Leptin Resistance is Behind a Weakened Immune System

Leptin Resistance is Behind a Weakened Immune System

Leptin Resistance is Behind a Weakened Immune System

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hey everyone today i have another special guest ivor cummins is here welcome i iver how you doing hey eric great to see you again good seeing you too so uh ivor has been to both of my summits the keto summit and he always has incredible information he’s an expert in cholesterol cardiovascular health and also calcium in the arteries which he is going to be talking about but so so there’s also a relationship between um the risk factors for this uh situation that we’re in right now uh maybe you wanna mention that or talk about that yeah eric i’ve actually the last few weeks i’ve kind of diverted my attention from cardiovascular and metabolic and all the usual stuff to this big issue and um partly because i’m fascinated it’s it’s an absolutely fascinating challenge and tragic one for many people of course we won’t forget that uh but also because the world out there is so focused on it that right now is probably not the perfect time to be doing my usual stuff because there’s such a hunger to know more about this and i’m very well positioned to decode the science for people so i’ve been doing a lot of work on it and yeah as you just said i mean the risk factors for corona it’s so striking hypertension cardiovascular disease copd all the classic signs of insulin resistance or leptin resistance syndrome which is an epidemic in our modern world and we saw that from the china data at the very start i picked up on it way back and i said wow this is hitting the very people that the heart disease hits right it’s the same people the same metabolic issues fascinating fascinating um you know for those people that don’t know um see you’re an engineer and i assume like i think electrical engineer but no it’s a biochemical engineer biochemical yeah which is a completely different uh animal because you have to know chemistry and biology and all this stuff so you can read the research and understand it and pull strings and which is very very interesting so i just want to make that note which is important yeah you do need the expertise now that was my primary degree and then i spent a couple of decades slightly different industries but you never really forget and interestingly in college doing biochemical the biochemistry classes in the in the various years they were the ones that were my most favorites they could because they were fascinating you know we did genetics we did all of the citric acid cycle all metabolism and we actually did a lot of that stuff fascinating but then my my job i didn’t really use it much but many years later of course eight years ago when i had poor blood test results i had to go back in and research and answer the questions so it’s been great to go back to it yeah oh that’s great yeah so the uh risk factor for um the colbit you have um uh high blood pressure is a tablet list cardiovascular obesity diabetes insulin resistance i mean that all just comes down to this insulin resistance thing it does exactly and copd as well but that’s largely connected too so the orthodoxy or the establishment is seeing these as all these different things but of course you and i know they all go back to the same roots of insulin resistance and maybe a little thing to add as well is leptin resistance so way back at the start of this whole issue i interviewed dr ron rosedale he’s kind of a genius i think and he’s stuck in india where he works to help with their diabetes epidemic and obesity epidemic and he was the guy who actually originally 25 30 years ago he discovered the crucial nature of insulin and measuring insulin and leptin another hormone and he actually worked out originally that of course the atkins diet the keto diet is correct a no-brainer because you keep your insulin and leptin low and you keep your glucose low and that is the best thing for long life and health but he went through with me in a full hour-long podcast how leptin resistance for which is kind of the same as insulin resistant to anyone listening leptin resistance is the kind of core part of a poor immune function and without going into detail he went through how leptin not only when your leptin signaling is disrupted when you’re insulin resistant which are leptin signaling being disruptive completely undermines your immune system and all of the processes that cause the issues with this virus and leptin is even actively involved in the immune system it’s part of your immune response and if you’ve disrupted that signaling because you’ve become overweight and insulin resistant leptin cannot do its immune function job correctly so again without going into the weeds it’s so intimately connected now aren’t people um they’re associating leptin with hunger appetite right yeah so leptin is a fat cell hormone but it’s also excreted and used in many other places but generally leptin is part of your appetite control system and if you eat and your fat cells you know expand the leptin signal tells you long term that you’re getting enough food and it reduces your appetite the tragedy is if you become leptin resistant the system doesn’t