Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream | Mint Chocolate Chip

Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream | Mint Chocolate Chip

Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream | Mint Chocolate Chip

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hey what’s happening guys today we are doing another keto mason jar ice cream recipe on the channel we’ve already done Jason jar ice cream vanilla mason jar ice cream and very amazing your ice cream and now today I’m gonna show you how to make mint chocolate chip you don’t mason jar ice cream now this recipe it’s incredible it tastes just like store-bought mint chocolate chip ice cream it’s got the perfect amount of mint to it it has real chocolate chips in there Kito chocolate chips but when you taste these you never think they were keto and it’s incredibly creamy that being said let’s get right into it and make some keto mint chocolate chip mason jar ice cream all right the first thing we have to do is a little prep work so as you’re seeing here we’re gonna weigh out a heaping tablespoon or 10 grams of semi-sweet and keto chocolate chips and then once we’ve weighed those out we’re gonna add them to a cutting board and then use a knife to chop them up into smaller pieces when that’s taken care of we can add those back to the dish and then set them aside for later by the way I’m using these zero net carbon semi-sweet and keto chocolate chips from Lily’s they’re absolutely incredible and if you want to pick some of these up I’ll leave a link to grab them in the video description below anyways now we’re all set to add our mason jar to our food scale and start adding all the ingredients for our mint chocolate chip keto ice cream to it so the first ingredient we’re adding and the base of our keto ice cream is heavy cream and we’re gonna add a cup or 235 milliliters of it to our mason jar and when we’ve taken care of that we’re gonna sweeten up our keto ice cream and to do that we’ll be using confectionary swerve and we’re gonna sweeten our keto ice cream with this because it has zero net carbs zero calories and also dissolves way better than granulated swerve does having said that we’ll want to use around three tablespoons or 24 grams of it to sweeten up our keto ice cream so using confectioner swerve is great if you’re gonna eat the ice cream the day that you make it but if you’re planning on freezing it for more than just that day the ice cream can get really really hard so to avoid that all you have to do is substitute the confection or swerve with a Lilo’s which is another keto friendly sugar substitute and your ice cream will stay creamy for days after you make it the great thing is that Lu Lowe’s is very very similar to swerve so they both have the same level of sweetness which means you can substitute them on a one-to-one basis for one another and also they both have zero net carbs and zero calories so if you’re planning on keeping this ice cream frozen for more than a day I highly recommend going with a loose now that we’ve cleared that up the next thing we’re gonna need for our mint chocolate chip keto ice cream is some peppermint extract like this this extract is completely carb free and just adding a quarter teaspoon or gram of it is enough to give this ice cream the perfect amount of mint flavor next we’re gonna add three drops of green food coloring and this is totally optional you don’t have to add this and then finally we’re gonna add half of those keto chocolate chips from earlier so now at this point we can screw the lid onto the jar and shake everything up until the cream starts to thicken this is probably gonna take a couple of minutes but once it does we want to unscrew the top of the jar and add the rest of our keto chocolate chips so after we’ve added those in there we can screw the top back on in the mason jar and give our keto ice cream one last shake when we’ve given our mason jar that last shake and it doesn’t have to be as along as our first shake was we can get our keto mason jar ice cream in the freezer and we’re gonna freeze it for around five hours and then once five hours passes we can get our ice cream out of the freezer scoop some out new a bowl and then check out how creamy this stuff turns out it’s refreshingly minty with just the perfect amount of crunchy chocolate chips it truly tastes like high carb store-bought mint chocolate chip ice cream that’s how delicious this stuff is as always for more information about today’s low-carb keto mason jar ice cream recipe check out the video description below and I hope you like it

This Post Was All About Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream | Mint Chocolate Chip.
Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream | Mint Chocolate Chip

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Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipes don’t get better than this Mint Chocolate chip version. That’s because this low carb keto ice cream is incredibly EASY to make….there’s no churning, and no ice cream machine needed to make it. Plus, each scoop has less than 3 NET CARBS.

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*****NOTE****** If you plan to freeze the ice cream for several days I recommend substituting the Swerve with allulose to help keep the ice cream soft. It will freeze quite hard if you use Swerve, and you’ll need to let it set out at room temperature for up to 30 minutes for it to soften up.



282 Calories
30g Fat
3g Carbs
.5g Fiber
1.5g Protein


The Macros DO NOT include the “carbs” from Swerve. Swerve has 0 calories, so it should be tracked as 0 carbs. The FDA makes food companies list “sugar alcohols” as carbs, but that doesn’t mean they should be tracked as such. That’s why it’s ALWAYS important to look at the calories of sweeteners and determine the true carb count FROM THE CALORIES!

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