Making Pizzas :)

Making Pizzas :)

Making Pizzas :)

Check out the video on Making Pizzas :).
Foreign foreign come say hi leave a comment hello Tracy how are you right there's a second group and one dog is waiting where's the other one yeah.

It wouldn't okay come on come on hello totally jaded um I'm making pizzas today so I'm going to do one that I'm gonna say I know works because it's a recipe in the library oh you've got snow Tracy nice I've just.

Got cold it's just it's a nice day it's really a nice day it's very uh clear and blue and no rain but it just means it's freezing cold so not enjoyable when you're in the gym and there's no heating or any sort of insulation in there hello Sandra um so uh two pizzas types of pizzas today I'm gonna do one that is uh the.

Fat head sort of recipe um it's one that we tend to use all the time um that's mainly for Louie the other one is a recipe I've been meaning to try out for ages I have no idea if it's going to work but we're just gonna wing it and see what happens I'm gonna get started on the sauce first just so we.

Get that sort of bubbling away and then I'll do the new recipe I think um and then I'll move on to the fat head one and I think I've decided I'm not going to use a flat head of the egg in the flat head so it's technically mkd I love wing it I didn't even intentionally make this a wing it.

Session I just all right stop messing around sorry the dogs are getting spooked by um clothing Maiden today so I'm making the smart sauce to go on top first um that's just going to be passata and uh probably some herb and paprika I did get a second cutting down in case.

I needed it but I might just leave it as this make a really small batch because otherwise I'm just going to end up cooking down more because that's open as needed um so I'm going to add a bit of smoked paprika and some oh I need to test myself as well and some garlic granules basically.

Just the standard sort of stuff our usual favorite combination I did get the herbs out as well actually over there foreign and mixed Italian herbs.

Um I'm gonna give that a mix and then we'll just get it bubbling away I'll put it on like a medium heat it's not possessor at all so it doesn't need a very high heat which I'd normally start a carton of processor on before reducing it um it's just gonna stay there and get a bit stronger in flavor hello Lisa you.

Can just also use the potato as it is without um without cooking it down but I prefer it a bit thicker so the new recipe I'll use a smaller Bowl because it's only a tiny one and a half of the batch um it's quite a weird.

Mix compared to the other pizza recipes that we've got going on um it is egg and coconut flour essentially with some flavorings a bit of water and some Parmesan cheese so my idea was for this is that it could be a potential dairy-free recipe obviously I'm trying it with the parmesan first but I'm assuming it's just there for.

Taste so if it works as with Parmesan then I'll start adapting the recipe and see if it become become a new sort of dairy-free Pizza base because the one that we have in the library at the moment is um seed based and it is quite.

It's quite well it's quite seeded because it's seed based obviously it's not like a dough like in the same way that the flat head is quite light as a dough if that makes sense it's quite dense that's what I'm trying to say so um eggs first which I did get out so I'm halving the recipe that I've written down this I must have.

Saved like over a year ago and I just had the ingredients I managed to Google it and I found one kind of similar slightly different measurements um and it was basically mix the eggs with the flavorings and then add the coconut flour and leave to sit and the parmesan so that's what I'm going to do.

So I'll get a waste okay spatula all right sauce is bubbling away nicely so I made a pizza with Lindsay flower it was Lush yes so the dairy free recipe in the library that is linseed based and also the fat head that I'm making a minute you can use I'm gonna be using ground almonds because that's what Louis.

Prefers but you can use Lindsay milled Lindsay um right flavorings they use they don't add salt on the land so they use garlic I don't have any onion powders I'll just skip that part it doesn't really matter it's down to preference.

How much dried oregano or oregano I'm just going to use the herbs again I'm gonna leave it at that I think I might have some chili in as well red bell pepper that's what the red flakes are right.

So two eggs I don't know how much pizza base this is gonna make it doesn't look like a lot but I'm just gonna go with the recipe and we'll see what happens um six tablespoons for parmesan cheese which is the full recipe so three tablespoons which is about to 19 grams per tablespoons about 30.

