Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG)

Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG)

Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG)

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Starbucks has some interesting keto options it just comes down to knowing how to order things right so we’re gonna go into a couple of Starbucks I’m gonna show you how to order some unique keto drinks one thing you may have seen on the internet before maybe you haven’t but either way I’ll give you my little twist on them and just a few different variations that you can use when you just want something a little bit different but as an added bonus we’re also going to break down some of the foods that you can get at Starbucks now unfortunately a lot of the actual cooked foods end up just having to take a bunch of bread off so that’s pretty much all that ends up happening they’ve got a bunch of sandwiches and you’re left with a little bit of meat and cheese but there are a few options they do have a few of those grab-and-go options that do work if you’re on keto the hard part is you end up kind of spending a pretty penny just to get a few calories in but nevertheless sometimes Starbucks is all you got so let’s head on in and let’s see what we can get all right so here’s the cool thing so they’ve got a protein box I don’t really see protein I see cheese I don’t really see it nice ranch I would argue that this is 54 grams of carbs 20 grams of protein but I wouldn’t really call that a protein box you’re better off to go let’s see that you’re better off to go with well you could get the eggs and cheese and get just a couple hard-boiled eggs but you’re gonna pay like six bucks for that okay you know in this case I’m gonna get some avocado just basically some guacamole and then I actually just get some cheese and salami you could also get this bad boy these are usually at Starbucks and you just don’t eat the quinoa or the corn but again you’re gonna spend a good amount of money for that so I don’t know if that’s really the best bet so for this case let’s go ahead and let’s just get these and then I’ll show you how to order the keto pink drink which is pretty interesting stuff and then I will do a treinta passion tea with no water like two pumps of sugar-free syrup sugar-free vanilla yeah and then actually got three pumps please yeah and then light ice and then can I get like two inches of heavy cream in there that’s it brat all right so this I wouldn’t be my first pick but I’m trying to put together like just a quick little Starbucks meal so in this case the salami is probably not the highest-quality salami in fact definitely not organic and with salami with fork you really do want to try to go organic the pork just because we end up having a lot of stuff oh there’s my drink hang on one second let’s grab that thank you [Applause] Tomas all right so this is called a keto pink drink we’re gonna end up having a couple hundred calories in this cuz it’s got two inches of heavy cream in there two inches of heavy creams a good amount so basically with this a poly I’m gonna guess probably two to three hundred calories in this the passion team doesn’t have caffeine so it’s just kind of a treat right okay and then I’ve got a couple hundred calories here and in the guacamole spot you have a hundred and twenty calories so I probably got 600 or so calories in this that’s definitely gonna be a decent little meal definitely not getting the protein that I want again this is not ideal right this is something that you get when you’re in a pinch I’ve never grabbed this stuff from here some of the Starbucks have the little cheese that’s wrapped in prosciutto that might be a little bit of a better option for sure there’s usually a little bit cleaner than just salami anyhow we got meal number one ten dollars and seventy five cents and interesting keto drink so just remember to recap this one you order this as a passion tea with no water don’t have them dilute it no water light ice and two inches of heavy cream and two to four pumps of sugar-free vanilla right it’s good stuff let’s rock and roll I’ll probably donate this to somebody because I try to keep dairy to a minimum so either someone in my office will eat it or drink it or I’ll find someone that’s in need but all in the spirit of getting good content one of my favorite things to do is to take this to someone that doesn’t know what it is take a giant sip of it and tell them that I’m drinking pepto-bismol make some real good friends real fast doing that [Music] all right who doesn’t love a little mall time merriment so I did another video that you can check out that was a little bit more drinks that you can have when you’re fasting drinks that you can have in Quito but I wanted to make this drink or this video a little bit more about what you can have just in Quito that’s just kind of custom drinks not using the typical stuff because you can get pretty much any drink from Starbucks made breve where they make it with either a heavy cream or that make it with half-and-half so you go get a latte almond milk latte or you could go get a latte made with a heavy cream bread a style that’s that’s not all that cool I’m trying to give you guys a little bit more custom drinks things that you can mix and match random things and get a unique flavor is it healthy no it’s not is it keto yes when I consider it dirty keto not really I’d consider it more lazy keto now there’s also some food options we can get so I’m going to get one of them here and I’m gonna explain why I chose the one that I chose after the fact when we get back to the car so this time we’re going to the mall not my favorite place in the world but it’s a good place to get some cardio I guess do you think those mannequins practice intermittent fasting [Music] okay scan a I’ll get a treinta peach citrus tea with no water light ice two pumps of sugar-free vanilla and then can I get like two inches of heavy cream in there please and then I’ll also do the egg white and roasted red pepper egg white please Vanilla’s so they’re regulars with you I feel a bit like I know you got all right we can do Oh just I have a big Kido YouTube channel so it’s like Kido opsins dad would keep Kido Starbucks options the day that they make those Kido it’s gonna be game over and of course we’ve always got beef jerky that’s a plus so country Archer stuff I don’t think this has yeah see at least they actually use tamari as their soy sauce so obviously regular soy sauce is gonna have gluten you’re gonna have an immune response with gluten no matter whether you are celiac or gluten intolerant or not you’re gonna have some kind of gluten or immune response because the IgG response in your body so always