Your Digestive System and How it Works

Gallbladder Formula: Find Your Body Type: The digestive system is an amazing machine of coordinated organs and glands, each with specific function. The stomach ads the acids, the pancreas adds enzymes, the gallbladder ads bile and if each one of these is off, you'll get acid reflux, GERD, indigestion, bloating, heart burn, gallstones, constipation and…

The Thyroid Gland and the Estrogen Connection

Organic Cruciferous Food: Find Your Body Type: 0:00- 0:40 Thyroid problems and Menstrual Cycle 0:40-1:00 Thyroid problems and Pregnancy 1:00-2:20 How to balance the estrogen & a summery Dr. Berg discusses the relationship between estrogen and your thyroid gland. High levels of estrogen from pregnancy can inhibit thyroid function. This is why people with hypothyroid…