KETO Frosty | Low Carb Chocolate Wendy’s FrostY | 2 NET CARBS

KETO Frosty | Low Carb Chocolate Wendy’s FrostY | 2 NET CARBS

KETO Frosty | Low Carb Chocolate Wendy’s FrostY | 2 NET CARBS

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Today we're making akito frosty with all the taste and none of the sugar of a regular wendy's chocolate frosting so we're gonna start things off by adding some of this stuff a heaping half a cup or 150 milliliters of some unsweetened vanilla almond milk to a blender then after we've added that in there we're gonna add a ton of creaminess to our .

Keto frosty by using some diced frozen avocado and we're gonna be using around a half a cup or 75 grams of it to make the frosting with that said the most important thing about using avocado to make your keto frosty is that it's not overly ripe you want to use an avocado that's almost underripe and kind of hard and has no dark spots on the flesh of it .

Since it will be much more neutral in flavor at this stage of ripeness anyway now that we've got our avocado added to our blender the next ingredient we want to add in there to make our keto frosty is going to be a scoop or 30 grams of chocolate protein powder then we're gonna add a tablespoon or five grams of cocoa powder in there as well as two .

Tablespoons or 18 grams some of this stuff some confectioners swerve to add a ton of sweetness to our keto frosty without adding any carbs or calories so now what's left to do is add about a half a cup or 90 grams of ice into our blender and then want to blend everything until the ice cubes and frozen avocados completely dissolve into .

The other ingredients and when that's happened we should end up with some thick chocolatey keto frosty deliciousness like this anyway i hope you guys enjoy it as always you can find the full recipe in the video description below and i'll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About KETO Frosty | Low Carb Chocolate Wendy’s FrostY | 2 NET CARBS.
KETO Frosty | Low Carb Chocolate Wendy's FrostY | 2 NET CARBS

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This Keto Frosty Recipe tastes almost exactly like Wendy’s chocolate frosty, but this low carb frosty has none of the sugar! In fact, the entire thing has just 2 NET CARBS.

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