always always go for a beef jerky or a jerky that has tamari versus regular and then the turkey looks really the same way these think oh these guys – it’s a nice thing is okay there’s plenty of keto options at Starbucks now actually it’s getting a little bit better I don’t think these are all chips so yeah would be good all right thank you I feel like I feel like a nine-year-old between this and my like bubblegum pink drink seriously think that I’m at like chuck-e-cheeses or something just waiting on the egg bites I have to be honest I feel I feel odd even holding this so they got it right so you gotta remember with the sugar-free vanilla – that is pure super loose so it’s not something that you really ideally want to have a ton of so when they’re using the syrup they’re usually sucralose so it’s not like when you have a packet of Splenda like the yellow packets they have multi dextran in it so you get an insulin spike so that could kick you out of keto at least the liquid sucralose isn’t gonna kick you out of keto it’s still not always the best thing that you want to have in a mix so anyway once this is actually mixed up it’s called the keto white drink for a reason because when it’s actually mixed that’s how it looks it’s just a white drink kind of cloudy it’s actually pretty good I’m not gonna drink it right now again I’m gonna see if someone in my office wants it or see if I can give it away it’s like a it’s like a pale pastel Easter not vibrant at all it’s just like kind of murky all right so these egg whites you gotta be kind of picky about which ones you get so I got the egg white and red pepper now here’s what’s kind of wild normally I’m a big fan of actually keeping the egg white to a minimum and going more snoring pizza and keeping the egg yolks a little bit more right and I talked about this in other videos but the egg yolk is much less inflammatory the egg yolk has the good fats sure that’s all great but everyone talks about that the egg whites are generally more inflammatory so when I’m making eggs at home and things like that I use like one or two whites and then like three or four yolks I try to get more than yolk in there because you’re less likely to have an immune response and autoimmune response or any kind of inflammatory reaction that you may or may not feel from the yolks that would be the whites however with Starbucks its slim pickins okay if you go with their regular options a lot of the toxins a lot of the bad quality stuff is going to store in the fat so you’re better off to get an egg place like Starbucks that’s gonna be with the egg white he’s just less risk that way the other thing is because these don’t have a whole lot of regular cheese in them they actually mix the egg white with cottage cheese I’m not always a fan of cottage cheese but when it’s a good decent quality or when it’s in this case it actually works out well because at least cottage cheese is cultured pretty well so you get a good probiotic effect I’m not saying that you can eat these and you’re gonna have a probiotic benefit that’s not what I’m saying at all but it’s better than just being loaded up with a bunch of cheddar so they’re good or you’re on the go they’re good when you just need a you know a little something there’s a hundred and seventy calories in them that’s really not that much 170 calories from both of those that’s not that much like I can live with that that’s less calories in my darn awful weird white right there okay so the last thing we do we’re gonna go to one more and I’ll show you one that’s a little bit more complicated in a way but it’s a pretty cool drink it’s one that’s if you’re a little bit more of a coffee connoisseur you might enjoy it’s a variation of the flat white so I’m gonna head to another Starbucks just so I don’t look like a total weirdo and make a scene I guess I’m getting Starbucks a lot of business today all right maybe we’ll attract as much attention mm-hmm this one is a variation on the flat white kind of a cool way to doing it and a lot of times you’ll get a funny look when you try to order it but we’ll see what happens Hey can I get a grande a grande flat white with no steamed milk I’m going to do half heavy cream and half steaming water Thomas right this one’s more for the connoisseur right the vibe just wasn’t as hot in this one I kinda just want out of here all right so just to recap what I did on this one so I ordered a normal flat white but normally they’ll make a flat white with steamed milk you know what you want to do is you want to have it no no steamed milk which at first that she gave me a funny look and I said no steamed milk cuz that’s how you make a flat white but no steamed milk you do half of it with heavy cream and then half with water if you do it all with heavy cream you’re talking like a six hundred seven hundred calorie get mom and I don’t think you need that so a half water half cream and then they do what else they do with the flat white so that’s it that’s our fancy drinks for today now let’s go see if we can find someone to give these things to alright so I can’t overemphasize this enough because people are gonna hate on me because I’m ordering things quito style at Starbucks that aren’t by my typical keto standards but you have to understand that as the channel grows I have to create content that everybody wants right so I create my sciency content I create my workout content I create my more fun content and I create my utilitarian kind of useful content because we’re all human and we all hit a coffee shop and now and then and we just need to figure out what the heck we’re gonna eat so this may not be super scientific it may not be my normal in-depth biology style video that I would do but it gives you a little bit of a peek into daily life and what you can do when you’re in a pinch so if you like these style of videos I encourage you to not only give a thumbs up on this video but also comment down below what you like about this video but also what you’d like to see more of do you want to see me visit certain restaurants you want to see me visit certain places and give you ideas grocery stores you name it and I’m all ears on it what I don’t want to see is a bunch of trolling comments because that’s that’s just depressing so anyway as always make sure you’ve been locked in here on my channel you couldn’t find any homeless people at all could give this food to so put it in the fridge and save it for another day alright see you guys soon the cream is no too long no he pumps sugar-free vanilla cream well what’s this that is a flat white so that is like coffee that sort of has a lot day but with no student milk with steamed half-and-half and Steve water so so we got like nice and fatty Thank You chicken yeah

