Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe: Ketogenic Dessert- Thomas DeLauer

Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe: Ketogenic Dessert- Thomas DeLauer

Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe: Ketogenic Dessert- Thomas DeLauer

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what’s up everybody its Thomas and amber and we also have little baby Thomas here and today we’re making some ketogenic tara misu tara misu mousse Tamara sudhir so basically what we’re going to be doing here is making something that is relatively simple but here’s the thing normally I’m going totally crazy with the science I’m gonna try to tone it down a little bit more this time I don’t want to just draw this out into being a 25 minute video I want to make it a little bit more realistic so you can watch it get the tips get the tricks learn how to make it and get on with your ketogenic lifestyle easy peasy so what amber is gonna do is she’s gonna make it because I ruin things I’m he’s holding a baby burn thing and I am holding a baby so good job so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna break down some of the ingredients give you some annoying facts and a little bit of science on each of the individual ingredients but then she’s really gonna make the magic happen so let’s just get Rocking what are we all right so first things first we have a cup of heavy well you can do heavy whipping cream this is actually a cup of coconut cream and that you can whip into like a whipped cream consistency it’s one of these things where I am still gonna come in and start with some science just to annoy everybody but what we found actually just last week at sprouts at a local grocery store is they actually have this coconut whipping cream so you don’t have to be using heavy cream I’m not totally anti dairy but I do try to limit it whenever possible or we both you know really want to be cognizant of that there’s still a lot of different inflammatory components in dairy but coconut whipping cream this stuff whips up just like whipped cream except – all the derry-o taste like a little bit longer I would say – whip and regular heavy whipping cream and the trick behind this is to have your bowl really cold and have the actual coconut cream really cold as well alright so we have our mixer here and I set this aside I already have this portioned out so I’m just gonna go ahead and add this coconut cream right into the mixer you just got some good lauric acid some good medium chain triglycerides going on there so and you could do heavy cream if you prefer we just like thomas said we just wanted to do the coconut cream because it’s a little bit less inflammatory a lil bit more realistic to what we’d probably used right um okay so it’s going to mix so while this is mixing we’re gonna go ahead and brew some of our coffee over here and I will let you talk about the mushroom coffee toriel yeah you guys have seen some of my other videos before huge fan of for stigmatic mushroom coffee so the cool thing is we can make this tiramisu recipe using this stuff so this is instant coffee essentially but it still has lion’s mane and chaga in it which means that it’s going to stimulate neurogenesis so what it that ultimately means is quite honestly it’s a brain boosting tiramisu so huge huge benefits of this stuff these guys are awesome these guys helped sponsor my channel they do a lot of really cool stuff link down below in the description if you want to get a discount on it get my special discount so anyway so yeah this is instant coffee so we’re just mixing this into a quarter cup of water or liquid I don’t have enough hands so I’m going to do that I can do that alright so we’re just gonna go ahead and mix this in like so and I don’t know if you guys can see that it’s nice powdery oh my god it smells good I’m helping you know the See’s Candies but um like the espresso caramel See’s Candies you know talking about school it smells exactly like that I use this in all kinds of stuff it’s the first time well we’ve done it at home but this recipe was the first time I used it in an actual dessert so it’s pretty cool yeah smells amazing so we’re just gonna kind of let that chill for a second and we’re gonna get what that makes up let this mix up and we’ll be right back like oh he’s walking to people new fingers okay so this is done so I’m just gonna set this aside for now and I I’m gonna rinse this off actually we gonna okay well she’s rinsing that off I’m gonna give you a little bit of science on coffee so one thing that you may not realize is that coffee believe it or not the caffeine mobilizes fat now I talk about that a lot but it goes a couple of other different things there’s actually a little bit of theobromine as well that is contained within any kind of coffee plant so that means that you’re getting additional benefits too so we’re talking about thermogenic effects talking about all kinds of other health benefits that come along not just mobilizing fat so we end up see excuse me unattended for one second i start going into science bro all right so that’s rinsed off now what are we got what did I miss talking about coffee science okay so we’re gonna stick that game back on there all right so we have a new bowl and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add all of these ingredients sorry baby I’m not trying to cut you up okay so the first thing we’re gonna do we have about a half of a cup of this actually right here which is monk fruit sweetener if you want if you have any scientific facts I will actually I will so here’s the thing with mumphrey you hear me talking about stevia you can be talking about a monk fruit a lot monk fruit is very very much like stevia in the fact that it contains glycosides that do not meet alibis so what that means is you still get all the sweetness but glycosides that don’t metabolize yoyoyo like asides that don’t metabolize you a minute okay yeah starts to be really cool like health rap this is this is the real side of me so basically the glycosides they don’t metabolize so what that means is they go through your intestinal tract without ever actually truly absorbing affecting blood sugar and they end up having an effect on your gut bacteria because they actually slightly ferment they don’t ferment to a point that heavy sugar alcohols do where it can actually cause some negative effects like bloating but they firm it just enough they actually help promote the growth of good bacteria gram positive bacteria