hear the signal anymore and then the appetite is not controlled so it’s very like insulin resistance but also there’s one special challenge which is a corner case very interesting that sometimes people who are middle aged particularly females when they actually lose a lot of weight and they lose a lot of fat cells they become low leptin which is very healthy low leptin is healthy but sometimes the lower leptin tends to trigger a little bit of appetite and that and that can make it hard for people who’ve lost weight who hit a plateau you know they’re lower leptin now and it tends to keep the appetite triggered so you just need to learn to understand that and and overcome it but yeah now the things that uh correct or improve insulin resistance they’re the same things that improve the leptin absolutely for the person in the street so to speak the beauty of it is if you want to get into the science that’s great but leptin resistance insulin resistance there’s no real separation in terms of what you do to stop them happening or what you do to make them worse they’re really tight at the at the hip now is there any relationship between um the metabolic syndrome issues and uh ace2 inhibitors ah the ace2 inhibitors yeah so dr rosedale actually went through that in some detail a lot of people think that maybe the ace2 inhibitors the drugs are causing maybe the higher susceptibility and what dr rosedale pointed out was that’s not necessarily the case that your ace receptors they’re actually proteins just because there’s more of them doesn’t mean necessarily that you’ll draw in more virus there were studies he quoted so i think that it’s a bit simplistic to say that the drugs for hypertension are causing more ace receptors and bringing in the virus i think what is probably more likely is the kinds of people who are on those drugs they suffer from insulin and leptin resistance right they’re given to people with hypertension and most hypertension is undiagnosed insulin resistance so the drugs associate the blood pressure drugs associate with worse outcomes but but it’s really confounded i think it’s just that they give the drugs to diabetics overwhelmingly and people with hypertension and it’s really those people’s metabolic problems that’s really linking to the worse outcomes and and the challenges wow so when you talk to this uh doctor did he uh mention the susceptibility goes up when you um for um when you have leptin resistance and then the immune system goes down and then the virus could potentially take over is that was that the connection or yeah absolutely that uh leptin resistance like insulin resistance it’s like a smelly room you no longer kind of smell after a while in the smelly room and when your body is subjected to high leptin and high insulin you can your body no longer hears the signals and that’s when things go crazy he also stressed that the leptin itself is a part of the immune system response a very very direct part and in fact il-6 which they’re all talking about drugs because this issue this virus causes a cytokine storm or it causes your immune system to send out a whole load of attack vehicles right to attack the virus attack cells with the virus but what actually happens that hurts people is your own immune system goes overboard and ends up killing a lot of other cells and basically bringing it down down the sinkhole and ron had a great way of describing it he said your immune system is very powerful but what happens with this virus is your immune system comes out with all these cytokines like machine guns you know shock and awe and firing all over the place and sure they kill cells with the virus and they kill the virus but they kill a lot of other stuff too including the person so leptin he described as a very important part of modulating or controlling that response and when you’re leptin resistant not only does it stop your immune system doing what it should do properly but it also fails to control your immune system from doing what it shouldn’t do so on every side of this leptin resistance sits at the seat yeah off the modern population susceptibility and if we were all insulin sensitive and leptin sensitive at a rough guess we’d probably have 10 times less impact from this and people might not be aware but worldwide or in europe this virus is looking like it will cause around three times more excess deaths than the 2018 flu season so the 2018 flu season if you look up the all-cause mortality in europe caused around 180 000 extra deaths um in the peak of the winter in 18 in 700 million people in europe so 180 000 currently corona has caused around 230 000 extra deaths so it’s not too much higher than 18 and the way the curves are going where the deaths are coming down now in nearly all countries it looks like it might be three times worse than 2018 flu so just to put things in perspective that’s the way it looks and of course if it was 10 times less bad no one would notice just like in 18. right exactly um when we talk about the cytokine storm we’re talking about an inflammatory uh situation where you have these cytokines which are um the ones we’re talking about are there’s two different there’s like community cytokines have several um functions one is a communication signaling