KETO Gingerbread Cookie Bites | How To Make Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Bites

KETO Gingerbread Cookie Bites | How To Make Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Bites

KETO Gingerbread Cookie Bites | How To Make Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Bites

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hey what’s happening guys today we’re gonna do it another low-carb keto cookie bite recipe you guys love these recipes I love making them and we’re gonna do a festive spin on a cookie bite recipe we’re doing some low-carb keto friendly gingerbread cookie bites today and when you taste these I guarantee you you’re gonna think these tastes exactly like a gingerbread cookie except you don’t have to do any baking and there’s hardly any cleanup so that being said let’s give this one let’s make these low-carb keto friendly gingerbread cookie bites alright so like always you want to get out your food scale and a very large bowl and the first ingredient we’re gonna add to the bowl is going to be some almond flour I really like to use the Bob’s superfine on the flour that’s what I’m going with for today and for today’s gingerbread cookie bite recipe I’m gonna be adding 3/4 of a cup or about 75 grams of that almond flour to my bowl next up I’m gonna add some coconut flour and I know some of you guys are wondering Joe can I substitute all of the almond flour for coconut flour or Joe can I substitute all the coconut flour for almond flour no you can’t do that the absorption of liquids for both of those flowers are totally different and they are not an equal substitute with that being said for this gingerbread cookie bite recipe you’re gonna want to add 3 tablespoons or 21 grams of coconut flour to the bowl so now we’re gonna suite the recipe up by using some confectioners to earth realm my go-to for this is swerves confectioner’s your throne the reason I love to use this stuff so much is because it’s zero net carbs and it dissolves unbelievably well it’s also zero calories so that’s a huge plus so I’m also gonna add about two and a half tablespoons or 30 grams of that to the mix for today’s recipe since we are making gingerbread cookie bites we definitely have to add some ginger and today I’m gonna be adding a half a teaspoon of ground ginger to my bowl however ginger is not the only spice found in gingerbread cookies so for our gingerbread cookie bites we’re also gonna add a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg as well as a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon so that being said we’re also gonna add a pinch of salt to the recipe just to make the sweetness pop in these bites and as you can see we’re also adding four tablespoons of melted butter and then the last step is an optional step but highly encouraged we’re gonna be adding a teaspoon of molasses to just add some authentic gingerbread flavor without adding a ton of extra carbs in fact just the teaspoon of molasses is only gonna add less than three net carbs for the entire recipe so now that we’ve got all the ingredients added to our bowl we’re just gonna mix everything until a crumbly consistency starts to form in there once that does happen we’re gonna roll up our sleeves we’re gonna get our hands a little bit dirty we’re gonna work all those crumbles into a big ball of cookie dough and then once we’ve got a ball of dough what we’re gonna do is pull a tiny piece of dough off just about the size of a truffle and we’re gonna start working that tiny piece of dough into the shape of the truffle so now at this point what you want to do is press the dough into itself you don’t want to start rolling it with your hands right away because the dough might actually crumble so just use your fingertips to kind of work the dough into a truffle sized shape and then once you’ve formed a truffle esque sized gingerbread cookie bite what you want to do is add it to a plate and then just repeat that process about ten more times of course normal gingerbread cookies have frosting on them so what we’re gonna do is make a really quick and simple frosting just by adding a tablespoon and a half of confectioner’s your thrall along with a teaspoon or about four grams of vanilla unsweetened almond milk now we’re just gonna take a spatula and mix those ingredients until a thick creamy frosting starts to develop once it does we’re all set to get our gingerbread cookie bites back out dip them one at a time in our frosting and then once they’re all frosted and looking great we’re just gonna refrigerate them for about 30 minutes just to let all the frosting set and then check this out guys this is what they end up looking like how delicious do these gingerbread cookie bites look so that’s my low-carb gingerbread cookie bite recipe I hope you guys enjoy this one I’ve been totally obsessed with these I think they taste exactly like a legitimate gingerbread cookie but just with way less carbs in way less work and I think if you’re going to a holiday party you don’t have a lot of time to make anything these gingerbread cookie bites are the perfect thing to make and bring to your holiday party without being said if you want the full written out recipe with the metric measurements in the macros that’s listed in the video description below also down there are links to all the products that I used to make the bites today so if you need to grab any of that stuff grab it down there and besides that I just want to thank you guys for checking the video out I hope you’re having a very happy holiday and I will see you in the next recipe you

This Post Was All About KETO Gingerbread Cookie Bites | How To Make Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Bites.
KETO Gingerbread Cookie Bites | How To Make Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Bites

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This keto gingerbread cookie bites recipe has everything you love about gingerbread cookies except the carbs! Keto recipes seriously don’t get better than this, and these low carb gingerbread cookie bites only have net carbs each. Plus, these cookie bites are so easy to make, require no baking, and hardly any clean-up. So in my mind, these gingerbread cookie bites are EVEN BETTER than real gingerbread cookies!

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Food Scale:

Confectioners Erythritol:

Coconut Flour:

Almond Flour:

Ground Ginger:

Ground Nutmeg:

Ground Cinnamon:



3/4 Cup (75g) Almond flour
3 Tbsps (21g) Coconut Flour
2 1/2 Tbps (30g) Confectioners Erythritol
1/2 Tsp Ground ginger
1/4 Tsp Nutmeg
1/4 Tsp Cinnamon
Pinch of salt
4 Tbsps (50g) Melted butter
*OPTIONAL: 1 tsp Molasses

1 1/2 Tbsps (16g) Confectioners erythritol
1 Tsp (4g) Vanilla almond milk


Add all of the ingredients into a large bowl

Use a spatula to combine the ingredients until crumbly

Once crumbly use your hands to form a ball of dough.

Once a ball of dough is formed, use you hands – or take a cookie scoop out – and form small truffle sized bites out of the dough

Add the bites to a plate, and make the glaze…combine the glaze ingredients in a small dish and mix.

Refrigerate until the glaze sets.

Store the bites in a sealed container in the fridge

Keto Gingerbread Bites Bies Macros (Per bite – Recipe Makes 10 truffle sized bites):

94 Calories
2g Protien
3g Carbs
(1.5g fiber)
8.5g Fat

*NOTE: Macros don’t account for the erythritol sweetener, it has ZERO CALORIES.

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