Keto Protein Shake | Oreo Flavored | 2 NET CARBS

Keto Protein Shake | Oreo Flavored | 2 NET CARBS

Keto Protein Shake | Oreo Flavored | 2 NET CARBS

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Hey what's happening guys today we're making a keto protein shake that not only looks like an oreo but it tastes like one too and the best thing about this recipe is the fact that this entire oreo keto protein shake has just two neck carbs now with that said today's low carb keto protein shake recipe it is sponsored by iso pure .

Protein and really if you're trying to make yourself a protein shake with the lowest amount of carbs possible their protein powder is some of the best you can use and the reason being is because a ton of their protein powders have zero carbs or next to zero grams of carbs for example their vanilla protein powder which we'll be using to make this oreo .

Keto protein shake with it has zero grams of carbs and like i said a bunch of the other flavors do as well as a lot of you guys know i love using their unflavored protein powder to make a lot of savory recipes with it bakes incredibly well and it also has zero grams of carbs anyway let's not waste any more time let's jump right into the .

Good stuff cause i'm sure you're getting hungry for this oreo keto protein shake and i'll show you how to make it all right first things first we're gonna add a heaping half a cup or 115 milliliters of some of this stuff some unsweetened vanilla almond milk to our blender then after we've added our milk in there we're gonna add some creaminess to our .

Keto shake by using some of these frozen diced avocados i want to use around a half a cup or 75 grams of them to make the shake also for best results make sure to use a slightly under ripe avocado for your keto shake this will ensure that it's super neutral in flavor and it doesn't make the keto shake taste like an avocado anyway the next thing .

We're going to add is some of that zero carb vanilla protein powder by iso pure that i was talking about earlier and of course this is to give us that oreo cream filling vibe to our keto protein shake and as far as how much we're going to use all we'll need is one scoop or 30 grams of it then after we've added that we're gonna add around a tablespoon and .

A half or seven grams of this black cocoa powder and this is what's really going to give the shake its oreo flavor so if you don't have this make sure to pick some up so you get that authentic flavor to your shake anyway the next thing we're going to add is about 4 tablespoons or 36 grams of some zero carb sweetener then we're going to add a .

Pinch of salt to really bring out all the flavors and about a half a cup or 90 grams of ice to make this keto oreo shake super thick so now that we've added all the ingredients we're gonna pop the top onto our blender and blend everything until our shake is thick and creamy then when it is i like to make the shake look like an oreo cookie so .

I'll pour half the shake in a glass add some whipped cream on top of it and then top that with the rest of the shake and today i was feeling a little bit extra so i added some more whipped cream on top of that and a bit of black cocoa powder to the top of the shake as well that is so good it tastes just like an oreo you cannot taste the avocado in .

There at all it's incredible it also doesn't taste low carb or keto it legitimately tastes like an oreo in liquid form it is 11 out of 10 good that's how good it is anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this keto shake you want the full recipe it's down in the video description below also down there you'll find links to all the stuff .

That i used to make this keto shake today so like the protein powder the black cocoa powder all that stuff is down in the video description below again i hope you enjoy this keto shake and i will see you in the next one cheers guys

This Post Was All About Keto Protein Shake | Oreo Flavored | 2 NET CARBS.
Keto Protein Shake | Oreo Flavored | 2 NET CARBS

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This Keto Protein Shake tastes like an oreo in liquid form. Best of all though is the fact that this low carb protein shake is completely sugar free, and has just 2 net carbs in the entire thing.

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