Leaving my house forever.

Leaving my house forever.

Leaving my house forever.

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Honestly i don't even know how to start this one i'm leaving my house forever and i've got some big news for you guys but instead of me telling you the big news let me go show it to you excuse the mess right now but you'll know why it's a mess in a second the big news is that i rented .

I'm renting a studio space so this is where all the future recipes are gonna happen for the last seven years i've been working out of wherever i was living seven years ago i was like 26 ish 27 maybe and i was living with my dad i started creating in my dad's .

Kitchen seven years ago in 2014. then alyssa and i got an apartment uh i filmed out of there for like three years made a ton of content in that apartment and then we moved into a house a few years ago and i've been filming at the house for the last few years and it's just become a lot with stella with our baby she's one years old now and .

I've been fortunate enough that this channel has been growing my blog's been going growing my instagram has been growing and i've been doing really well thanks to you guys thanks to everybody who supports me in whatever kind of way in the blog and instagram all that stuff it's been going so well .

That i can afford a space of my own now so let me give you a tour this is the kitchen area obviously and i'm really excited about the kitchen not just because you know it's beautiful but because we have a ton of natural light in this apartment i mean this whole wall is just windows .

Which was a huge selling point for me and then that wall is all windows which was another huge selling point for me it's just all the natural light in here and you'll notice that this island behind me it is huge it is a huge workspace which means we can put a lot of cameras around the island get a lot of different shots obviously there's a .

Lot of natural light really excited about this kitchen area so now we're moving away from the kitchen and into what will be the living room we have one piece of furniture right now which is this office chair i love this office chair i think it's just such a cool color uh this is kind of gonna be a desk area a workspace area i .

Want to do a second youtube channel really around the business of being a digital creator something that i've wanted to do for a really long time now and i think that is going to be filmed right over in this area we haven't really got any furniture yet other than that chair because if you've been trying to find furniture lately or .

Buy it you know that there's a lot of delays with furniture so it takes like weeks minimum weeks right now to get anything delivered to you and like i said we've only been in here for like a week and a half at this point so that is why there's nothing in this space at the moment but hopefully over the .

Next i don't know two three four weeks maximum we're gonna have this entire space furnished out which i am so excited about i've never been able to furnish a space and make it look exactly how i want it to look and that really excites me now if you're leaving the living room and you're coming down this hallway you're going to .

End up in this first front bedroom this bedroom is probably going to be used for storage we don't really have anything in here at the moment and then if you keep walking you're going to end up in this room and this room has the best light out of all of the rooms in this space the light here is absolutely phenomenal .

For photography so as you can see i've actually started to take some photos in this room then if you're coming out of the room you'll see there is this closet over here i don't really know how much we're going to be using the closet but at least it's an extra space for storage we've got the bathroom here which is .

Pretty nice and then we are back in the front area the kids snuck in so for everybody who doesn't know this is my business partner my cousin brendan he helps me on the blog on instagram uh we have our own second blog which is i'm hungry for that which i really don't talk about too much uh at least not yet .

On this youtube channel but he has been a huge help to me the past year and he will be sharing this space with me as well so yeah that is the tour at least the unfurnished tour i'll give you guys another tour once we get some furniture in here i just want to give you a feel of kind of how the apartment and new studio was set up kind of the before .

Before we actually have anything in here i wanted to show you what it looked like before we actually furnished this out and made it like a real proper studio space the space itself it's about a thousand square feet which is definitely more space than i think we need at the moment .

But i do anticipate us kind of like growing into the space over the next couple of years also the location of this it's super close to my house it's like 10 minutes away from my house which was a huge check mark i just have to be close to home especially with a one-year-old at home and this studio office space is really .

All of those things so this really checked pretty much every box for me for us and we're really excited about it so welcome to the studio uh brendan and i are gonna get to some work right now and uh i'll give you guys an update once we furnish it out which will hopefully be sooner rather than .

Later all right guys thanks for watching thanks for being here thanks for subscribing see you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About Leaving my house forever..
Leaving my house forever.

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Well, it’s officially, I’m leaving my house!

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