Keto Meal Analysis by Dr. Berg

Keto Meal Analysis by Dr. Berg

Keto Meal Analysis by Dr. Berg

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so I have another keto meal evaluation for you this is by someone named ViSalus or bacillus I’m not sure which will how do you pronounce it okay so this is all the data that I have I don’t have anything more than that okay Kiwi sheep yogurt five almonds and I would imagine this is the snack before lunch I’m not sure maybe this is breakfast I don’t know I have to get more data on that and then we have beet leaves eggs tomato and from the picture it looks like there’s two eggs they’re boiled chard and cow’s milk okay so that’s the data that I have there’s some shooting electrical pain on the right side the body I’m not sure exactly where if it’s in the upper part of the body it’s gonna be gallbladder if it’s in a lower part of the body or even the midsection it could potentially be gall bladder or kidney so I’m not sure you did lose weight 131 kilograms down to 116 kilograms so obviously it’s working you drink four to five liters of water per day okay there is some problems with digestion so I’m thinking gallbladder okay needs exercise okay so let’s just kind of look at this well as a couple things right off the bat that I would change I would eliminate the fruit Kiwi I would eliminate the yogurt because yogurt does have too much sugar I would take these almonds and push them to the meal so we we don’t have multiple meals that’s gonna actually greatly improve digestion right there I actually like what you’re eating I like the tomatoes beet leaves the boiled chard I mean it’d be nice to have like a raw salad added on to that but you’re still getting some fiber here depending on how cooked the vegetables are for the microbes to consume you’re still getting some nutrition I would imagine especially if there’s a beet leaves there this is like massive amounts of potassium right here I think it’s like 100 and I guess that’s basically 1300 milligrams of potassium per cup so that’s awesome so that will help you but I think you need a little bit more which then will also help the digestion too as far as the gallbladder area if there is a gallbladder issue there cow’s milk I’m not crazy about that so maybe do almond milk that might be better because this is pasteurized and there’s just a lot of issues with cow’s milk okay so this right here could be kidney your gall bladder like I said what you could do is once you have this pain massage underneath the right ribcage about a inch down and inch off the midline and press in there for a minute or so and see if that pain goes away if it’s your gall bladder it’ll go away like that and then we know we might need to add some support with your digestion so maybe some batain how to chloride or even a bile salts called that a formula or something but it could be the kidney because if you’re doing I don’t know one and a half meals a day your uric acid can go up with certain people that are prone to that especially when you’re adapting initially and you could even develop little crystals inside the kidney or even a stone a uric acid stone okay so when you do in a minute fasting in the transition phase it could increase the absolute best remedy to counter that is called hydroxycitric hydroxy citric you can get that online and start taking that that dissolves crystals both oxide stones and uric acid stones also you can use potassium citrate too but this hydroxy Scituate works a little bit better you might want to also add lemon water which by the way will alkalize your body even though it’s a citrate fYI need to exercise I think that’s that’s good there with this much liquid okay I would also add some electrolytes to the mix alright so those are my suggestions go ahead and do it and let me know how you do so if you haven’t done so please press subscribe now that way you can be aware of all the new content that I’m putting out on a regular basis

This Post Was All About Keto Meal Analysis by Dr. Berg.
Keto Meal Analysis by Dr. Berg

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Dr. Berg evaluates food log by someone named Vasilis. He suggested to eliminate kiwi, sheep yogurt on his diet because it has too much sugar and push the almonds into the meal to improve the problems with digestion and to also do almond milk instead of cow’s milk. Dr. Berg also illustrates how to massage underneath the ribcage to help with the pain on the right side (if the pain is related to the gallbladder, it’ll go away).

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Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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