Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before-After: Dr. Berg Skype with Joe Busuttil

Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before-After: Dr. Berg Skype with Joe Busuttil

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hey everyone we have a new before-and-after I want to introduce you to Joe and Joe welcome to the interview I wanted to I got you before and after I just I said I have to interview you because it’s amazing so I wanted to know your story so why don’t you tell me a little bit about what we what happened before as far as your weight and how it progressed and then what you did yeah sure I’ve I’ve always been pretty in pretty decent shape but over the last few years I’ve noticed that has been more of a struggle to keep the weight off and to be honest it’s been a little bit harder for me to not cheat so it’s not been helping very much either so but I travel a lot during my job and it just becoming more and more uncomfortable in the planes and my clothing and it’s just you know I I kind of hit a peak where I was at my heaviest um was rum 200 and started looking online and seen what else is there you know I really want to understand getting my business I do a lot of root cause analysis and I wanted to understand what is really causing me to gain weight you know I everybody says sugar is bad in cars or bad what why is it bad and I never really understood it I never really got a clear answer until I stumbled on some of your videos and started understanding a little bit more about how the insulin affects it and how the body actually works in that regard so I wanted to test it out for myself and started doing probably pretty aggressively the keto diet ketogenic diet including the intermittent fasting and the apple cider vinegars and pretty much everything that you guys have been mentioning I’ve you know done other you know look online to see if you know your information correlates with what other people might be saying and sure enough it’s all over the place once looking for it and the nice thing about it is once I did I started it you start seeing the effects pretty quickly so that gives you the nice incentive to keep going it doesn’t take a month before you start seeing things like a traditional exercise program where you actually gain weight before you actually start seeing the fat come off because your muscles are getting bigger you start seeing the effects quickly and I didn’t want to spoil the results by exercising at the same time so that’s all I’ve done was the diet’s in following the routine with the intermittent fasting other than going out for a walk I didn’t do anything else wow that’s amazing so you’re you’re basically your job you’re in the plane a lot you’re traveling probably hotel restaurants the whole thing right that’s right yeah I’m eating out all the time and have constant temptations and you know sometimes I don’t have I don’t have it I don’t take a lunch or sometimes I unfortunately lost the restaurant at the end of the day and ongoing town on a big plate of whatever and usually involved a lot of carbs and buns and whatever you can think of and so it’s actually kind of nice doing the intermittent fasting included with this process because I don’t have to worry about lunch like I don’t even take a lunch you know I my lunch is at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and sometimes even later and then I was I was pretty aggressive with the intermittent fasting where I was only giving myself four hour window to do what I needed to do and just kind of eat everything I needed within that period of time and then sometimes on the weekends I’d give myself eight hours but it didn’t matter what I did really seemed to help out a lot and I have had more energy than I I could think of I mean I was always coming home and staying on the couch or just exhausted on my way home from work and I didn’t want to do anything now I’m out doing yard work and everything and I haven’t even eaten anything all day that’s amazing so you’re basically just running on your fat field which has actually it’s a better quality feel source – you don’t get the high and lows when you at your peak I’ll tell you five eight five eight okay so then so you started this did you start in a minute fasting right off the bat or you to kind of gradually phase it in when you started to do the ketosis well I started doing I don’t know maybe within the first week I mean it was it was pretty it was almost immediately good yeah and I didn’t have too much of the the withdrawal from the carbs carbs and stuff like that I mean for a few days maybe but I was able to transition into it pretty quick I think that once you’re committed it makes it a lot easier and for me I was I mean I think I got kids and they got don’t know it’s all over the place and cookies and whatever you can think of and so I was able to do it so that excuse doesn’t work you know as long as your commute commits you should be able to do it absolutely when’s the first time that you would eat would you eat at lunch or would you have a breakfast and then do for how would you work that out so normally what I do is that my my I skip breakfast I don’t have a breakfast so I call it my lunch and dinner my lunch is at 4 o’clock Wow Wow so you know I just before I leave the office I’m pretty much having my lunch so um you know why I’m working during lunch I just keep working and it works for me because a lot of the plants and and facilities that I support there in different time zones so I don’t have to worry about much I just work through it and then I’ll I’ll eat maybe 2 or 3 hours later my dinner so sometimes it’s kind of hard to do but there were days where I just had one meal you know as long as I’m hitting you know I think I went to an online that calculator and you know I’m supposed to be consuming about 1,600 calories a day just as long as I’m targeting around 70 74 75 percent fact around 20 percent protein and then I’m my target was like 20 grams of carbs a day into accounts fiber and all that stuff from all the vegetables and so on Wow that sounds really cool yeah the other other day I was flying there was a day where it’s about twelve hours of flights and luckily I found a meal where there’s like a low-carb burger thing and then I the next meal was basically four avocados and this guacamole like it was huge it was so much food I could barely stuff my body but it kept me going like through the night to the next day so when you would eat