the other is a yeah pro and anti-inflammatories when we’re talking about the inflammatory ones that go in there and just create all the damage so your immune system is creating the damage um and i think that um you also have on the innate part of the immune system now i’m sorry the adaptive you have the t regulatory cells and those t they’re like to suppress ourselves they’re the the firemen that can put out the fire but they get weak so sometimes people think it’s an overreacting immune system like it’s a a real strong immune system but actually it’s weak because they’re out of balance we don’t have this buffer we don’t have the brake pads it’s all accelerator and then the body just starts to go down from there now is there any relationship because we know that vitamin d obviously suppresses the cytokines and it also improves these t regulatory cells is there any relationship between vitamin d and leptin or there there is and again it could get complicated here but the recent studies from vitamin d are fascinating and actually i think you had a youtube video on one of them the other day with the 780 people the indonesian one yeah yeah yeah so these are incredible because one came out with around 230 people i think from the philippines very interesting but very early and then the indonesian one with 780 people and that was fantastic because when people get older they tend to have lower d so maybe it’s just that they were older people got worse outcomes but those guys corrected for age statistically and they corrected for sex and corrected for comorbidities or other illnesses so that study was stunning but the long story is there’s four studies now but the upshot of it is four studies out on humans on corona and vitamin d and rough and tough if you’re below 30 nanograms which is my rule i like to be at 45 but below 30 is where i’d worry below 30 people have 10 times the risk of of severe outcome or death from this virus now to put things in perspective for people the who told us that meat might cause cancer based on their studies which showed me was maybe 1.1 times more likely for you to have cancer which is a joke if you’re below two times or double the risk the study is a joke really but this is 10 times and the link to leptin is that the thing about vitamin d is you can be low on vitamin d and it can cause the problems with the immune system like not modulating or controlling it and many other things but the other thing vitamin d is is a master marker because if your leptin are insulin resistant obese with dysfunctional visceral fat low low adiponectin all these things around the metabolic disease that we’re always talking about that keto fixes well people in that bad state it drives down your d status so interestingly you can certainly push up your d with supplements but some people who are inflamed in that state they really need to fix their diet and get sunshine and fresh air and get healthy because some people the supplements find it very hard to rise their vitamin d but if they start eating the right thing doing the right stuff their vitamin d can rise even if they don’t really have supplements so people need to know it’s a two-hander there’s lots of things that drive low vitamin d in that blood test one of them is not having enough d you know get your supplements in the winter get your sun but the other thing is that d is marker telling you you may have an inflammatory problem so it’s a great marker for all the leptin resistance and stuff we were talking about fascinating you also have the fatter you are the more difficult it is to convert and absorb the vitamin d through the skin so you have that and then you have um i mean for those of you that haven’t seen this video um they put people in i guess it was three groups and the group that had normal amounts of vitamin d i think the mortality rate was four percent and the one that was uh insufficient of vitamin d the mortality rate was 88 the one that was deficient in vitamin d had a mortality rate what was it 99 i’m like that’s close to that so it’s that’s significant it was stunning because you know i i always have enemies on twitter you know the anti-low-carb anti-keto pro-statin crew you know and i’m always arguing with them and it’s it’s okay but they came out against me for promoting and explaining and describing these studies and they don’t like them and they said they’re associational so yes they’re not a placebo randomized controlled trial where you give someone more vitamin d and prove that they have better outcomes but in associational studies like i mentioned if the risk ratio or risk multiplier you see is less than two times you know that’s kind of weak but when it’s 10 times you know that fulfills the criteria for serious causality yeah and these are powerful studies right oh my gosh it’s incredible um i know um this there’s several drugs coming up there and i know there’s a push to have um double-blinded controlled studies clinical trials the whole thing right there’s this big push and that’s cool that’s very cool and i think we need to have that um but my question is will they be doing that for the vaccine that’s a that would be interesting question i highly doubt it but they should they’re pushing that but they somehow