Grams this Shaker gets like blocked up every couple of seconds for the parmesan because they're trying to come out in one go right that's the parmesan and coconut flour about 15 grams I think I worked it out as foreign.

Give that a mix and then just let it sit which is what it says to do obviously coconut flour is has a very high level of um absorption so it's not a lot of coconut flour but it definitely doesn't need any more it's already turning into like a paste they kind of watched a video on it they kind of just like spooned it onto the.

Tray foreign so it's kind of generated like a smooth paste that's pretty thick already I don't think I need to leave that to sit because I can mold that into a pizza base as it is so I have my ninja Pizza tray the ninja.

Is already heated because I've just cooked some chicken off for a topping so um let's do it at 170 it's the usual sort of temperature I do um so I've got the ninja Pizza tray I'm gonna line it because I don't know how uh non-sticky it is but this tray normally for the fat head type to keep.

The bases I don't bother lining it if you are going to line a tray for the Ninja or I would say this goes for any airfryer trim away as much excess as you can so that it doesn't pick up the pizza because the air can pick up the corners.

And then you have a calzone because it'll fold it over that'll do I don't care if it goes slightly over the edges that's fine so it's formed a dough ball which is quite cool that's just basically eggs coconut flour and Parmesan plus flavorings.

So I'm going to press that out so it's quite easy to work with oh do you know what I forgot I've got the water we'll go without it a bit late now maybe that's why it needed to sit I did wonder why the water would be in there because.

Maybe it depends on the size of your eggs I suppose it's not online either it's like a tablespoon so if it doesn't work we know why we can't blame the original recipe I didn't follow it what day is it it's Wednesday wing it Wednesday.

Right I don't know how thick I'm gonna need to press this out um I do want it quite a decent size because this is my dinner although I might steal some of the Flathead as well I don't know I'm just trying to make the edges a bit neater.

Doesn't need wet hands to press it out which is quite cool some keto pastry some of our bread recipes you need wet hands to stop it from sticking okay there we go so that's a pretty decent size um this is almost as far as I can get it to fit this tray obviously there is some.

Extra space around the side but I'm not going to bother about trying to squish it out further I'm going to put that in the 3D I'm gonna use my usual technique of bait for 10 minutes and then we'll see how it goes um if it needs a little bit longer then we'll leave it in for longer it's.

Not obviously with the full bake this is the first bait before we add the toppings on and then it's going to go back in so we'll put the timer on for 10 minutes and in the meantime we'll get started on the other one so fat head or MPD because this is going to be.

Without the egg is the usual story complete opposite of a potential dairy-free recipe it's 90 cheese so I have some great mozzarella from Sainsbury's this isn't I've said this before.

Um recently I'm alive because I feel like I've got Deja Vu but this isn't the best of carb wires this is seven card per 100 so if you're looking to reduce your carbs down further go for the mozzarella block from places like Morrisons but it's literally a solid block of mozzarella it's usually called pizza.

Mozzarella um it doesn't have any starch in it which means the carb count is a lot lower the reason why this stuff has starch in it is so that it doesn't stick together different shops at different levels sains which is quite High 130 grams of mozzarella I didn't get the.

Cream cheese out but that's the next part cream cheese thank you foreign which is actually yeah it's gonna be the rest of this tub it's just perfect.

Yeah um and I just want to check because I actually don't make this recipe a lot anymore but I'm sure without the egg that's the only other thing that needs to go in the microwave because you've got the ground almonds to.

Go in yeah so 170 grams of grades of mozzarella either pre-grated or blitzed or mozzarella Block in a food processor um not mozzarella balls because they've got too much moisture you're going to end up with quite a messy sort of dough to work with 30 grams of cream cheese.

And 70 grams of ground almond or milk linse each no I'm gonna Chuck it in now this is going to go in the microwave I didn't have a question a couple weeks ago about if you can make this on the stove because if someone didn't have a microwave I haven't personally tried it but I am 99 sure someone has and it has worked it just requires a bit of.