your first meal like at 4:00 would you be hungry through the day or do you get to a point now where you can just go and you don’t have that hunger or cravings it got to the point where I had to force myself I mean there’s there some days where I’m not sure what it is but yeah I can probably eat at twelve if I really wanted to but then once I don’t and I’m good till four I don’t know maybe I smell something in the office or something like that I don’t know what it is but then you know I get home and I’ll just yell before I go out and cut the grass or do something I kind of force myself to eat something so that way I still stay within my my four hours in it for whatever reason I did heat a little bit later well then I just moved my four hours I know the feeling because there’s time so I’m like you know I’m not even hungry might as well eat something you know so what would you eat in that meal give me an example I get four what do you mean so I really I’m more of the liver type body type so I make sure that I don’t have more than three three and a half ounces of protein I eat a lot of nuts meats and chickens but a lot of salads I started I started pounding the salad like you’re recommending so that way I can get my vitamins make sure I put the oil on it oil with a little bit of apple cider vinegar and just have a big plate of that and a small little bit of meat where I was always the opposite have big meat potatoes and that much salad now it’s the opposite completely and the nice thing is I’m also looking at you know more of the proper types of foods so trying to get the eggs that are not caged chickens I did a little bit of research on what the actual difference was between the two and that was pretty interesting and yes it’s more expensive but the nice thing is I’m eating less frequently so it’s not like my grocery bills don’t went up three times the price I’m actually eating a little bit less so did that math basically how it is and then and that I use My Fitness Pal to track everything that I’m doing as best as possible and a scale so I’m weighing everything like some people think I’m you know I’m chopping up peppers and and everything that you can think of putting a little bit of nuts and everything on a salad runway every single piece of it into my salad like I’m getting that strict on how I’m just not I bought it I’m actually weighing it to see what the numbers and it’s nice to know that though because then you get to get an idea of portion sizes visually once that completed over over again now I know how much a handful of pecans is I don’t have to weight it necessarily and then I can kind of speed up things a little bit but at the beginning you’d be surprised on how much carbs is actually in a green pepper people are like there’s no carbs a green pepper oh my gosh yeah there is so you have to be a little bit careful about all that I totally agree so then when you because I saw your like your initial picture and then the post picture you get any people that coming up to you that knew you before and go what what the heck are you doing this is incredible yeah actually pretty much everybody and the nice thing is is I just saw them two weeks ago so it’s not like it’s not like I’m not seeing these guys for months at a time like they’re like what the heck are you doing like I just we went swimming like three weeks ago and you do not look like the same person Wow and I’m just you know I kind of let them know what I’m doing and all of a sudden opens up can it works worms because I’m excited about it and I kind of tell them what I’m doing but you know the proofs in the pudding right so instead of telling everybody what you’re gonna do and how great it’s going to be I just wait it actually happens and then I tell them what I’m doing and it’s a lot easier when they see the results and you know with my wife you know I didn’t pressure her into it at all but she was very supportive and and made all the meals the way I wanted it and helped me weigh things and stuff like that even though she wasn’t doing at the beginning but once she started seeing the results then she’s now she’s on it and she’s she’s to like the pastas and stuff like that so every once in a while should have that but nowhere near where she was before and she’s seeing dramatic results too and I’m slowly trying to get to the point where we can somehow figure out how to get the kids off the cereal and the pancakes and all that so we’re doing a lot of the research online for alternative ways of making foods so we can get them up but my primary reason is because I just want the health benefits you know I don’t want the kids to get cancer and you know this looks like it’s down the right path if you kill the feet the fuel source then you probably won’t get it and we’ve got cancer in the family plus you know just in general being healthy and stuff like that to just look younger and be stronger and all that good stuff but don’t want to have to rely on the next Snickers right I totally agree I you know eventually you know because I’m not like up constantly doing seminars I do a seminar at the breakfast table and teaching my kids over the years so they finally sunk in you know after some years but you get them on board and sometimes you have to wait till a little bit older but I just want to bring one point if you mentioned about the liver body type some people watching might not know what he’s talking about there’s four body types you got the adrenal the thyroid the liver and the ovary type which is more the hip weight livers more of a protruded belly so I wrote a book about the body types but I just wanted to mention the liver body type requires a lot of greens a lot of salad not too much protein but I would not recommend getting my book because it’s outdated get the new one it just actually came to but I’m not it’s not released yet you have to probably when you’re watching this videos gonna be released but it won’t be really as quite yet even though we have them but this is like a new body type guide and this covers all the the nitty gritty details that people need when they have a million questions about what do you do about this and how do you make this and you know all the details I’m gonna be putting up a picture book with it that shows exactly what you talked about like portion size what does it mean when you have seventy five percent fat what does that look like how much is three to six ounces of protein how much is seven cups of vegetables just to show people to give