they get out of doing that with the vaccine because you want these things safe so yeah and i think the problem with the vaccine it’s almost like we have to self-censor ourselves i find it difficult to even talk about the science i can talk about statins no problem and cholesterol not being a cause all these controversial things no problem but they’ve created an environment where if you even talk about safety and vaccines you get accused of being what they say anti-vaxx and the problem is that that’s the day that science ends when no one can no longer speak freely and discuss data and unfortunately that’s kind of what’s happened with these vaccines so my mind is the original vaccines the measles and all those things from years ago were pretty solid as a rock and proven out it’s just nowadays there’s around 20 new ones and my perception is that they’re not getting the due diligence and very careful testing they may be showed it’s almost like there’s always new ones and they’re just boom boom boom boom boom and it it can be a danger when there’s a worldwide panic even though to be quite honest as i said it’s three times worse it looks like than 2018 so it’s not exactly a panic it shouldn’t be a panic but i think there’s a feeling of panic and i hope people don’t cut corners because there’s a feeling of panic i think a lot of european countries have done mild lockdowns they’re now coming down in the number of fatalities they were overwhelmingly very aged people and people with with medical conditions they’re not that they’re not there yeah they’re important too of course don’t get me wrong but we have to have a perspective on this and the curves are coming down and a dozen european countries are lifting restrictions and the summer’s coming in and interestingly coronavirus family has been researched for 30 years and there’s one thing that’s unique coronaviruses are highly seasonal and all previous studies have shown coronavirus family to spike in the winter in the northern hemisphere and then to disappear in the summer so we may have really good news if the summer makes this corona behave like others if people the the debt rates are falling the spread happens and there may not be a need for a vaccine at all perhaps i think you’re right on that in fact um i’m going to be releasing a video on that exact topic um on temperature and humidity and how it’s it’s it it’ll start to actually get better and better um it’s you know i thought that we’re supposed to think critically as long as it’s not critical to certain groups of science or whatever scientist um i want to switch gears um a good friend of yours uh did a really great movie recently can you can you tell us a little bit about that yeah that’d be great eric because we’re trying to get the message out there so this is super so back to the calcification scan and just a really quick reminder for people so again thinking risk ratios if you have really weird cholesterol you might be 1.3 times more likely to have a problem but it’s very noisy if you have hypertension maybe 1.7 times more likely to have a heart attack in the next 10 years but if you take get a scan a calcium scan cac score it sees the calcium and the inflammation uh caused calcium buildup in the arteries in your heart in a five-minute scan and the amount of that you have that can be a 10 times risk for a heart attack in the next 10 years or even 20 times so this quick 5-minute scan for 100 bucks it tells you the truth tells your risk so what we did in the movie is we got the heroes of the 1991 uh big final in ireland in irish football so there’s a little bit irish football in there and we got them now in their late 50s and we scanned 45 of them and the key thing was that all of them their doctors said they were fine there was no need for any treatments they were all healthy good to go and we scanned them and we picked up 9 out of 45 with super high scores and two or three of them have since had emergency surgery based on the scan result which saved their life and one even had a heart attack just before the surgery but luckily he was okay but we were able to walk in there and find that out and their doctors were shocked you know so really important this scan it’s crucial and not just for heavyweight people or smokers we’ve got tons of toffee or slim people who are fat inside and the scan will tell you who’s at risk but what we did is one guy we picked our hero so a few of the guys took measures to stop their score getting higher over the year and we had great success but i won’t give away the movie but our hero we followed patty o’rourke who’s the captain of one of the teams back in 91 quite famous in ireland and he said guys what should i do and guess what eric everything we said he should do you would agree with and it involved eliminating refined carbohydrates he had to get rid of the breads the banana breads you know the cereals and he began to eat real food you know meat fish and eggs and real food and he got a blood glucose meter and he was checking himself a few times a day and keeping a log i mean this guy did the work and vitamins and minerals you know magnesium k2 you know fish oils he was taking a full set of those and magnesium potassium i think and at the end of the year we