Patience so 70 grams of ground almonds or milk lemon seed plus spicy spices and Seasonings it's nice I'll just have some salt on that yeah and that's just gonna give it a shake whack it in the microwave.

It takes a couple of bursts um mainly to melt the mozzarella and then starts to stick together I need all right lids okay we'll start with 30 seconds all right let's have a look at yeah the tomato sauce is reduced down nicely it's.

Been on two whilst I've just been making the bases um so it's been sort of simmering away and it's now a little bit thicker smells great so I'm gonna leave that as it is now okay so I never ended up needed that cream cheese um toppings wise obviously we've got.

Mozzarella again um I might add a bit of Parmesan I've got some bell pepper I'll just spill some of the seeds got some bell pepper which I like to slice um and some cooked chicken I'll just set the fat head mix up again so yeah I just chopped up some chicken breast cooked it in the Ninja whilst I.

Was setting up um I'm gonna chop that up a little bit more and sprinkle it on top um and then my other option was cooking up some bacon but Louie wants that for his lunches for sandwich fillings and whatnot so that's what we're using as a pizza topping um right I'm going to.

Actually I'll leave this in the pan for now but I will transfer that into a tub if I have any spare um okay the fat head is currently in the microwave I've put it in on for a minute because it had barely melted at all um and it's got the lid on so it's not exactly going to start burning.

Um I don't think I've ever burned that in the microwave which is good um if you have any questions let me know because there's a bit of like waiting around time at the moment um one tip and there we go thank you okay I'll give this a mix looks like he's almost done I might give.

It another minute yeah so the mozzarella is sort of gone all stringy and it's starting to combine into a dough now I know this news another 30 seconds because you can still see like individual uh pieces of mozzarella it's not completely combined yet.

So give it a stir get that cream cheese back in the bowl and then one more burst of 30 seconds and that should be good and then we can start rolling that out so one thing with this dough is you need to work with it whilst it's hot because.

The longer you let it cool down the more fragile it is so even though I can only bake one base at a time oh wow that's cooking quite nicely I feel like a little bit all over the place today all right just leave this a Final Mix.

Um yeah if you let it cool down it's gonna start getting very brittle very hard to roll out into a nice circular shape so even though I can only cook one base at the time in the foodie I'm Gonna Roll both out and then once they're in shape they're fine you can just leave them be until they're until their space in the oven.

Uh hi Susan hi new computer I can see from your 2018 there's only breakfast and dinner does it matter if you have lunch please so Susan the the guide that's on the members website the first week has three meals and snacks and the following weeks sort of adapt because a lot of people say their hunger.

Disappears so the meals become less frequent and more substantial um however if you feel like you still need lunch you still want three meals a day just keep repeating the routine from week one there's no there's no reason why you don't you you can't stay on one week if.

That's what that's what works for you that's why we call it a meal meal guide really it's not something we want everyone to follow to their teeth because it's not suitable for everyone the macros there's no one-size-fits-all thing um so yes the the idea is that you you just.

Adapt it to suit you you pick the week that suits your habits and they might change which is why the week's sort of change in routine hello Miriam hi Karen okay um pizza dough I'm Gonna Roll Out do I Wrong go no let's have it and let's be quick about it.

I'm gonna guesstimate that's really hot which is a good thing so we want to be quick with rolling this out because the thinner it gets or cool I basically just want to get it to the pizza tray size I might end up making three pizzas to be.

Fair don't worry Tracy I'm not going to burn myself it's not that hot this stuff rolls quite thin so you know what I'll do we'll roll it over and make a crust very rarely do this because it's very fiddly but it's not very fiddly it's just I I don't.

Really have the patience to make intricate tinders unless I'm uh live usually it's just wax something in the pan and cook it for 15 minutes there we go I've made a little crust I've just sort of rolled around the edges and it's made a nice neat Circle as well so there's.

