Low Blood Sugar, Intermittent Fasting & Your Liver

Low Blood Sugar, Intermittent Fasting & Your Liver

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hi guys in this video we’re gonna talk about low blood Sugar’s in a minute fasting and your liver I recently did a video on talking about the adrenals and low blood sugars in a minute fasting today we’re gonna talk about the liver there is another hormone that is involved that I’m not going to get into that at this point now what happens when you have a hypoglycemic reaction or low blood sugars there’s two main things there’s other things too but there’s two main things that will keep your Sugar’s high so to prevent the drop in blood sugar okay the adrenals are one and then the liver is the other one so in summary if there’s an adrenal issue you need to focus on your sleep your B vitamins potassium decrease stress to improve that so you can have the adrenal glands help you compensate and not experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia which is dizziness irritability and a great difficulty in doing an amine fasting because you have to go a long period of time without eating and you don’t want to crash and burn and feel kind of funky the primary target for hypoglycemia is the brain okay so you’re gonna have all sorts of cognitive issues and mood issues okay so if there’s liver damage if you have a fatty liver or you have cirrhosis it’s scar tissue that can come from the fatty liver which both come from high levels of insulin or insulin resistance okay that’s gonna inhibit your ability to store sugar in the liver the great majority of all the stored sugar that helps you between the meal to regulate your fuel is called glycogen and it’s stored in the liver so if your liver is damaged you won’t have the capacity of stored sugar to release and keep your blood Sugar’s normal when you’re not eating okay so let’s number one because you just don’t have the quantity of sugar to stabilize yourself between meals because the liver is fatty or there’s some type of damage to it number two you have a problem with this other hormone called igf-1 that’s insulin-like growth factor number one now what is that that’s another hormone that is very similar to insulin but it works when you’re not eating whereas insulin converts things into fat IGF does the opposite and releases the energy from fat and stored sugar into energy between the meals so you have these two things working back and forth insulin triggered when you’re eating and IGF triggered when you’re not eating for the purpose of maintaining blood sugars okay but if there’s damage to this hormone the blood sugars can drop to low and you can have all the problems of low blood sugar okay so there’s several things that can improve i GF number one number one keeping your insulin down by cleaning up the diet not eating sugar number two increasing exercise that will help this right here in a minute fasting which we’ll come back to and sleep these are all things that could improve this in addition to fixing your liver if you have a fatty liver you need to eat healthy you need to take choline to strip the fat off you need to do keto and them and fasting but also cirrhosis that can be improved if you’re doing in a minute fasting and there’s also an enzyme you can take called Serra pep taste I’ll put a link down below for a video if you have cirrhosis you can improve it so anything that will improve the liver will improve IGF number one and this works very closely with human growth hormone they almost have the same job so the whole goal is to go from one meal to the next do intimate of fasting over a longer period of time and prevent the low blood sugar situation okay by improving the liver and the adrenals so when you’re trying to do intimate fasting some of the things in addition to adding fat outside of vinegar potassium B vitamins and going at this very gradual is you want to improve the liver by increasing something called vegetables okay large quantities of vegetables or salad it’s kind of a new concept so the biggest problem that I see with people doing in a minute fasting and they’re having a hard time is they don’t consume enough vegetables so I know you might not have a problem with this but you probably know people who just don’t like vegetables but this is really a very important thing to increase when you’re doing a minute fasting that goes beyond just eating more fat if you don’t have enough vegetables they’re not talking about just increasing potassium I’m talking about all the other things that are in vegetables that will actually heal the liver and allow you to go a long period of time without eating so if you’re having difficulty doing intermittent fasting because of your blood sugars you need to make sure the Drina are good and the liver by consuming more vegetables thank you so much for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that runs

This Post Was All About Low Blood Sugar, Intermittent Fasting & Your Liver.
Low Blood Sugar, Intermittent Fasting & Your Liver

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Dr. Berg talks about low blood sugars, intermittent fasting and your liver. When you have hypoglycemia, your adrenals compensate to raise in sugar but ALSO your liver. Your brain is the number one target for symptoms from hypoglycemia. If you have liver scar tissue as in cirrhosis or a fatty liver, this can lessen the function of the liver.

The liver normally makes glycogen, which is stored sugar and releases it between meals to stabilize low blood sugar, and having damaged liver can lessen this function causing more low blood sugar problems. Your liver also makes a hormone called Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1), which mobilizes the fat and stored sugar for energy, when you are not eating. Again, if you have a damaged liver, you can suffer the symptoms of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). To remedy this, its vital you consume enough VEGETABLES.

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