6 Huge Benefits of Copper

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of copper. Check this out!  Find Out More at   Timestamps 0:04 Zinc and copper 0:22 Copper benefits 1:29 Foods high in copper 2:02 Copper deficiency symptoms  Today we’re going to talk about the amazing benefits of copper. If you have too much zinc, you can deplete your copper…

6 Tell Tale Signs of a Copper Deficiency

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Do You Have a Copper Deficiency?

Take Dr. Berg's Free Keto Mini-Course: or go here: Download Keto Essentials In this video, Dr. Berg talks about copper deficiency. One of the functions of copper in the body is to help transform collagen in connective tissue. When you’re deficient, you could lose the elasticity of the connective tissue that could cause the symptom…