so much fruit is really really awesome stuff this however is monk fruit with a little bit of erythritol in it I’m not the biggest fan of erythritol but we needed a little bit more volume every throat always like trivia it’s a sugar alcohol it’s not bad for you it won’t kick you at a keto but it’s it does bloat some people so you just want to use it in moderation but we needed a little bit of volume ization with this so that’s the story of monk fruit so we have just some regular I had to look this I’m not gonna lie to you guys I had to look up how to pronounce pronounce this word mascarpone eh I figured it I didn’t know if it was mascarpone or mascarpone mascarpone and what’s really cool mascarpone I’m such a know-it-all this is so annoying how do you live with me it’s one thing that’s one thing I’m doing YouTube videos and I’m actually explaining things and I’m kind of coming from an authoritative side but when I’m actually with my family I realized what a giant pain in the rear I am so mascarpone is just positive self-talk guys mascarpone is just cream that has been mixed with citric acid so what that means is it’s a really unadulterated form of cheese like most cheese have different cultures in them they have different enzymes data to them and they’re cultured over a certain point of time this is very very ketogenic so it’s going to have extremely extremely low carb value if any and you’re basically just taking heavy cream so it’s very very simple you can make it at home but that would make this video too long okay so what do we got going on here okay so we’re just gonna pop this in the mixer really quick and just get it until it’s creamy [Applause] [Music] really quick can I shake that off I just want to kind of scrape the sides of the bowl just to make sure it’s all incorporated pretty well all right I’m the messiest cook ever just so you guys know about our time this mousse is done each serving has less than two grams of carbs so I mean we’re talking super super keto friendly and very high fat so this is just vanilla extract by the way this is about a half of a teaspoon we’re just gonna throw that in there people don’t know this too but did you know that you guys want to hear it they want to hear they want to hear they do what I hear it okay no but vanilla actually has a very powerful component in it too that actually does again help promote good bacteria within the gut so this is actually quite a good gut health recipe the only thing I will be honest is the caveat being Dairy Dairy is not the best thing for bacteria in your gut so it kind of as a wash hidden like so okay and here’s where it gets fun we’re gonna take that coffee that we mixed up earlier rain coffee okay we’re gonna take this coffee I’m just one tablespoon at a time why don’t ye just dump it in because that’s not how Kooks do it yeah you don’t want to just dump it in because I mean you can technically but it just depends on how much coffee you actually want it I like to just do a little bit of the time because I want to make sure it’s not that consistency that I like instead of being you know completely only takes them like coffee perfect sense and I feel like it mixes better and you can keep kind of a finger on the pulse of if it’s gonna get too runny or anything like that too and you just dump it in run the risk of it just diluting it so much and never getting back to a more of a salty and we want it to be a mousse you know we don’t want it to be I quit no we want us to be you know we don’t have to be like a paste because it has the potential to be a paste not seeing a whole lot of ingredients left so I’m seeing that this is a pretty easy yes it is pretty easy I mean it kind of looks a daunting when you first look at it but old mousse is kind of like daunting yeah I just can’t that’s my rap name I hope for app name the daunting moose 3.5 months of having a kid and I’ve already established a great baseline of dad humor it’s awesome alright I don’t know if that’s dad humor so much as it is just like Thomas humor when do we use the cacao about the coolness of cacao though yep endocannabinoids pretty awesome you know cannabinoids so if you’ve ever had chocolate and you know that you end up feeling like really really good afterwards well it’s the endocannabinoids and if you recognize the word in there or the part of the word cannabinoids cannabis cannabinoids effects the same part of your brain that cannabis does that’s why it’s called named of cannabinoids so the pleasure feeling that you get from cacao from cocoa and everything like that comes from the effect that it has on your brain because of the end of cannabinoids it actually affects different areas of the brain but it affects the amygdala which is really crazy you and I were just talking about the amygdala which is kind of the emotional center of your brain but anyway there’s your little a little bit there we’re using cacao you could use cocoa powder but honestly like Trader Joe’s has awesome cacao powder cacao is an unadulterated form it’s the precursor to it so you have a lot more of the active metabolites you also have a lot more in the way of the phytonutrients that you really want to actually be able to get the effect if you do use heavy whipping cream with this instead of the coconut cream you are gonna get a little bit of a more fluffy consistency okay so now what we’re gonna do so now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take that coconut cream we’re gonna just fold it in see this is why we have two bowls got it and when you fold we’re just gonna kind of do a flipping motion he sees himself pretty baby there’s the way you did this shot at all this dog just appeared from under the cabinet from under the island hey there so you’re just folding it in is there a circuit I mean you’re really batting this whole thing in the whole thing yeah the whole thing so we measured it out ahead of time just for the reason I’m only adding like a little bit at a time just so that way you get it really well mixed in there so we’re just gonna keep folding that last bit in gelato yeah why are you kicking me no all right so now you’re probably wondering why I have this weird little contraption here holding that okay so you’re probably wondering why I have the ziplock bag and the ramekin part so basically this is just gonna hold nice up lock bag what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this this mixture and I’m just gonna pour it right into me right into the bag if you have piping bags at home you