Follow Along HIIT Workout For Fat Loss: Bodyweight & Kettlebells- Thomas DeLauer

Click Here to Subscribe: Website: HIIT Workout Routine: 1) Plank Rotations (10 each) 2) Burpee/Pushup (10 reps) 3) Hanging Leg Raises (Full/Bent 12 Reps) 4) 30 sec High-Knees; 30 sec Butt Kickers 5) Kettlebell Double Lunges (6 each) 6) Modified Row (10 reps) Follow Along HIIT Workout for Fat Loss: Bodyweight & Kettlebells- Thomas DeLauer……

How to Get Motivated to Workout – Embracing Tough Times

Just one of the many ways that I like to encourage those around me to get motivated. Embrace the dark times and enjoy the contrast of change. I talk about this more on and www.OrganicFit.TV where you can learn more about harnessing the mind to lose weight, get toned, and feel much better!