This Post Was All About Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG).
Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG)

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Keto Starbucks Guide | How to Order Food and Drinks (VLOG) – Thomas DeLauer

Starbucks – Meals

Egg White and Red Pepper Sous Vide Bites (Cal 170, Pro 13g, Carbs
13g, Fib 1g)

RF Turkey Bacon, Cheddar and Egg White Sandwich (Cal 230, Pro 16g, Carbs 28g, Fib 2g)

Grab-and-Go Snacks

Note: Snack selection will vary per location.

Moon Cheese
Field Trip Jerky (Beef or Turkey)
Starbucks Avocado Spread

“Keto Breakfast of Champions”

Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon & Gruyere
Dark Roast Coffee with
One “shot” (1 fl oz) heavy cream
Total Macros: Calories 418; Fat 33g; Net Carbs 9.8g; Protein 20.6g

**Eat the inside on the sandwich**

Starbucks now offers ‘protein boxes.’ Sure, the ingredients can still be kind of carb-y, but at least they’re easy to separate out. No exact carb counts available.

Eggs and Cheese Protein Box – Hard boiled eggs, cheddar and peanut butter are all okay. Since Starbucks’ staff is usually friendly and accommodating, you could ask to replace the apples and pita with extra cheese, cucumber slices, or peanut butter.

Smoked Turkey Protein Box – You’ll have to toss the bread and the carrots and apple slices aren’t ideal, but the turkey, Swiss and ranch dressing are all a-okay for keto.

Chicken BLT Protein Box – Same as for the turkey, pass on the bread, apples and carrots, but the bacon and antibiotic-free chicken along with ranch dressing should still fill you up.

The Chicken Wrap Protein Box has too much hidden sugar. It’d be hard to eat anyway without the tortilla. The other choices like Chicken with Quinoa, Black Beans and Greens also have too many carbs.

*tablespoon of heavy cream has about 50 calories and 5 grams of fat.*

*sugar-free syrups (regardless of how many pumps): zero calories, no sugar and no fat*

Low Carb Pink Drink (one pump sugar-free)
How to order: Passion tango tea, sugar-free syrup, and heavy (or light) creamer. Venti [ 103 Cal., 1 Carbs, 11 Fat, 0 Sugar ]

Keto White Drink
How to order: Unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea with a splash of heavy cream, 2-4 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, no water, and light ice. Grande – [ 45 Cal., 11 Carbs, 0 Fat, 0 Sugar ]

Low Carb Americano
How to order: Americano with heavy cream.

Low Carb Flat White
How to order: Flat white, no steamed milk, half-heavy whipping cream, half water steamed.

Skinny Caramel Macchiato
No Drizzle w/ almond milk
Iced Chai Latte
“chai tea with a splash of heavy cream and X pumps of sugar-free vanilla,” or an “iced lightly sweet chai latte, no liquid cane, breve.

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