Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency

Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency

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so today we’re going to talk about keto rash this is an updated video from my last video I haven’t done one on this
and I want to give you a little bit of a deeper understanding of what’s behind
the keto rash what happens when you go on a keto diet is you make several
changes usually you don’t make changes to the amount of protein that you eat
but you do make changes to the amount of carbohydrates you eat as well as amount
of fats and in this case it’s really the increase in dietary fat that is causing
the rash because your body needs some time to adjust and adapt to the amount
of fat that you’re consuming because on a ketogenic diet it could be between 70
to 80 percent of all your calories fat and so if you’re taking that in and you
don’t have the ability to digest it that’s where we have a problem so the
two things that help you digest fat is bile salts okay bile salts are made by
the liver and stored in the gallbladder so if you have anything wrong with this
that could magnify things like at fatty liver or you don’t have a gallbladder or
you just haven’t adapted to produce enough bile now the purpose of bile is
to break down the fat and to extract the fat soluble vitamins from the fat that
you’re eating and the essential fatty acids as well like omega-3 fatty acids
and quite a few other ones so if you don’t have enough file to extract that
from the diet guess what you could end up with a vitamin A deficiency and
vitamin A deficiency are directly connected to what’s going on with your
skin and then we have a vitamin D deficiency vitamin D is crucial for
preventing things like psoriasis and inflammation in general including the
skin and then we kept a vitamin E deficiency and vitamin E is very very
connected to your skin health bile is also needed to help detoxify the liver
so potentially there could be toxins that are not coming out for the body and
if you look up various conditions with the
gall bladder rashes are a symptom and dermatitis is also another symptom
however there’s another condition a skin condition that you’ll read about when
you search on keto rash and that’s called prurigo pigmentosa now this is a
skin condition which they don’t have a clue what causes it okay it’s sometimes
it’s called idiopathic which means unknown cause but if you look this skin
condition up sometimes it occurs after the person had their gallbladder removed
or it can occur if the person has problems with their bile ducts that are
connected to the gall bladder by adding purified bile salts to your diet
potentially you could help reduce this right here now the other vitamin that’s
connected to the Quito rash is a deficiency of b2 riboflavin another name
for b2 is vitamin G and I would always use vitamin G for liver conditions that
work great on that and also helped the skin as well so just so you know biome
in b2 is a co factor or a helper vitamin in fat metabolism also you add more fat
to the diet the requirement from b2 goes up and if you don’t take enough b2 you
could be deficient and one of the big symptoms of the b2 deficiency is
pellagra which can also give you a skin issue now does this mean that if you
have a subclinical deficiency of b2 you’re gonna have pellagra I have no idea
all I’m doing is showing you the connection I do know that it does
support your liver so really what’s happening is that we’re increasing the
demand for fat without the amount of bile that’s needed to digest the fat so
the first thing I would recommend is to get some purified bile salts take it
right after the meal okay each meal and you may even need to reduce the amount
of fats to make it easier on your system and you should see an improvement in
your skin rash if you want additional information about purified bile salts I
put a link down below thanks for watching hey we’re back with another amazing
recipe no grains no sugar totally keto there’s no suffering on keto
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This Post Was All About Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency.
Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency

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Do you have keto rash? Here’s what could be causing it and what to do about it.

0:10 What happens when you start the keto diet
0:25 What causes keto rash
0:54 Bile salts
2:20 Prurigo pigmentosa
2:58 A deficiency in B2
4:03 What you could do

In this video, we’re going to talk about keto rash. This is an updated video on the topic because I wanted to give you a little bit more of an understanding of what really causes keto rash.

When you go on a keto diet, you make several changes. You typically wouldn’t make changes to the amount of protein you eat, but you would make changes to the amount of carbs and fats you eat.

It may be the increase in dietary fat that’s causing the keto rash because your body needs time to adjust to the amount of fat you’re consuming. If you’re taking in a lot of fat, but you don’t have the ability to digest it, that’s when there can be a problem.

Bile salts are made by the liver and are stored in the gallbladder. The purpose of bile salts is to break down fat and to help extract fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids from the fat you eat. If you don’t have enough bile, you could end up with:

• Low vitamin A
• Low vitamin D
• Low vitamin E
• Toxins
• Rashes
• Dermatitis

There is another skin condition that sometimes appears when people start the keto diet called prurigo pigmentosa. This skin condition also sometimes occurs after someone has their gallbladder removed, or if the person has problems with their bile ducts. Adding purified bile salts to the diet may help with this skin problem.

A deficiency in B2 (riboflavin) is also connected to keto rash. Another name for B2 is vitamin G.

A few things about B2:

• B2 is a cofactor in fat metabolism.
• When you add more fat to the diet, the requirement for B2 goes up.
• B2 can help support the liver.
• A big symptom of a B2 deficiency is pellagra, which can give you a skin rash.

What you could do:

• Take purified bile salts right after each meal
• Try reducing the amount of fats you consume

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