LEAN BULK DIET Ep.3 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating For Bulking

LEAN BULK DIET Ep.3 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating For Bulking

LEAN BULK DIET Ep.3 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating For Bulking

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[Music] [Music] all right guys morning routine is pretty much complete weighed myself put my macros and my Wayans in my spreadsheet made myself some coffee press the straw but on the Keurig took care of everything now all we gotta do is finish the coffee and go to work we’ll be all set but I want to give you a quick update because my macros are changing this week we’re in week 3 of 20 of the lean bulk and this week my macros are going up carbs anyways from 275 grams a day to 300 grams a day protein stain the same 275 grams of protein probably gonna maintain that for the rest of this lean bulk and my fats are going up from 50 grams of fat to 60 grams of fat a day basically it’s a hundred and fifty calorie increase from the previous couple of weeks I just figured the last two weeks haven’t gained any weight I looked at my weight gain for the past month and I was at like a half a percent of my body weight in the previous four weeks so it’s a really good number it’s kind of what I’m hoping to hit every month for the next five months and I just figured you know what that was a good time to kind of bump up the calories because I’m beginning weight so that’s where we’re at in week three of the lean bulk I’m just gonna go finish my coffee and then we’re headed to work it’s beautiful outside today guys it’s like 45 degrees a little sunny it’s the perfect November day this guy over here he’s ruining people’s day he’s giving him parking tickets not ruining my day though parked it a lot alright guys so I got my first meal of the day together back in the office hanging out with the manager Edie today doing a cup and a half of some oatmeal 200 grams of some sirloin steak kind of a weird combination it’s not my usual pre-workout meal and then like about 200 grams of a Pink Lady Apple typically I do egg fried rice as my pre-workout carb source also I mean fat and salt source just because I think it’s a perfect combination of all three of those things and those three things together make for a good pump and what I think is a good workout but it’s just been so cold in this office the past like week and a half my pre-workout carbs had been oatmeal and I don’t need any milk salt sugar I don’t need anything on my oatmeal I’m kind of strange I can just do outs and water and I think that it’s super delicious it doesn’t need anything tastes great by itself I’ve said this before I’ll say it again I don’t understand the admiration for the white monsters the rock stars are cheaper they have way more caffeine I don’t get it Fitness youtubers they’re all on the white monsters this stuff guys save yourself some money get a bit more caffeine way better get Zaki here on the lift today putting all kinds of volume on the deadlifts with me I’m right here for 55 for a 5 by 5 today and my my grip my hands they really hurt you guys have watched any of the other pull days that I’ve done and using wraps a lot of times and today we’re going sans no wraps and my grip is just not what I would like it to be I kind of feel like crying it hurts anyways ever since I got sick I kind of have started my workouts with some lower rep stuff some lower volume stuff like a 5 by 5 is typically how I’ve been starting the lifts the base exercises of all my workouts so today I thought I was going to do a pull slash leg day but I didn’t legs two days ago and I quickly realized when I was here and doing the deadlifts my legs are just not prepared for another leg day today so I think after this we’re just gonna do a bunch of accessory back stuff and some bicep stuff but right now I’m on the top set of my deadlifts doing some sumo deadlifts for 55 for a 5×5 is the base lift today here we go here’s last set the fifth set let’s do this [Music] so Zaki and I we’re on our way to Firehouse Subs we’ve both never had Firehouse Subs before but I’ve heard that the subs are pretty good and the macros on the subs are awesome so guess we’re about to find out if it’s all true if the hype is real about Firehouse Subs look who showed up I love these machines I just want to make that known any movie theater restaurant that has these bonus points a coke freestyle shop so much cherry Fanta that’s amazing apparently I made a rookie firehouse sub mistake all the subs from with cheese here I didn’t ask for no cheese I didn’t want cheese but to go back up there almost super nice about it she’s remaking myself about cheese next time I come to firehouse soaps gotta ask for no cheese ever it’s looks so good good the steam give the steam Zaki look at that very hour it was kind of a game that we have she’s not surprised really really really good so on the fire I’ll survive even plugin when you ordered this it’s like six hundred and seventy calories eleven fat eight nine carb or denied protein I think everybody was a fan I really enjoyed my pastrami sub Zaki over here he ate two subs literally he went sit down it’s my third trip up to this machine the Fantas zero cherry unreal life-changing the ever since machine that’s the one you want to work so basically all this was having a yelling match on the phone so I figured I’d just do a voiceover for this part have my next meal at 8:30 did some of the snack factory pretzel crisp pretzels these are so good guys if you haven’t ever had these before and you like pretzels these will change the world so had three servings of those and then I had 180 grams of some shredded chicken with more of the gh hues barbecue sauce of this stuff right here the Hickory flavored and I heard the regular flavor just met but the maple flavor is supposed to be awesome as you guys saw the the macros on it two grams of carbs per serving I actually put that on my greens here on my super greens this is one and a half servings of super greens and I know it sounds kind of strange barbecue sauce for salad dressing but trust me guys it is delicious give that a shot and then for dessert I did some frozen peaches I love frozen fruit and peaches have great macros for fruit 13 carb 1 protein per serving not too bad so it’s getting like guys like almost midnight I’m getting ready to go to bed and I figured out my last meal of the day didn’t have really that many carbs that many grams of protein left and I actually had a little bit a little bit more fat than the carbs in protein I had left this is what I’ve got I’ve got some PB to that turned into peanut butter there’s five servings of the PB 2 in there just gonna eat that with the spatula and then I’m gonna have 4 cups of the blue diamond don’t go silk silk is a blue diamond unsweetened vanilla almond breeze almond cashew blend this is the most macro friendly the best tasting almond milk cashew milk blend whatever you want to call it they sell anyways as far as how I ended up macro us today 276 protein 301 carb and 48 grams of fat so almost hit my macros spot-on I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with me a little bit today I hope enjoyed the full day of eating the full day of lean bulking that we just went on together we did hit the like button thumbs up button it really just helps the video a lot it helps the channel out and I really appreciate it guys so thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next episode good night guys

This Post Was All About LEAN BULK DIET Ep.3 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating For Bulking.
LEAN BULK DIET Ep.3 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating For Bulking

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LEAN BULK DIET Ep.3 | Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating For Bulking. This is what I like to eat to build muscle. Currently on week 3/20 of my lean bulk, and so far everything is going to plan – my weight is consistently around the 212’s this week, and my strength has been steadily increasing. Also, my macros are now up to about 2850 calories or 275g protein, 300g carbs, and 60g fat.

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