KETO MUFFINS | Banana Nut Breakfast Muffin Recipe | 1.5g NET CARBS

KETO MUFFINS | Banana Nut Breakfast Muffin Recipe | 1.5g NET CARBS

KETO MUFFINS | Banana Nut Breakfast Muffin Recipe | 1.5g NET CARBS

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low-carb Kido banana nut muffins is what we’re making on the channel today and I already know what you’re thinking Joe how are we making banana nut muffins when bananas they’re not low-carb and they’re not keto well we’re not actually going to be using bananas for these muffins a banana less keto muffin recipe having said that these P no muffins do not taste low carb or keto at all they taste just like a normal muffin and there’s tons of banana flavor the tops of the muffins are soft and chewy the insides are moist in cakey these are just absolutely perfect I can’t wait to see what you guys think about this one that being said let’s get right into it and make these keto muffins alright so the first thing we’re going to do is preheat our oven to 350 degrees and then we have to do a little bit of prep work as you’re seeing here we’ll want a way out a quarter cup or thirty grams of walnuts and then we’re gonna take a rolling pin crush the walnuts into tiny pieces and then set them aside for later when we’ve taken care of that the next thing we want to do is get out a small bowl and an entire stick of butter which by the way is a hundred and twelve grams of butter so when we’ve done that we’re going to cut the butter into small pieces add those pieces to a small bowl and then microwave the bowl until the butter melts which will probably take about 30 seconds now while the butter is melting we’re gonna get our food scale back out along with a medium-sized bowl and we’re gonna start adding the liquid ingredients for our keto muffins so the first thing we’re going to add to this bowl is three large eggs and then when we’ve added those eggs we’ll want to get our whisk and whisk fi those until the yolks combine into the whites when that’s looking good we’re going to get out some full fat sour cream and we’ll want to add a quarter cup or 60 grams that stuff to our bowl by the way don’t worry about tasting the sour cream in these low-carb keto banana nut muffins you absolutely cannot taste it the reason we’re adding it though is to give our keto muffins that incredibly moist texture that every good muffin has anyways the next thing we’re going to add is some zero carb keto friendly maple syrup to not only add sweetness to our banana nut muffins but also some maple flavor as well and for today’s keto muffin recipe we’re going to add a heaping tablespoon or 20 grams that stuff to our bowl so now we can get the melted butter we prepared from earlier out and add that to our Bowl along with a half a tablespoon or 10 grams of banana extract the reason we’re using banana extract is because this is obviously a low carb keto muffin recipe and using real bananas would just add way too many carbs to our muffins so instead we’re gonna use the banana extract because it doesn’t have any carbs to give our keto muffins all the banana flavor they’ll need anyways the next ingredient we’re gonna add is going to be a teaspoon or four grams of vanilla extract as well as a third of a cup or 80 milliliters of unsweetened vanilla almond milk well once we’ve added that to the bowl we can get our whisk back out and whisk all of our liquid ingredients together until a thick creamy consistency develops in there and all the ingredients have combined with one another so now at this point we’ll want to get an even larger Bowl out and start adding the dry ingredients for our keto muffins to it the base of today’s banana nut keto muffins recipe is almond flour and as you’re seeing here we’ll want to add just less than one in three quarters of a cup or a hundred and eighty-two grams of it to our bowl by the way I’m using blanched almond flour for my keto muffins a lot of you guys know I really like to use this one by Kirkland’s it only has two net carbs per serving and if you’re interested in picking some of the stuff up I’ll leave a link to it in the video description below anyways the next ingredient we’ll want to get out is some confectioner swerve and this stuff is going to pretty much add all of the sweetness to our keto muffins without adding any carbs this wirf has zero net carbs so it’s one of the most ideal sweeteners you can use if you’re following a low-carb diet like the keto diet and for today’s banana nut muffins recipe we’re gonna add 2/3 of a cup or around a hundred grams of it once we’ve added that the next thing we’re going to add is 3/4 of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and finally a half a tablespoon or 10 grams of baking powder now we’re all set to get our whisk back out one last time and whisk all those ingredients together until they’re combined so when that’s looking good we can get our wet ingredients back out add those to the bowl and use a spatula to slowly fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients by the way halfway through folding those together I like to add half the crushed walnuts we prepped from earlier and then I’ll just finish folding everything together once I’ve added those to the batter so when that’s looking good we’ll want to get out a 12 slotted muffin tray and add some paper liners to the tray and the recipe makes 12 medium-sized kedo muffins or nine large keto muffins so just plan accordingly anyways we’ll want to coat those paper liners with baking spray and then we can start adding the batter of our kid open Anna nut muffins to our tray having said that if you decide to make medium sized muffins you want to fill each slot about 3/4 of the way full but if you want to make large muffins like I decided to do you’ll want to fill them up all the way so when we’ve got all the batter added to the tray we’re gonna sprinkle the rest of our crushed walnuts over each one of our keto muffins and then when we’re done with that we’re gonna bake our muffins for 25 to 30 minutes and when our muffins have finished baking we’re gonna let them completely cool down in the tray we bake them in once they do cool down though check out how awesome these turn out they’re filled with banana flavor if they have just the most incredibly chewy crust them but also this perfectly moist cakey inside that every delicious muffin has there’s always for more info on today’s low-carb keto muffin recipe check out the video description below and I hope you like them

This Post Was All About KETO MUFFINS | Banana Nut Breakfast Muffin Recipe | 1.5g NET CARBS.
KETO MUFFINS | Banana Nut Breakfast Muffin Recipe | 1.5g NET CARBS

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Keto Muffins with ONLY 1.5g NET CARBS! This easy low carb banana nut muffin recipe is the perfect on the go breakfast idea for the ketogenic diet. These muffins have TONS of banana flavor but don’t actually use real bananas! My friends and family simply can’t get enough of them, and I hope you enjoy them too!


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Food Scale:

Almond Flour:

Confectioners Swerve:


Banana Extract:

Keto Maple Syrup:

Pure Vanilla Extract:

Muffin Tray:

Paper Muffin Cups:

Keto Chocolate Chips 0 NET CARBS:



210 Calories
19g Fat
3.5g Carbs
2g Fiber
5.5g Protein


The Macros DO NOT include the “carbs” from Swerve. Swerve has 0 calories, so it should be tracked as 0 carbs. The FDA makes food companies list “sugar alcohols” as carbs, but that doesn’t mean they should be tracked as such. That’s why it’s ALWAYS important to look at the calories of sweeteners and determine the true carb count FROM THE CALORIES!

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