Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: Keto Flu Explained (With Remedies) – Thomas DeLauer

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: Keto Flu Explained (With Remedies) – Thomas DeLauer

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: Keto Flu Explained (With Remedies) – Thomas DeLauer

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the keto flu is a real thing but what it is not is what most of these people on the internet are saying that it is the fact is there are three very scientific very legitimate physiological reasons as to why you go through a ketogenic flu transition when you’re first going into ketosis so I want to make sure that you hear out this entire video because I’m going to break down the three main components the first one all has to do with carbs and it’s actually sort of a two part equation the first part with carbs is simply that you’re going through a withdrawal plain and simple okay sugar carbs they all activate the reward system of our brain ok the dopamine receptors the same part of the brain that is activated by many street drugs and the fact is is when we withdrawal when we take away that sugar we end up having a negative response okay we end up feeling the press we end up feeling lethargic we end up feeling moody there’s definitely no denying that but there’s another factor when it comes down to carbs and to really make sense of this I have to show you with a little demonstration so I want you to follow me into the kitchen really quick and I’m gonna show you how exactly this works and why you might be feeling nauseous and might be feeling kind of sick so let’s head into the kitchen alright so what I want to explain to you here is your carb tank and your fat tank okay and this is what’s happening with your carbs and you go through a keto flu kind of situation I want you to think of this like a gasoline tank in a car I want you to think of this like a reserve tank that can only be used if you burn through all of your gas in this reserve tank however is jet fuel jet fuel that’ll make you feel amazing and will absolutely rock your world in here you have regular old carbohydrates regular old 87 octane gas it isn’t doing much so in order to get to these magical fats we have to drain the carbohydrates draining um burning carbs burning carbs burning carbs burning cars burning carbs burning carbs burning carbs burning carbs burning carbs but then something happens one thing that my dad rest his soul told me when I was a kid was never let your gas tank get super empty so what’s happening is at the bottom of your carb tank you have yet to run on jet fuel yet but you are still running on carbohydrates ever you’ve got carbohydrates with sludge can barely come out makes you feel like total garbage because you’re running on sludge once you get through that sludge then and only then do you start burning this pure jet fuel that’s how it works so when you’re going through the keto flue you’re experiencing the sludge you’re at that magical transition point where your body is not quite running on fats yet but it is still barely running on carbohydrates okay while I’m here in the kitchen let me explain something else I want to explain the mineral side of things okay the mineral side of things is extremely important when you go into ketosis or anything like that or any low carb diet you don’t have as much insulin when you don’t have as much insulin you don’t have the kidney function to really regulate sodium and water you see insulin directly communicates the kidneys how much sodium to keep in the body or how much sodium to expel so as soon as insulin is out of the equation because you’re reducing carbs your kidneys say wait a minute we need to expel as much sodium as possible because naturally what they default to do so therefore you lose your sodium you lose your magnesium you lose a lot of minerals and this leads me to the really the number two reason that you end up having the keto flu your electrolytes are totally out of whack so you end up being pretty nauseous now we have to add insult to injury when we say that you’re consuming a lot of fats all of a sudden your body’s not used to that yet so your body hasn’t up regulated the enzymes yet doesn’t know what to do the gallbladder is on overload the stomach’s on overload Teru sites are on overload you’re not producing enough micelles or you know his body just flat-out isn’t able to handle it yet so you have that then you have the electrolytes that aren’t working plus you’re running on sludge that’s a pretty serious thing so that’s the whole transition Theory there but there’s another part of the gut health that comes into the equation too and this all has to do with fat metabolism and electrolytes as well when we don’t have the electrolytes we don’t have as much water in our intestinal tract or water in our intestinal system in general so it makes it really really hard for the body just to operate right well the other thing that happens is too much fat ends up causing an elevation of what are called endotoxins you see our gut flora is used to using carbs right now and when we suddenly take away the carbs and start adding in fats the gut bacteria balance is out of whack you see the gut bacteria that feed on fat are actually really really good but it takes time for them to thrive and adapt so in the meantime you go through this weird period of time where you have a high level of what are called endotoxins which are basically toxic compounds that basically are bad bacterias that grow simply because they’re adjusting the fats all the good bacteria that was there is temporarily going away this can be a really big issue and that’s exactly where bone broth comes in as a keto flu remedy now I’m not just saying this because I’m biased and because I know Justin over at kettle and fire you guys seen my videos I’m always talking about kettle and fire this isn’t an inauthentic pitch this is just legitimately the company that I work with and the company that I stand behind so when it comes down to bone broth I highly recommend kettle and fire all you have to do is head on over to my link that’s kettle and fire calm slash Thomas super-easy let me explain to you why bone broth works and whether you end up taking advantage of kettle and fire or not is beyond me but fact is bone broth is going to help you out with the mineral side of things so it’s gonna help the electrolytes but it’s also got the collagen that’s going to help restore the gut and help out that gut bacteria so you get through that transition easier so whenever I’m going through a keto flu which quite honestly isn’t very often anymore because I’m so adapted I sip on bone broth it helps the situation I’m just kind of nurse on it throughout the course of the day or if I feel like I’m super nauseous it’s something that I feel like I can get down now of course it’s gonna help mineral uptake specifically with kettle and fire because they actually use apple cider vinegar which has a scenic acid in it which is proven through multiple studies to increase that mineral uptake so anyway that’s that the carb transition the gut health everything like that there’s one more thing that I want to talk about we can head back over here okay so this last component of the keto flu is probably the most scientifically realistic one and this is the one that you really need to be paying attention to okay when you go through the keto flu it’s not just a carb transition it’s not just the minerals no it’s the fact that your body is adjusting to excess ketones so what do people usually do well usually they go through the keto flu so they think they need to increase their fats that’s normally true when you’re trying to get into ketosis you want high amounts of fat but when you’re going into ketosis and you start getting the keto flu that is your body telling you that you have too many ketones at that point in time and it’s trying to adapt so what do you do do you back off the amount of fats you consume no I don’t recommend you do that you add more fats no I don’t recommend you do that it’s simple you burn off the extra ketones that’s it your body is migrating into using ketones as a source of fuel it’s in the awkward transition period so what do you do you go and you do some cardio you go and you do a full body workout and you burn up the ketones it’s gonna do two things it’s gonna allow you to burn up whatever glycogen carbohydrates are left in your body so you drain through that tank faster but it’s also going to allow you to burn up any potential excess ketones that are already there keto flu and the nausea associated with it is usually the three-fold thing okay it’s adapting to the fats not having the enzymes it’s the minerals / gut health issue but then it’s the body adapting to ketones and not knowing how to use them right the more fat adapted that you get and the longer that you’re in ketosis the more you will find you don’t get the keto flu because your body knows how to utilize the ketone bodies faster faster and faster every single time you go out of ketosis and back in so that’s why keto flu is the worst the first time you go into keto you’ll get sweaty you’ll feel nauseous you’ll feel gross but it’s just your body adapting so roll with it burn it up take care of your gut and make sure above all that you understand what’s happening in your body so as always keep it locked in here on my channel if you have ideas for future videos get me in the comments section below or if you have questions on the keto flu or you want me to go more in depth with any of these particular angles I’m happy to address it the link is in the description for kettle and fire if you want that offer if not I’ll see you in the next video see you soon