re-scanned them and let’s just say it’s a very happy story he booked the trend yeah wow in fact we had three cardiologists as part of the movie including william wheatbeller ellie davis and an australian cardio and a british cardiologist who’s actually in the movie uh scott murray and scott’s quote at the end was you know this this is a big disrupter for cardiology and preventative cardiology and what we’ve done here in this film uh opens up a bright new future of genuine prevention in the coming decades and i think that’s true so yeah i’m gonna put a link down below you guys need to check this movie out um i’ve heard it’s incredible um go ahead oh yeah it’s gonna yeah it’s extra time movie dot com and uh absolute super if you can put a link but it’ll really help us because this whole issue our funder and sponsor his business has been hit really really bad with this virus issue and you know it’ll just help us get the message out if people share it enjoy it download our stream and uh yeah we put a year and a half’s work in and yeah it’d be great if people could check it out but they’ll also find out a lot as well you know it’s not all one way i just want to tell you guys what he’s talking about this uh uh i mean even if you’re on keto or not on keto you go to the doctor and they say oh you’re everything’s fine but your ldl is high and i hear this all the time even though i was like ldl is high of course they’re not measuring the the uh the particles they’re not measuring the uh what type of ldl there’s a couple different kinds and when you’re consuming more fat in the diet you’re going to have maybe some higher ldl in it but the type is not the the small dense type that can invade the arteries and create inflammatory markers it’s it’s the large buoyant thing that’s floating through the uh the bloodstream and to to know that you know you can get another test that’s a little bit more in-depth which i think is a good idea um but hands down as far as the indicators are predictive um i guess indicator for cardiovascular actually i think it’s all all mortality if i’m not mistaken one of the best predictors for all mortality is the cac test right correct me if i’m yeah for sure and in fact we saw it yet again in all our 45 people we did blood tests and the only things that gave a hint of the high score high scoring people was low hdl maybe high triglycerides kind of surfaced and hba1c which you probably explained to people before blood sugar but otherwise the ldl the total cholesterol it predicted nothing so we got nine guys with massive scores and your your ldl total that they had you could tell nothing it could be low medium noise so the calcium scan bypasses all those guesswork blood tests and goes straight to do you have disease what is your risk when the body uh is inflamed and that you’re getting oxidative damage in the arteries the body’s going to try to heal it with eventually calcium and it’s a real simple test i had it done and it’s very inexpensive and you can pick up information it’s on a scale you want it to be zero sometimes it’s really high sometimes it’s not but from that score you can get a lot of information it is one of the best predictors of mortality um and so also if you haven’t if you guys don’t know about ivor i’ll put a link on his website as well because in his youtube channel because i mean he he has studied this stuff like forever and yes he knows pretty much i don’t know anyone who knows more than him about this topic uh the calcium that builds up in the arteries so um learn more about it and um if you have a high score there’s tons of solutions um but the worst thing is having a high score and not even getting the test and not even knowing about it and then being surprised one day and going why did it end up in the hospital or just dying so it is such a simple cheap test everyone should get it done but you need to know about what it is yeah great no thanks for that eric absolutely and you know so many tragedies vastly higher numbers will die from chronic disease alzheimer’s heart disease than our current issue which will pass and like you say people will die and they never had a chance to take action and if you do get a very high score which means you have a very high risk if you intervene and take action with a lot of what you say eric and you know vitamins minerals keto get your sugars down insulin down you take action you can stop that score rising and after a year or so if you’ve slowed it down and stopped it going up that makes you almost as safe as if you got a zero in the first place so a high score is not a sentence a high score just means hey i gotta do all the right stuff fix the causes that drove this progressive disease and then in a year or two come back and you find out ah you know it was going up and up and up and now you know what it’s slowed down and that means you’re really really safe compared to where you were you know that’s the key that’s awesome thanks so much i appreciate it and then people are going to really get a lot out of this so thank you thank you eric thanks 

This Post Was All About Leptin Resistance is Behind a Weakened Immune System.
Leptin Resistance is Behind a Weakened Immune System

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