control and then the occasional MCT oil because I know that questions gonna come up MCT is not really Mediterranean but I know people want to add it to their coffee and they want to do things like that it’s okay in small amounts and I’ll end on this note with coffee yes coffee is okay just keep it easy with the cream try not to go overboard don’t add the sugar follow typical keto guidelines for that so here you have it everything laid out to do a Mediterranean keto diet obviously there’s lots of recipes if you want to see recipes you want to see some cooking videos on Mediterranean keto let me know you have to comment in the comment section below otherwise I will never know so as always please please please do keep it locked in and please hit that red subscribe button and keep it always on this channel every single day and I will see you in the next video [Music]

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Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan - What to Eat in a Day

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan – What to Eat in a Day – Thomas DeLauer

For a full breakdown of the diet, make sure to watch the entire video!

The internet likes to compare and contrast keto to other diets because webpage titles like “What’s better, low-fat or low-carb?” are click bait.

In other words, simplicity sells. However, this habit of the media overreaches its bounds when it sets keto against a Mediterranean diet.

This is because, while low-carb and low-fat diets are fundamentally opposed, keto and Mediterranean are not. A ketogenic diet is about your macronutrient breakdown.

By definition, it doesn’t really matter where those macronutrients come from, so long as you get into ketosis. By contrast, a Mediterranean diet only cares where those macronutrients come from.

In other words, keto is flexible with respect to macronutrient sources and Mediterranean is flexible with respect to macronutrient proportions. These two diets, or groups of diets, are defined by different axes and are, therefore, complimentary.

A Mediterranean diet is rich in healthy whole foods and basically devoid of processed foods. It often includes lots of Omega-3-rich seafood and monounsaturated-rich olive oil and olives.

While fish and fat are keto-friendly, a Mediterranean diet is more liberal in the way of produce. It can not only include non-starchy vegetables, but also starchy vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains.

A keto diet is defined by the state of ketosis. While it’s 100% a good idea to eat a clean keto diet devoid of processed foods, it’s not required.

Furthermore, foods rich in saturated fats that are not as popular on a Mediterranean diet, such as red meat and dairy products (and coconut products), are hallmarks of many ketogenic diets. This may be for a few reasons:

(i) red meat and dairy are more readily available and cheaper, at least in America;
(ii) many people may have developed a taste preference for red meat and dairy;
(iii) since high-fat red meat and dairy are portrayed as “unhealthy” foods by the standard nutritional guidelines, they became a forbidden fruit, so to speak, making their consumption extra gratifying.

Notice, however, the tendency of individuals on a ketogenic diet to eat saturated-fat rich oils and protein sources is driven primarily by psychosocial factors, not nutritional factors.

As always, keep it locked in here on my channel. I’ll see you in the next video.

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