Edible Cookie Dough Recipe | KETO, LOW CARB, NO SUGAR ADDED & Made in 5 MINUTES!

This edible cookie dough recipe is keto approved, low carb, and has no sugar added to it. You can make cookie dough fat bombs/bites from the dough just by refrigerating or freezing scoops of it too. Plus, from start to finish it takes 5 minutes to make! Instagram: FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE: THINGS I USED IN…

Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (HIGH PROTEIN) | Healthy Snack Ideas

This healthy Edible Cookie Dough Recipe is a game-changer! And you can totally make cookie dough bites from this recipe too. Looking for healthy snack ideas...look no further. Give this eggless cookie dough recipe a shot ASAP. My Weight Loss Ebook: INSTAGRAM: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINGS I USED IN THIS RECIPE: . Food Scale: SunButter: Protein Powder:…