Lost 80 Pounds on Keto & Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Berg Skype

Lost 80 Pounds on Keto & Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Berg Skype

Lost 80 Pounds on Keto & Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Berg Skype

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[Music] hey guys I’m back with another great Skype interview and this time we’re going to talk to Jennifer Rogers so hi Jennifer welcome thanks dr. Berg thanks for having me on today absolutely hey can you tell us a little bit about your story of what happened like when did it start and then what happened after that it happened at a very long time ago I’ve actually been battling my weight for 31 years I went on my first diet my mother put me on my first attempt at an organized for-profit business when I was 12 always had weight issues I’ve tried everything in the book everything legal everything not-so-legal last year was a very difficult year for me I was in the process of saying farewell to my mom she unfortunately passed away in April at late March due to complications from multiple health issues autoimmune or apathy COPD heart failure all that stuff and I was just disgusted with myself at my husband and I we had gone out and we had seen pictures of each other and I was I was lying to everybody saying that I was 225 pounds sure add a couple 25 to that and you would have been fine I mean I couldn’t sleep at night I couldn’t I was getting up in the middle of the night with those diabetic tremors just going downstairs and eating food and sanely we got a new mattress because we thought the mattress was bad and no it was just the weight on my bones the arthritis was just horrible yeah and we both I was destitute and we were went out to dinner with some friends and my husband was like well I’m gonna try out games and the friend said well hey try this stuff called keto and we’re like what is that and so my husband started at first two weeks before I’m like listen you started I’m terrible at diets I never succeed on any of them fine then we went and started with a new direct primary care physician and he was actually also very kedo supportive and after hearing my history of weight issues diet challenges my health concerns my diagnosis he’s like please just give give keto a month I said fine you know I whatever I’ll just try the stuff I’ll humor you guys I’m just gonna fail again I had a call in to work with one of the local bariatric surgeons lo and behold Kido clicked Wow yeah can you tell me were you overweight like five years old or six what did it was it since birth or was there a certain time when you’re a little kid that you started noticing you staring anyway you know um it was mainly my mother always said that I look like an emaciated baby but I if you picked me up I felt very heavy unfortunately my mother had a very poor self-image of herself and she projected that onto me and projected the obesity on to me it really started when I started going through puberty I was never a a petite small frame child I was a medium frame child but I was a child of the 70s and we hate grains and we’re Italian Irish so there was carbs carbs carbs everywhere convenience foods it was a very poor environment I was in but when I was about 12 my mom saw that I was getting pudgy things weren’t working out quite well and that’s when she started me on the diets unbeknownst to both of us as I matured that’s when I was diagnosed with a comorbidity of PCOS with primary amenorrhea so right then and there without knowing what PCOS I actually wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS until my early 20s but I had the primary Inman area right there but that right there was the the indicator and hind side of the insulin resistance and the PCOS Wow now did you have heavy periods around that same time do you have any issue with your periods right before you started kind of noticing your weight was going up at primary memory is the complete absence of a menses I’ve never had I never had a natural men seized on my own until too taquito what’s the only way I tried eight years of infertility I was on birth control pills the endocrinologists said oh you just need to go on these birth control pills we’ll manage your you know keep you regular keep everything clean and then when you get off we’ll give you this magic pill called clomid that’ll work great you’ll get pregnant no eight years of infertility multiple tries of clomid 8iu is and to IVFs I was not successful I would successfully conceive but I would miscarry because my progesterone levels were extremely low so I that was the only way I could ever have a cycle was through medication so so we’re not like 11 or 12 or 13 you didn’t even have any cycles at all no I had a complete I had no signs you can see that the estrogen was coming in I was developing body hair I was developing my breasts I was by all appearances I was developing just like my peers unfortunately I never experience the natural menses wow that’s fascinating so here you are you going through your let’s say your late teens and then your 20s and so you basically what age did you start having that have your first period again I never I did not have in my first natural menses until April 30th 2016 and I just turned 43 okay and the reason being was the release of the estradiol in the first month of Kido and since then I have not had a natural menses again Wow so I’ve been perimenopause since puberty amazing so now what about like like during your 20s you just like try everything like the typical low calorie that Atkins the 8th time I tried every national chain weight loss center I tried the only time I did successfully lose weight unfortunately it was in high school and I developed anorexia bulimia and eating disorders and then I didn’t lose weight and the stress of that eating actually triggered my epilepsy so I also have partial complex seizures that could not be regulated through medication actually through diet and and sleep and other natural manipulations I was fine but yeah throughout my entire life I’ve tried the Weight Watchers I’ve tried the Jenny Craig the