them the picture because I think that will save them time so definitely stay tuned for that data that should be coming out shortly of course if you’re watching us now it’s gonna be already released but a dream of body type in your picture and we’ll post a picture like you in fact I’ll just pull up a picture right now you can see the belly that’s more of a liver type not necessarily you don’t gain weight in your hips or your legs right it’s in the belly right oh yeah yeah so it’s more liver type and but you know in the in the book basically we’re bringing in an additional strategy not just the body type data but in a minute fast e fasting the right way to do it and then and then ketosis healthy ketosis because some people what they do is they don’t look at the quality of the fats they don’t look at the quantity of vegetables so here they are doing the ketosis diet with 20 grams of carbs but there’s just it’s a small little salad I’m like that’s not going to be enough because you’re gonna dump a lot of fat to this system you don’t want to end up with a fatty liver and you told me you’re doing the upside of vinegar too right so it’s that helps to clean out that liver so you don’t end up with too much fat that’s coming off your belly in through to the liver as it’s coming out so that’s awesome I mean it’s amazing before and after when I saw that I was like impressive I mean who can who’s gonna argue with that I mean you could visually see you got steps of what happened it’s amazing yeah but I mean it was and I wasn’t even gonna take the photos and that was the thing that I’m glad I did because even farther you know farther down the line I’m thinking I’m not really losing anything anymore when you actually take a photo and you compare it you can see like my wife noticed yeah I could see definition now in your shoulder muscle and stuff like that where I never even really noticed it before and and all that so that my next thing is that starting like just literally two weeks ago all right now I’m starting the exercising so now I’ve got rid of the fat so now if I exercise I should see the change in my muscles a lot easier but now there’s my incentive to keep exercise so I’m just gonna keep writing the incentive train and keep expanding upon my before and after to see you okay oh now what am I where am I going look like in two months when exercise using the exact same diet although I am increasing my my daily portion size is a little bit too like 2,400 kilo calories just tweaking it a little bit here and there so I got the energy but I really haven’t had to do too much my biggest struggle though is that trying to figure out the right time to exercise because from my research the best time to exercise is still within your fast don’t eat before the before still just use the energy that you have during it fast because your testosterone and everything is at its peak and then eat afterwards well it’s kind of hard sometimes when I’m working all day too so I’m still figuring that out well I’m glad you brought that up Joe because I wanted to bring a little point up because in my videos I’m describing what you’re saying however it sounds to me that you went in this without too much of a blood sugar issue didn’t seem like you were too much of a pre-diabetic or hypoglycemic because it your transition was pretty smooth so I think you can plug an exercise well within your fast in fact some of the other guys that are doing this now are losing even more weight not necessarily more weight but they’re just getting more lean because if you think about it here you are in this fasting state insulin is lowest then you add this exercise it puts this growth hormone into serious high gear spikes it way up and so they usually do it actually what they’ll do is they’ll eat like at 11 o’clock and then at 3 and then the workout in the evening like it may be 7 yeah burn a night they’re burning fat all night long they wake up and they’re like their stomach is like getting leaner leaner or each day so I don’t think you’re gonna have a problem I think the main thing to is the time it takes to adapt to doing it on the fasting level like for example if you if someone who do too fast and had a blood sugar issue they would tap into their glycogen reserve and then and put the low blood sugar and feel dizzy and all this other stuff but if you could actually train yourself over time if you had a blood sugar issue you could literally work out in the middle of fasting and just switch right to your fat burning and not have to end up with a low blood sugar issue so you’ll just burn fat faster there’s there’s several studies out there right now with endurance athletes that are able to not end up with that massive blood sugar depletion and any side effects at all they’re just burning massive amounts of fat and then what’ll happen though you’ll probably end up getting too lean and you’ll probably have to add a little more fat to the diet or more calories to keep up but I think I’ll be interested to see what happens if you start plugging in the exercise and then maybe in a month from now send me some more pictures or communication I’ll be I think you’ll do quite fine yeah that’s what I plan on doing I’m expecting my weight to climb but my body percent fat keep diving so that’s why I kind of had that in mind before and after to kind of track all that stuff so that number should still keep the pleading and then but my weight will go up a little bit that’s awesome Joe you’re perfect before and after demo of how to do it correctly so I’m impressed well done and I appreciate the interview hey no problem at all I’ll keep the hopefully you keep in touch and I’ll show you what the results are in the future awesome thanks much yeah okay have a good one YouTube

This Post Was All About Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before-After: Dr. Berg Skype with Joe Busuttil.
Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting  Before-After: Dr. Berg Skype with Joe Busuttil

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Dr. Berg talks with Joe Busuttil and his story on how he lost weight. He used a combination of intermittent fasting and healthy ketosis. The weight did come off. Due to his work which involves traveling a lot, Joe has some difficulty but despite this, he managed to lose the belly fat and get his body back. Now, there is no more cravings, there is much more energy and even hunger is dropped way down.

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