One and it should pick up yeah it's picked up off the um grease proof quite easily let's roll out the second one the ninja has just beeped which means the first base is ready perfect timing we should be ready it looked like it was going kind of golden on the corners.

Corners edges to Circle doesn't have corners um but it was still under baked in the middle when I checked on it it was actually quite funny because it's kind of Rose in the middle like a little Hill um because of the way the air circulates around the foodie foreign.

So hopefully I'll squish that back down and we'll make a normal looking pizza all right so you especially want to be quick doing this because if you again if you leave it too long it's the dough is not going to stick to itself but there we go two pizzas.

With cross that one's already very cool so it's still got its little Hill in the middle let's see if I can get it out let's close that keep the heat in this is a new pizza done okay um it's not dairy free at the moment but I'm thinking it could be another.

Dairy-free alternative it's quite funny I've got a hill in the middle okay I'm gonna be saying yeah okay right so it looks quite crumbly well it should it shouldn't be because it's mostly a right okay bubbles made two uh crackhead versions as well so I was right to use grease Groove.

Because it's not as greaseproof as a fat head ones yeah if you answer Susan's in question yeah yeah right okay make sure yeah I'd let it cool a little bit more well I need the all right okay right okay that's fine um let's see okay.

Oh that's okay the video I watched didn't flip it over they just coated me walks in and he starts criticizing straight away it looks crumbly well it goes on that side it doesn't need the dry side yeah well but that's because that's the face now yeah that's cool but what I met.

What's that Mama and cheese well the clean version by my way Marmite and cheese manga right I'll use the greaseproof just in case that one was first oh totally jaded I can't remember your name um yes they are more efficient especially if you're only cooking for.

One although the most efficient thing is a pan so it depends if you're gonna roast then an injure is great um something like the foodie the smaller one maybe better because it does more of the options and it's a smaller Bowl the Grill's got quite a wide one so if you're just.

Cooking once they eat a lot of still a lot of space just want to say I didn't know the size of the tin I guess to make tomato all right so that's going to go in the very now for its first bake um yeah.

Foreign that one's going to take so I popped in for seven minutes and we'll see right one base let's chop up some pepper I didn't have a knife here somewhere there hello Deb so I'm gonna top this up really thin slices.

So first a few spoons of sauce so as I said the video that I watched of this they didn't flip the pizza over they kept the same side showing the whole time however we always flip ours over so that this side which is softer is now the top so we've got a sturdier base.

Karen says she'll have a black coffee if you're making one yeah I am Karen I am you cook chicken let's chop this up a little bit finer so that it doesn't interfere I hate when um you're chopping a pizza and half the filling falls off the slice because the chunks are too big.

Okay foreign if this works this is probably the easiest pizza base I've ever made right let's just mix it together and the original recipe said let it rest didn't need to mainly because I forgot the water in the rescue but it doesn't.

Look like it was needed we'll try it with it though okay Peppers chicken Sandra says Tracy wants pineapple on hers please right so once that fat head base is done that will go in the Ninja for its final cook and yeah let's show about the rest of.

The camera so I can add it onto the pizza very quickly so you've been doing some bread experience um just enough to make one test alone okay so that's why I rolled that out straight away now that it's cooled down you.

Wouldn't want to try and press that together it's gone like it's a very different texture it's all quite sturdy but it is fine just to leave out whilst the other ones are cooking if you want to make these in advance cook the base like I'm doing now and then freeze it or put it in the fridge and then you just have toppings when you.

Want to bake it and have it for dinner I wouldn't freeze it like that do it first up let's add a little bit so I did think oh one of them might have some leftover pizza ready for his lunch and then I looked at the throttle back there's not gonna be anything another one.

Okay so those will go on Louie's Pizza or chocolate the rest of the chicken Tracy says Where have you where where are you going or been the bakeries all day yeah the bakery surprise surprise you've got the PT tonight no oh please send it yeah.