Nutrisystem I’ve tried to b12 injections I’ve tried starving myself I’ve tried yeah whatever cockamamie you know the cabbage diet the soup diet the you know ice chips and bread err i if you can make it up I tried it and nothing ever worked Wow so so last year this is when you started with 2016 you found keto what weight were you at your peak was it last year yes I was any I’d say 240 to 250 okay when I’ve started with the my direct primary care physician I had already I started eliminating and reducing like the sodas and some of the cards just by association because my husband and what he was cooking when I officially weighed it was like 225 but before that earlier in the year I was easily 240 250 Wow so so you started the keto did you also do in a minute fasting at the same time or did you kind of do that later but then after the first month within by week 4 or 5 we we stumbled across the intermittent fasting and we started adhering to it and and can do a 16-8 very easy I tried to do at least in 18 6 2 to 3 times a week Wow so did you did the weights start coming off right away or did it take a while for it to start kicking in because of my insulin resistance and my metabolic syndrome and so forth I was not I’d started with the infamous B pcs in the morning I was not losing the weight I was getting frustrated eliminated the B PCs and the also through trial-and-error just lowered my carb intake to 12 to 15 window so instead of doing 20 grams a day I was trying to my goal was 12 XS up to 15 as soon as I started lowering that the weight started coming off okay yeah and so so you started losing weight and then what are you waiting on one forty five oh my gosh that’s incredible yep that is I’ve maintained that for the past three to four months so I’m I’m out of maintenance with my weight as of right now right now I’m working on strength training and toning building up the muscle mass incredible that’s actually miraculous if you have people like coming up to you and just that knew you before just kind of like is that you what I’ve had that happen yes several times I’ve been open about my journey doing this and I’ve helped several friends skin on the keto bandwagon in fact I have two really good friends we met up for a weekend actually three of us we met up for a ketose girls weekend did some cooking lessons took them out challenging them to eat in restaurants and trying some new recipes and stuff combined at the time in June we had combined lost over 250 pounds that’s that’s miraculous that’s incredible especially yeah like the all these years and Olson you just you know still in your forties you’re still able to do it and you just found this thing I’m amazing yeah I mean if I had not done it I don’t know where I would be today I can just imagine the prominence of all the autoimmune issues that were just I could in hindsight again looking at the symptoms and the feelings that I was having definitely I was on the road for some some really massive health issues at this point oh my gosh what other health benefits have you had in addition to the weight loss I like to say we like to refer the weight loss as the gravy my anxiety depression I am no longer taking any medications for that I have battled anxiety depression mental health issues my entire life my epilepsy is gone I have not had any auras I would have as many would call petit mall I would go catatonic or it would almost be like a twitch or Tourette’s jerk what was i I was having I’ve not had any of those I suffered from chronic sinusitis and severe allergies and where the chronic sinusitis would emerge and present itself as a massive migraine haven’t had many of those not taking anymore allergy medication for that I’ve had psoriasis and that’s all gone as well so my labs have come back great so and then the then I’ve had some changes with the hormones as well we’ve been we’ve been tweaking that and working on that it’s really been interesting how over the year my body it’s very evident how the hormones they AB and they flow as my body is still trying to to regulate itself oh yeah I could imagine I mean let’s just let’s just bring up the topic of anxiety depression mood disorders I mean this happens all the time the amount the direct relationship between your mood and insulin in some blood Sugar’s low blood sugars mm-hmm I mean it’s probably so high as a cause-and-effect relationship and people just don’t connect the dots they live their whole life on meds and they don’t really know that you get off that sugar you fix in some resistance your mood just I mean I don’t know what you feel but it just brings people up well yeah I mean I will be honest with everybody I am a survivor I’m a semi-colon survivor I battled it I battled the demons my entire life it could be at a drop of a hat where I could have a massive mood swing and and the smallest situation would be a trigger it doesn’t and especially with food and I can now more sensitive and aware of my stressors where I may want something and I’m not turning to the food anymore the food is not the comfort level for me I’m at the food is not controlling me I’m controlling the food where I’m learning how to reward my I’ve learned how to reward myself without food as the prize just the societal impact of everywhere we go everybody wants to eat eat eat and it gets extremely disturbing now that you take those blinders off you take that that and you see how food regulates and controls everybody that even knows that even think that they’re healthy and oh we’re going to celebrate with this drinking or this food or that food I’m like no let’s do something else my sleep is amazing I had I guess I should have been tested really for sleep apnea I never was I used to be a horrible snore and I remember that weekend away I’ve known one of the girls since I was a teenager and she actually woke me up she thought I had stopped breathing because I wasn’t snoring and I would wake myself up a story I’m also strep positive and I have not had an outbreak of strep at all I would normally at least two three times a year start off with the sinus infection that would relocate and turn into bronchitis