can just use those instead but we didn’t have any here so this is my makeshift attempt at a piping bag yeah it’s gonna neat I mean makes it a little bit more of a if if you don’t have piping bags you can use bag pipes you should just be a comedian you’re so funny oh my god okay so all you’re gonna do is twist the end of the bag like so I have our handy-dandy like school children scissors not because you have scissor because they don’t look at the square time I’m not a lefty no Timmy don’t eat that okay all right so now I have our handy-dandy piping bag and all we’re gonna do is pipe a little bit in this is really full so pipe a little bit in and guess what this is for your cocoa powder what’s going on we’re gonna layer do you want to do this take like a tiny bit of it make it a 10 up here here’s the spoon no I think it’s okay almost oh I’m sorry I’m sorry you’re not paying 100% attention to him how much I put on there just a sprinkle yeah just this reckless you want to try to get it all over the entire layer so that when you actually layer it it’s like got it doing what I’m doing what I can hear but hey it’s cool just do the best I can just do the best they can overcome this so basically so it’s gonna kind of get a shot of that you can see just like we’ve got cacao it’s just kind of layered on there that’s okay buddy I get it I get it okay so we’re gonna shake that so this is a good amount of caffeine when you factor in the cacao yeah okay so so basically we’re gonna do one more layer okay this is why I asked him to do it I’m novelist oh my god oh man I’m not good at this huh good one more layer here alright so we’re gonna set this guy’s side actually I will just I’m just gonna finish this off this part so this is just the end of it I’m not like all right so there’s like your mousse cut if you want to finish there now wait you can do time checking out things well you can do and the same company actually makes this chocolate that’s really good it said it’s a mushroom chocolate still it’s just super dark chocolate and it’s also got the lion’s mane in it so it still has much a minute these guys are just awesome they just hooked me up yes so I mean big thank you to them regardless of whether you try their stuff because they they don’t make this channel possible so I really want to just give them a big THANK YOU so thank you for sick matic nothing crazy got the chocolate other than the fact that’s gonna add kind of a nice little garnish giving a nice little crunch nice little tastes okay so all I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna take this and kind of just shave starting from the corner and you can do this I mean really with any chocolate um sweeten this one’s sweetened with stevia by the way that’s important to know because I’m sure she’s gonna say wait a minute there’s probably carbs yeah like baking chocolate is great dark chocolate you could do cocoa nibs and so yeah you just take this and you just sprinkle it on top and there’s your mousse 2 grams of carbs times 2 grams of carbs in that so that’s all thing we also made we tried one just to make sure that they weren’t delicious just FYI but we also made these these tiramisu cupcakes for the bottom layer and this is totally optional and we’ll post the recipe up for this also okay and so again we’re just gonna take our little piping bag take a little bit of cocoa I just use my fingers this time too cuz I’m messy and who cares right so there you have a guy so these chair masu cupcakes we will post the recipe to its video would have ended up being exponentially longer and you probably could only handle me for so long so we’ll save that for another video or will just post up the recipe on Amber’s Facebook or on Amber’s Instagram and that way you guys can check it out if you want to make it this way but this recipe was just for the mousse I want a fork or a spoon so that I can try this that was the coffee spin so it might be a little this is cool try it again see what you think God’s gonna heal the chocolate oh my god is it good it is so good tries mmm seriously mm-hmm grab a fork counter there come on try this everyone say how did that this is where yummy right you ever had real tiramisu no okay well this is good do you guys want a cupcake camera people camera crew Mike I’m in frame yeah Junior what are you doing with your life stop it you animal Kim come on it’s your cameo ha camp yo did Thomas is like a mad scientist at work over here he’s like hunched over you’re a double missed it man okay that’s awesome this is a look like a sponge cake so this sponge cake is really good I have a bluff it has a little bit of coffee flavoring in there too so it really kind of layers those flavors of coffee and espresso throughout the entire thing so that’s nice it’s so good and it’s light and fluffy what do you guys think it’s pretty good right video team approves hey if I made the video team happy then I’m happy no big shout out to Jess you can’t have a bite because she’s vegan I’m sorry Jess it’s all good next time anyway you guys if you guys like this kind of fun family style type of stuff totally let us know because I think I want to do it a little bit more often I’m not gonna replace scientific content with it but maybe we’ll add it to the mix now and then just so you get a little bit of an insight into what our life is like a different side of my life so you know that I’m not just serious all the time and that way you can watch baby grow up and you can also hear some awesome health facts from my wonderful wife who has overcome her own health obstacles as we’ve gone through everything so guys as always keep it locked in here on the channel and thank you and see in the next video

This Post Was All About Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe: Ketogenic Dessert- Thomas DeLauer.
Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe: Ketogenic Dessert- Thomas DeLauer

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Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe: Ketogenic Dessert- Thomas DeLauer
Trying to lose weight and craving something sweet? Try this delicious low carb Low Carb Tiramisu Recipe from the DeLauers!!!…
Mousse Ingredients:
– 1 Cup of Coconut Cream
– 1 Cup of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee (w/ Lion’s Mane + Chaga)
– 1/2 cup of Monk Fruit Sweetener
– Mascarpone
– 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
– Cacao Powder
– Four Sigmatic Mushroom Chocolate

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