This Post Was All About Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: Keto Flu Explained (With Remedies) – Thomas DeLauer.
Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: Keto Flu Explained (With Remedies) - Thomas DeLauer

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Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: Keto Flu Explained (With Remedies) – Thomas DeLauer…

Becoming Fat Adapted: In the beginning, the body may not be well equipped to convert. We all have fat converting enzymes, but the amount of them drastically increases when first entering keto – the supply of glucose falls before the body has adapted to burning fat for fuel. Hypoglycemia occurs because the body quickly burns through stored sugars and hasn’t yet learned to burn fat, leaving you with an energy deficit* Going from little fat a day to eating all the fat you can consume results in people’s body’s not being able to digest all the fat right away, this leaves a large portion of fat undigested and built up and makes some people understandably nauseated. The liver and gallbladder need time to up-regulate the number of fat-burning enzymes to burn larger amounts of fat efficiently.

Loss of Minerals/Electrolytes: When we restrict carbohydrates, we remove from our diet the one macronutrient that triggers the most insulin release. While insulin is letting the cells know that there is excess energy, it also triggers the kidneys to hold onto sodium and water. Together, glycogen loss and low insulin levels cause enough water and sodium to cause dizziness, nausea, cramping, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues

Increase Salt and Mineral Intake: When you go low carb, your insulin levels will tend to go down, which in turn means you don’t hold on to as much sodium as before. You also get rid of excess water that you’ve been holding on to (no carbs to hold water as well) So, to combat this decrease in sodium, the simple answer is to take in a bit more salt as to retain more water

Bone broth – has electrolytes and helps the gut: Bone broth is easily digested and soothing to the digestive system – it provides essential minerals, including electrolytes, all provided in an easy-to-absorb form. Electrolytes found within bone broth include calcium, magnesium and potassium (not to mention many other minerals, such as phosphorus), which are important for supporting healthy circulation, bone density, nerve signaling functions, heart health and digestive health

Gut Health: Certain bacteria prefer to consume protein, sugars, or carbs, while some prefer fats and fat is most commonly correlated with an increase in the bacteria that produce endotoxins – so on a keto, endotoxins are more likely to thrive. This can result in nausea…

Collagen: The main structural protein found within the human body that helps form connective tissue and “seals” the mucosal lining of the GI tract.

Glutamine: Bone broth also contains glutamine, which has protective effects on intestinal mucosa by decreasing bacteremia and epithelial cell apoptosis, enhancing gut barrier function, and influencing gut immune response – glutamine can fight against bad gut flora by protecting against mucosal breakdown in the gut.

Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can often give you headaches, nausea, and fatigue so make sure you also drink plenty of water during this period is critical.

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