KETO Grilled Cheese FROM SCRATCH in 10 MINUTES! You’ve Got To Try This EASY Keto Recipe.

KETO Grilled Cheese FROM SCRATCH in 10 MINUTES! You’ve Got To Try This EASY Keto Recipe.

KETO Grilled Cheese FROM SCRATCH in 10 MINUTES! You’ve Got To Try This EASY Keto Recipe.

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hey what’s up guys today we are making one of my favourite keto lunch recipes and that is low-carb keto grilled cheese now we’re not gonna be making just an average run-of-the-mill low-carb keto grilled cheese today we are making a keto grilled cheese sandwich from scratch in just 10 minutes it actually might even be a little less than 10 minutes so this recipe it’s pretty crazy it’s pretty delicious and I can’t wait for you guys to try it that said let’s jump right into the good stuff make some grilled cheese alright so if we’re making grilled cheese and we’re doing it from scratch you know we got to make some bread so as you’re seeing here to do that we’re gonna add a 3/4 of a cup or 86 grams of almond flour to a large measuring cup then when we’ve added that we want to add 2/3 of a scoop or 22 grams of unflavored protein powder as well and don’t try to substitute more almond flour in place of the stuff because it’s just not gonna work anyways I wanna lightly sweetened up the bread for the grilled cheese as well so to do that we’re gonna add 2 teaspoons or six grams of confectioner’s swerve to the mix and then to add some chewiness want to add a teaspoon or two grams of xanthan gum lastly we’re gonna add a half a teaspoon of baking powder and just a pinch of salt so that’s it for the dry ingredients now want to whisk those until they’re combined and then we’re gonna add the last ingredient to the mix and that is gonna be just less than a half a cup or a hundred grams of water now at this point want to mix everything with our spatula until a thick batter forms and then once it does we’re gonna coat a 5 by 5 glass dish thoroughly with baking spray then when that’s prepped I want to scoop out the bread batter from our measuring cup add it to the dish and then evenly spread it out the best we can by the way wetting your spatula with a little water throughout this process can really help you work the batter around the dish because it can be quite sticky so definitely keep this in mind when you get to the stuff anyways when that’s all set we’re gonna cook the bread for our grilled cheese in the microwave so what I recommend doing is cooking it for a minute then checking on it cooking it for another minute then checking on it again and then cooking it for one last minute then once the bread is done cooking and it’s got a firm top to it that’s we’re gonna let it cool down and just kind of rest in the dish once it’s cooled we can remove it from the container and use a very thin bread knife to cut it in half at this point we want to add about a tablespoon of butter to the pan and melt it over medium-low heat now this next step is the pro move to getting your grilled cheese perfectly toasted and that is cooking the bread with the inside part of it faced towards the pen the bottom and top of the bread just won’t toast as nicely as the inside will so those are the sides we’ll want to add our cheese tube and we’ll want to use for the inside of our keto grilled cheese that said the bread toasts pretty quickly so after about a minute of cooking we can assemble the sandwich in the pan and then we’ll just help the cheese melt a little bit by adding a splash of water then we’re gonna trap some of the steam in there by covering the pan and after about 30 seconds or so we can give the keto grilled cheese one last flip and cook it for another 30 seconds then we can remove it from the pen and there you have it a perfectly toasted and buttery keto grilled cheese sandwich it’s always for Morpho on today’s recipe check out the video description below and I hope you enjoy it you 

This Post Was All About KETO Grilled Cheese FROM SCRATCH in 10 MINUTES! You’ve Got To Try This EASY Keto Recipe..
KETO Grilled Cheese FROM SCRATCH in 10 MINUTES! You've Got To Try This EASY Keto Recipe.

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Keto grilled cheese is easy to make! In fact, this low carb keto grilled cheese sandwich recipe takes just about 10 minutes to make FROM SCRATCH! So, if you’re wondering what to make for lunch, I recommend giving this a shot! It’s one of the best low carb keto lunch ideas there is!

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Food Scale:

Measuring Cup:


Glass Dish:

Protein Powder:

Confectioners Swerve:

Blue Diamond Almond Flour:

Sunflower Seed Flour:
Walnut Flour:

Xanthan Gum:

Baking Powder:

Macros For The Grilled Cheese:

***This IS NOT a low calorie grilled cheese. Most likely half of this will fill you up. So I recommend eating half at a time and making 2 meals out of it. It will store well, and warm up nicely in the toaster oven!

1050 Calories
86g Fat
15g Carbs
9g Fiber
58g Protein

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