Keto Snacks | Low Carb KNOW FOODS COOKIES for the Keto Diet | Review Taste Test + GIVEAWAY

Keto Snacks | Low Carb KNOW FOODS COOKIES for the Keto Diet | Review Taste Test + GIVEAWAY

Keto Snacks | Low Carb KNOW FOODS COOKIES for the Keto Diet | Review Taste Test + GIVEAWAY

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so today we’re talking all about low-carb keto cookies more specifically we’re gonna be talking about the cookies from know better foods I just want to say obviously this is a biased review because they sent me a box of cookies for free they didn’t tell me to do this video I just wanted to do this because I think it would be a fun thing to do but they agreed to let me give away two of these boxes of cookies to my subscribers and my followers on Instagram and YouTube and with that being said I will let you guys know how you can enter this contest to win me two boxes of free cookies but I’m gonna hide it it’s gonna be an easter egg in the middle of this video so keep your eyes and your ears peeled for how you can enter the contest to win yourself a free box of cookies getting these cookies was an absolute surprise I was just hanging out on my couch middle of the day just like every other thirty-year-old in the world watching my soaps enjoying my afternoon all of a sudden the doorbell rings right delivery I walk over to the door I open the door what’s laying on the ground a box of these no better cookies so I quickly brush off the snow that’s on them bring them inside bring them into my kitchen get out a knife open the box up and what’s inside the box but four different flavors of the cookies there’s chocolate chip there’s double chocolate chip there’s cinnamon and there’s lemon and I am pumped because I love cookies I love free cookies I love low-carb keto cookies and this is a box of all that so I think it just makes sense to start with the know better keto chocolate chip cookie as the first cookie that I’m gonna review today there’s only three net carbs there’s 190 calories 16 grams of fat it says 26 grams of carbs but to calculate the appropriate net carbs you have to subtract the dietary fiber it also says sugar but it’s from sugar alcohols the sugar alcohol they’re using in this cookie is ally ulos and that is going to bring the net carbs to three net carbs for this entire cookie which actually makes a ton of sense if you calculate the calories in the total cookie because the calories from the sugar alcohol carbs are pretty much negligible I think they’re saying there’s one actual ground of sugar and 18 grams of sugar alcohols so you are left with three net carbs when you take 18 grams of sugar alcohols 5 grams of net fiber or dietary fiber and subtract that from 26 total carbs 3 net carbs in this key o cookie with that being said there’s also 7 grams of protein here and I am super pumped to open this guy up give a try all right here we go I do the smell test kind of smells like bread it’s got this chocolate chip bread e smell to it as far as looks go I think this cookie looks pretty dang delicious in my hand it feels just like a normal kind of like a big Chips Ahoy cookie lots of chocolate chips which is always a plus in my book as far as the taste s goes I’m going with this part of the cookie because as you can tell this is where the most chocolate chips are hmm right away huh delicious cookie Wow that that was seriously surprising hmm I feel like I’ve got chocolate chips in my teeth now that was fantastic honestly I’d say that this low-carb keto cookie is on par with any regular soft baked cookie that I’ve ever had in my entire life so good you kind of want to dance a little bit just want to dance but one thing I will say about the cookie is that it’s a little chewier than a normal soft baked chocolate chip cookie is but to be honest with you it doesn’t bother me at all and I totally think you’re craving chocolate chip cookies bust one of these guys out and your craving will be curbed if I had an emoji to rate this cookie it would be the 100 emoji with the two red lines underneath it yeah 100% delicious damn that cookie was good we’re moving on we are moving on to the cinnamon know better food cookie and the cinnamon cookie has 3 grams of net carbs like the chocolate chip cookie does as far as the macros go on this cookie a hundred and eighty calories 14 grams of fat 26 grams of carbs 6 grams of fiber 18 grams of those cards are from sugar alcohols though or around 18 I think in this case it’s 17 grams of sugar alcohols 1 of actual regular sugar so that’s how you get three-night carbs and this cookie has eight grams of protein so this guy up give it the old smell test that is a ton of cinnamon like hit to the face the nostrils the nostrils with cinnamon sugar deliciousness it smells like a piece of cinnamon sugar toast hopefully it tastes like it smells because I love cinnamon sugar toast as far as what the cinnamon cookie looks like this is what you’ve got going on honestly it kind of looks like an oatmeal cinnamon cookie there’s these grains of what look like oatmeal even though I’m sure that they’re not embedded in the cookie itself so my brain is kind of tricked here thinking this is an oatmeal cinnamon cookie and there’s definitely just not oatmeal in here both at me said I am pumped about this because one of my favorite kinds of cookies are oatmeal cookies Wow mmm that consistency though that has oatmeal cookie written all over it I don’t know how there’s no oatmeal in here because not only does it look like there should be oatmeal in here it tastes like an oatmeal cookie check that bite mark out though how good does the inside of the cinnamon cookie look that is like that spot-on oatmeal cookie guys yeah that that is that is remarkable I honestly have no idea how that’s possible I actually think I like this better than the chocolate chip cookie and I didn’t expect to say that cuz the chocolate chip cookie is damn good guys but there’s just something about this that’s so close to just a regular oatmeal cookie literally everything about this cookie just seems right and perfect it’s not too chewy like the chocolate chip cookie was a little bit too chewy this is unbelievable since we’re grading cookies on emojis I would give this cookie be mind-blowing emoji because it’s mind-blowing ly good and if you’re craving oatmeal cookies get this cookie you will not be disappointed how did I lose the cap to my milk how do I put it back without the cap that was a much-needed milk break since I took a milk break let’s talk about how you can enter to win a box of these cookies for yourself so all you have to do to enter on YouTube you can also enter on Instagram there’s gonna be two different giveaways check my Instagram on under over there but for this giveaway on YouTube all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments below of your favorite cookie whatever your favorite cookie