Making it Super Easy to Stick to Your Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan

Making it Super Easy to Stick to Your Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan

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More specifically, you want help with Making it Super Easy to Stick to Your Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan?

hey guys recently I had a person ask me the question how can you make it easier to stick to a key tell an intermittent fasting program are there any tips okay and so I asked I asked them back what are you running into what throws you off okay so I’m gonna go through all the objections one by one but really the question is for you if you’re having a hard time sticking to this what throws you off isolate the barrier because there are solutions to every single barrier I’m gonna cover quite a few right here I think the biggest thing is results you’ve tried all these things in the past they haven’t worked and now here’s the next thing and in your mind like oh that’s probably not going to work but what I want to do is I want to present a new concept to you the concept is it’s not lose weight to get healthy it’s get healthy to lose the weight shift your goal to getting healthy forget the weight because you’re gonna find out the weight loss is gonna come with getting healthy that concept it was really really effective but you’re focusing just on the weight you’re gonna set yourself up for a lot of failure because weight loss is a byproduct of getting healthy especially if it’s healthy weight loss all right so what throws you off is it bread well there’s a lot of recipes for alternative breads that you can consume so that’s gonna be easy hunger your hunger is gonna go away when you do this because we’re gonna drop insulin you’re gonna burn your own fat the hunger is gonna go away it’s gonna take about three to seven days before it goes away but when you adapt no more hunger no more cravings that’s gonna really increase your ability to stick with it scheduling maybe you eat run a certain time and your family eats around a certain time and it’s not convenient blah blah blah well what do you do in a minute fasting the frequency of eating is shortened and you can you can stick that eating plan anywhere in your schedule it doesn’t have to be in a certain time it’s actually actually going to be very easy the scheduling is going to be very simple because you’re not eating six meals a day you’re eating less frequent so it’s going to be easier on your schedule alright depriving yourself of certain carbs you could have a lot of alternatives that mimic the carbohydrate for mashed potatoes bread cookies any of these biscuits there are so many things that you can substitute that you will never feel deprived I’ll put a link down below and I do it I do know what people mean but because when you tell them you can’t have something they want it more and plus you’re gonna do this on a very slow gradual pace so it’s not a shock to your system or your you’re not gonna feel like oh my gosh I’m starving it’s not gonna be the case let’s say you’re bored with eating the same thing over and over well that’s why there’s a recipe books there’s a ton of ones we have some Kindle recipe books that give you a lot of choices I’ll put some links down below it’s expensive well no actually it’s not when you cut down the frequency of eating oh my gosh your your grocery bill is gonna go way down you can save four to five to six hundred dollars a month on doing this so it’s very inexpensive and then take that a little bit of that extra and focus on the quality of your foods you don’t like salad well just buy it predigested no that’s impossible get something to chew it for you that’s probably not gonna work either but that is one thing that you’re gonna have to bite the bullet okay and you’re gonna have to figure it out I think once you start doing it and maybe blend your kale with the shake or start doing it on a smaller scale I think you may begin to want it more and more because a lot of people like the they don’t like salads but we start consuming it they feel so much better they’re like huh I can do this so it is a small barrier to overcome but you are going to have to consume more vegetable side effects keto flu fatigued keto rash if you understand how to do this correctly because you’ve studied it and you know how to do it you’re not gonna have to go through this and that’s why I recommend read a book on it get the knowledge of it don’t just do it you know halfway learn how to do this and prepare and do it right because you can actually set yourself up for a lot of good things versus a lot of bad things I’ll just give you an example when you start going Quito you’re gonna dump a lot of fluid okay you’re gonna lose a lot of fluid water weight probably leaven 212 pounds of fluid and then you’re gonna Plateau well with the fluid comes out a lot of electrolytes potassium sodium but you’re gonna lose a lot more potassium than sodium okay so then you may feel dehydrated so you someone told you to drink more water so now you’re gonna drink all this water right guess what that’s gonna do to the small amount electrolytes it’s gonna dilute them even more so now we went from a potassium deficiency to a severe potassium deficiency then you get leg cramps you get restless leg your heart rate goes up you can’t sleep at night palpitations all because you did not understand what’s happening and how to do this correctly so like I said you will can avoid these if you spend the time get a book study how to do this all right too restrictive actually it’s restricting really one thing we’re fine carbohydrates and sugars but there’s alternatives so you’re not gonna feel like it’s too restrictive now there are certain diets that will use that objection and tell you oh yeah guess what this is the chocolate diet or this diet you can eat all the food you want just in moderation and you’ll go for it it won’t work so the point is that you want something that really works then you’re gonna have to change something okay confusing well again it’s only confusing because you’re getting conflicting information you’re searching the web and you’re going from this person over here and this person stick with one program one person and study them completely and then do their program try not to get too much extra information because you’re never gonna find something that everyone agrees 100% on because people have different viewpoints so again that’s what I would recommend for that not sure it’s gonna work I do understand that you probably tried a lot of programs in the past that didn’t work and but the bottom line is you’re never going to know if it’s gonna work unless you try it and you have to change what you’re doing I will say from personal experience working with a lot of people 29 years of doing this this program that I’m presenting works amazingly well it is hands-down one of the most effective programs I’ve ever put out there and I’m seeing the results okay so bite the bullet try it out and I think you can make it easy to stick to this long term hey guys I wanted to personally invite you to a new Facebook group that I just started called dr. Berg’s Kido and in a minute fasting lab okay so I created this so we can share our successful actions what worked what didn’t work your results so I put a link down below so go ahead and sign up and I’ll see you inside

This Post Was All About Making it Super Easy to Stick to Your Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan.
Making it Super Easy to Stick to Your Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan

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Dr. Berg talks about what really throws people off a keto and intermittent fasting result.
The first concept is poor results – take a look at this new concept – it’s NOT lose weight and get healthy, it’s get healthy to lose weight – this refocus will put your attention on the real problem and as you get healthy, you will lose weight.

You might like bread – check this out:

Hunger: this goes away as you adapt to keto – 1 week.

Schedule: this is going to much easier when you do intermittent fasting. Eating 6 meals a day is complex, but intermittent fasting gives you lots of flexibility to eat when you want.

Depriving yourself: this is also not a factor because you can tweak the recipe and make it pleasurable:

Boredom: we have flexibility with a few kindle books:

Its expensive: no – when you do intermittent fasting you can save 600 dollars per month.

I don’t like salad: You can do a kale shake:

Restrictive – only refined carbs.

Confusing: thats because you are trying to find the answer or truth ASSUMING that that if you get the most agreement from the most people – thats the truth. NO – its’ actually rarely the case.

It might not work: but what if it does work. You will never find out if it works unless you try. Its going to take your personal experience to finally give you the certainty that it works. Someone else telling you or trying to prove to you based on studies will never give you the full 100% knowledge.

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