I’ve not had that at all this year so it’s it’s really hard to pinpoint all the small idiosyncrasies that I suffered from pre Kito that I’ve had not experienced this year at all amazing I mean I still had the same inhaler I’m sorry I saw the same inhaler since last year I have not had to use it for my asthma I love it that’s amazing what when’s your first meal what time do you eat I usually get up between 5:00 and 5:30 I do not have an opportunity to eat until 10:00 10:30 in the morning okay so I usually am in a window actually between 10:00 to 5:00 is when I primarily eat and then in the evening I might have a cup of black coffee or tea just something warm and hot and then I’m done for the day awesome and you doing a snacking or anything like that nope nope and you find that your hunger is less like you can just like your it’s more comfortable to go from one meal to the next yeah the only a lot of it is mental as well but no I don’t have those hunger pains of those days rain you would wake up and go oh I’m starving I need to eat this I’m looking forward to eat this this this you know it’ll be like oh shoot it’s 11 o’clock I really should eat right about now and then even then I’m not truly hungry I don’t feel those hunger pains I don’t feel that desire of oh I must eat something it’s you know you’ve retrained your your body retrains itself physically and emotionally and mentally again where you’re in control of the food and you know when you should eat before you get to those hunger pains yeah I’m not mine not feeling those insulin spikes at all ever doctor that’s amazing how about about cravings do you have any cravings I do I do and they’re all fat driven you know I’ll make a nice alfredo sauce or like earlier my husband asked what we wanted for dinner is I’m like I want a nice filet with some blue cheese and mushrooms and a big old slab of butter next to it he’s like that’s my girl so I mean that’s what I crave or water truly I I drink over 90 to 120 ounces of water a day and that and I don’t want anything I can’t to be honest I cannot even go down the grocery aisle where they have the boxed can cereals or cookies you can smell the sugar just emanating from those boxes and it mate literally makes me nauseous now disgusting and if you told me that a 18 months ago I would have laughed in your face oh I could imagine I think you probably the biggest problem is to find what to use to scoop the butter out to eat it right it’s like okay how can I eat that butter other than experiment we have a butter crocks we haven’t nice and soft to go and yeah I’m I’m not inhibited at all I’m not ashamed to put butter on anything in fact I went out to a restaurant the other day and I had a cheeseburger Mike you know that side of butter and they looked at me they’re like what you want mayonnaise mustard like no I don’t want your over-processed mayonnaise I want butter and it’s delicious you know put the butter on the eggs put the butter on the cheeseburger butter is good that’s amazing when he went into ketosis did you go through any type of changes like fatigue as your body shifted over you know I was very blessed and no I did not my husband went through keto the Nikita withdrawal to Kino bug I’ve known one of my cousin’s I helped I helped get started on this she went through that I never experienced any of it Wow now I will tell you that if I get any hidden sugars I am highly reactive and you know I am not perfect I have dabbled I have indulged in carbage before and I feel it the next day the first time I did I had one cookie that I used to love and adore within two hours I had a migraine massive migraine and the next day I had anxiety I was like oh I need medication like why and even to this point if I I don’t like going out to eat at restaurants because of all the preservatives and chemicals they put in the next day I can definitely feel the eggs you know I will feel anxious go well what did I eat why do I feel off-kilter oh wait I ate this let me look it had hidden sugars or something to it so I mean I just have to tell everyone there is watching you know the whole thing about being perfect the whole goal is to not necessarily you know be the in this mindless constantly eating like the people that get into this habit of not even being completely out of control so as long as you’re willing you know I’m gonna eat that I’m gonna react to it but you’re doing it causative ly like you know it’s gonna happen you’re not like unaware and you’re like oh I knew that was gonna happen you know I just gained a pound of water weight okay you get that’s for me and you know I I have high respect for people like my husband who have never deviated who have never cheated for me I know I’m a food addict I’m an emotional eater so break that addiction to the foods I mean I have taken a piece of bread you know what is something that I used to love I’m craving it I really want it okay there it is let me taste it I put in my mouth and go and I analyze why did I want this it doesn’t taste the same first of all is it the texture isn’t that this and I kind of break that emotional connection to it and I’m done and I move on I actually end up spitting the food out and for those that have stuck with keto long enough and that have deviated and have had off days the repercussions once you experience you know the headaches the anxiety whatever your old symptoms were you’ve learned your lesson that you don’t want to do it again and in fact if you love your body enough time it retrains itself now for me a treat is a frozen raspberry one frozen raspberry I will put in my mouth and it is it just totally that’s my piece of candy and I’m fine with one raspberry Wow I agree it’s like um you know the you have two things you have the habit of doing it for so long it’s ingrained as a memory all the pleasures whatever temporarily I don’t have the physical craving that your body demands it so you’re able to distinguish the two and like oh do I really want this no but I kind of remember what that like that might have been interesting to eat that and get the sensation like no it’s not the same anymore like it you see so yeah