is just leave it in the comments and you are automatically entered into this giveaway with that being said a winner is just gonna be chosen randomly I’m gonna scroll through the comments and some random person is gonna win a free box of kiddo cookies so if you want to win a box of Kito cookies be sure to comment your favorite cookie in the comments below so next up is gonna be the lemon cookie and this cookie has six net carbs it also has the most calories compared to the other cookies the macros on this cookie 200 calories 15 grams of fat 26 grams of carbs 500 which’s fiber and 16 grams of sugar however 15 of those are sugar alcohols and that is how you get 6 net carbs subtracting the 5 grams of fiber and the 15 grams of sugar alcohols that leaves you with 6 net carbs there’s also 7 grams of protein in here let’s open this guy up let’s get a kiss there’s just a hint of lemon in here it’s not a overwhelming smell not like the cinnamon the cinnamon was like overwhelming right when you open it up you knew you were getting a cinnamon cookie this is totally different there’s just a hint of lemon from the package so this is what the lemon cookie looks like the cookie itself doesn’t really smell lemony let’s see if it tastes lemony that is a lot more lemon than I thought I was gonna get her stuff definitely pleasantly surprised about how much lemon flavors in this cookie I really wasn’t expecting much given that the package didn’t really smell lemony and the cookie itself doesn’t really smell lemony but there is a lot of lemon flavor in this cookie with that being said I’m just not really a huge lemon cookie guy so the cookie for me it doesn’t really do much if you’re a lemon cookie guy or a girl this cookie might totally hit the spot for you but for me it just it really doesn’t do much also what I will say is it’s a bit more chewy than even the chocolate chip cookie was and if I’m rating this on the emoji scale I think I’m gonna give this in a ok emoji because it’s good it’s not great it’ll definitely curb any lemon cookie craving that you might be having but is this the best keto cookie you’re have in your entire life I don’t think so but take that with the grain of salt because I don’t really like lemon cookies so we are now down to the last flavor of cookie that was included in that box of cookies and that flavor is the low-carb double chocolate chocolate-chip cookie flavor the entire macros on this cookie it’s a hundred ninety calories 16 grams of fat 26 grams of carbs five of which is fiber 19 grams of sugar but 18 of those 19 are sugar alcohols that we have to subtract from total carbs and that leaves us with 3 grams of net carbs there’s also 7 grams of protein in here I’ve had this cookie before it is delicious but it’s been about a month since I’ve had this cookie so I’m going to open this bi up you definitely can smell the chocolate in here it is filled with chocolate flavor so as far as what it looks like this is what you can expect it to look like filled with chocolate chips it looks chocolatey the back side is filled with chocolate chips and it really is impressive just how many chocolate chips are not only in this cookie but the regular cookie as well I feel like a lot of companies would have skimped on the chocolate chips just so that they could have saved some probably money and that cards in the cookies themselves but no foods didn’t do that they loaded their cookies up with chocolate chips they didn’t try to save money they didn’t try to save extra carbs by you know only adding a few chocolate chips so that element of these cookies is definitely not going unnoticed by me I think it’s pretty damn impressive mmm there is a lot of chocolate chips right there crinkling it up mm-hmm Wow delicious what I have to say is that it’s amazing it’s so freaking good filled with chocolate deliciousness lots of chocolate chips a little chewy but not overly chewy if I had a raid it against the regular chocolate chip cookie this would be a head of the regular chocolate chip cookie I think it’s just because I love chocolate like the more chocolate the better if you saw my protein shake video you know I love chocolate and this delivers on the chocolate and overall just a delicious cookie if I had to give this cookie an emoji I would give it the fire emoji because it’s just straight fire guys if you’re torn between this cookie or the regular chocolate chip cookie I highly recommend going with this one I know I said that the regular one was a hundred emoji there is no 101 emoji so I’m just gonna go with fire and fight it’s like rock paper scissors fire Trump’s 100 emoji so pick this one you’re torn between the two especially if you love chocolate alright so it is getting late guys that is my very biased review of no better foods low-carb keto cookies I can’t wait see a lot of you guys entering the contest to win a big box of these cookies for yourself and like I said you can also win on my Instagram so definitely check out my Instagram it’s in the video description below you can enter on there as well that gives you two chances to win a box of cookies but for those of you who don’t win the cookies you can always get these at Vitamin Shoppe or your local grocery store at least my grocery store Wegmans carries these you can also get them online I’ll put links to all the cookies in the video description below if you want to pick any of them up besides that I just want to take a second and thank you for tuning in for watching my videos for subscribing for liking for commenting all that stuff I just celebrated my fourth year anniversary on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and it really has been a hell of a ride the past four years I’ve enjoyed every second of it and it really means a lot to me that you take a couple of minutes of your day to watch some of my videos and i truly appreciate it so thank you so much for supporting my side hustle my passion which is this youtube creating videos thing recipes all this that encompasses this I truly love it and I just want to say thanks so I will see you guys in the next recipe or video or whatever I’m doing I’ll see in that one have a great day

This Post Was All About Keto Snacks | Low Carb KNOW FOODS COOKIES for the Keto Diet | Review Taste Test + GIVEAWAY.
Keto Snacks | Low Carb KNOW FOODS COOKIES for the Keto Diet | Review Taste Test + GIVEAWAY

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One of the most popular #Keto snacks are the low carb cookies from KNOW FOODS. They’re an on the go low carb keto snack idea that lots of people like to use, and today I’m trying their low carb chocolate chip cookie, double chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon cookie, and their lemon keto cookie! Also, I’m giving away 2 boxes of their low carb keto cookies too…good luck winning some cookies!

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