I hear what you’re saying yep that’s awesome and I’ve actually helped influence my father my 80 year old father and he’s done kind of sloppy keto he lost over 30 pounds he dropped his a1c I think almost by two whole points Wow and now we actually are working with our son who is autistic intellectually disabled he has some behavior and cognitive issues and we have been converting him on taquito and trying to help improve those you know through various studies that we’re seeing that are emerging of how with autism and the inflammation and the neurotransmitter is how keto can help and especially that’s how keto started was to help children with pull up see another benefit that I’ve had that my vision has impaired has improved I’ve worn glasses since I was five so for 39 years and my optometrist was amazed that my stigmatism improved by over three points in my left eye I was mirror to legal blindness and now it’s improved by three points just through Kido amazing for those people that don’t understand that there’s a couple reasons for that if you take a look at a person with blood Sugar’s with high insulin with insulin resistance they usually have damage with the retina also keto intermittent fasting is neuroprotective you can actually regenerate nerve cells and your your retina is an extension of your brain and it’s all nerve tissue so you’re getting more circulation you’re getting both you know more nerve supply so that’s that’s awesome I’ll have to I’ll be curious to how your your son does over time and then also your husband he was interesting because he if I’m not mistaken he had a genetic problem with cholesterol and he’s stuck with it for months I think I was like seven or eight months and then it actually got better and better and better so it just goes to show you that even if you have a genetic weakness you can improve things so right yeah it’s amazing all the different we take for granted now the benefits of keto that it’s so ingrained into us now how it how it overall is helping us you know and especially with the etaf adji the hardest part for me was the hair because of the trauma that I went through with healing my body in the chemo I did experience the dreaded hair loss but it’s coming even better now and actually I’ve had straight hair my entire life and now I actually have developed a lot of curl in my hair as well so but for anybody that is afraid of hearing that about the hair loss please let them know it’s simply temporary you talk about like in a minute fasting or kita hair loss yeah I noticed just shy of about what eight ten months I started losing more and more of my hair and it really send out especially up in this area my hairdresser who has been my hairdresser for over ten years was amazed at how my hair she’s seen that the journey of quito with me and how my hair has actually changed how I did lose a significant amount of it but then how its come back in in a totally different texture different shade of color and everything Wow so yep and I checked with my doctor and he and he agrees that it’s due to it’s related to you know losing close to 100 pounds in in that year window but it’s just literally your body’s getting rid of all those old cells and things that were created before you know keto and just regenerating and healing that’s amazing amazing story Jennifer I really appreciate you sharing because it’s like there’s a lot of people are in the same boat and just hearing you they’re gonna want to do this so and I fit my wedding dress is too big my wedding dress from 22 years ago is too big on me now I remember trying it on it I couldn’t even zip it up I couldn’t even get around me and now I put it on and it went out it has to be taken in so wow that’s a good problem to have yeah I never thought in a million years I thought that this was you know you know was the fly-by-night the diet du jour it is not it is it’s anybody everybody that I talked to I encourage them to give it a try it’s how we should be it’s truly everybody can benefit from it it’s eye-opening it’s helped us heal ourselves physically it’s opened our eyes to how we really should be treating our body holistically in totality and I wish everybody would just give it an opportunity if you can give it a month to three months you’re not going to regret it definitely not gonna regret it that’s right awesome well thank you so much Jennifer for this interview this is great yeah wow this is just as this is like bordered on miracle I mean it’s actually a miracle that will happen it’s just incredible like a hundred pounds coming off your body so well done yeah yeah and again I’ve tried every single the only time truly I before this I was ever successful was doing the infertility shots and that’s but I was on massive follow stem and Burton X I mean my body was so resistant to even those drugs to get me to to stimulate for the follicles that was the only time that my faceplate you know my skin cleaned up my hair was glowing my the weight loss would come off was all for those drugs and the reproductive endocrinologists the only answer they had is just lose 10% of your body weight and put going on that form and you’re good to go and I had such a vile reaction to the metformin it was horrible so gosh yeah Wow well better late than ever you finally figured it out and now here you are so that’s what that’s awesome cool well thank you thanks so much no problem and I’ll send us email those pictures off to you in a little bit okay thanks alright thank you have a good one you too

This Post Was All About Lost 80 Pounds on Keto & Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Berg Skype.
Lost 80 Pounds on Keto & Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Berg Skype

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Dr. Berg talks to Jennifer Rogers. She is a 44 year old who lost 80 lbs since April 2016. Here’s what she says, “My Insulin Resistance, pre-diabetes (who’s kidding, I was T2D but avoided the doctor), metabolic syndrome, anxiety/depression, psoriasis, chronic sinusitis and migraines are now in remission all thanks to KETO.

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