I'm gonna try the one yet no what they're the exact same ones that I've got so this will be a little a bit stiffer yeah I'll give that a couple more minutes but that's nice and golden on the edges just quite pale in the middle still.

Yeah the PC was this morning wasn't it I'll also Us in issues absolutely nightmare couldn't get home Zoom wouldn't let me in to start with zoom has been updating every single day when I got in I couldn't unmute myself I was stuttery as hell they apparently could all see me but I couldn't see a thing all those screens were black just.

Awful of course okay I'm not going to bother putting that batter in a tub because there might not be any left hello Julian just much time to catch you guys drinking my coffee eating my cake from you guys and what cake have you got.

Which one did you go for so if you are new to the live then hello we're sort of in the waiting stage where something's in the oven it's not quite ready to go out come out one's waiting to go in the oven or the ninja this is a new base and by the looks of it it's going to end up going in the library because that's pretty decent I think I will try the.

Base with water to see if it does make a difference um but other than that it looks quite easy it's quite sturdy even with all that filling on it's holding its shape and that's obviously without it being fake for the second time just yeah this is potentially a dairy-free base um I just wanted to see what it's like.

With parmesan before I have a look at removing it whether it's just for flavor or whether it helps sort of crisping it up here I don't know carrot cake and lemon drizzle very nice nice toppings wise I've got homemade passata homemade passata no I didn't make the potato I made the tomato sauce homemade.

Tomato sauce using passata that's better and just put some paprika herb I think garlic but I can't remember now someone might remember okay second base nice and golden so again same method we baked it once was definitely a good idea.

It's not like stuck stuck but it'll just make it a lot easier to get off it does look good doesn't it it's very golden all right hot hot flip over there we go so we'll get this base in the foodie so hopefully we can show you this one made.

Obviously they'll all look pretty similar once they're uh baked foreign six minutes because it's just making the cheese golden now so it's sturdy flimsier than the other base it's like a bendy pizza and it's nice and pale on this side which will now be the one for topping and obviously that side.

It's nice and golden I really want to make pizza now you say it's dairy free that one isn't no this is this is mkd all right so it's the new one the new one is potentially not at the moment parmesan right okay but I don't know whether it's just there for flavor or whether it's there for structure so I wanted to make it with Parmesan first.

Before I start messing around but it wasn't about the structure you can probably get away with nutritional yeast you could actually yeah but he's quite a lot of powder then it's 30 grams in that base so I think you're right because you say coconut flour.

Totally sweet there's not a lot of coconut first 15 grams in the whole base of doing grams of coconut 30 eggs wow okay um one thing that someone might might point it out I don't know whether you realize or not because it's kind of molded into the base I did make a cross.

Mainly because it was too big but also turned it upside down so we'll just ignore the fact that there's a cross there it hasn't kind of risen up all it's really done is made a neat uniform Circle so we'll just pretend that was the intention I need to save enough of the topping to.

Go on the second one blurry just likes loads of cheese so now loads of mozzarella and loads of Parmesan rustic I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not Tracy um oh however so.

Let's see I said it I found it in a pocket in one of your coat Pockets I think it was in there so it might be the Super dry one okay I don't know I was looking for poo bags and I found an old khaki uh dad where's the tub of Parmesan from Bookers yeah.

Yeah actually it's not cool time but it's called Uh grated cheese actually this is a veggie one no no oh yeah yeah so it's a British it's a British parmesan no no different so the grilling cheese is not halloumi yeah um but yeah you can get the similar Types on Supermarket shells.

Right okay I might just bake no do you know what let's not rush it this is Louie's dinner we want it to be kind of nice I was gonna sort of just top this and bacon as it is but no it always works better you see how it's got a bit more structure now it's been baked on the base.

We've already got a couple more minutes for that pizza anyway just because I'm impatient okay does anyone have any more questions in the last two minutes before pizza's ready see you later I think this is from because as well we're just ever since dad uses Bookers.

For the bakery we just have larger bulk things appearing in the house um ground almonds even though we buy ground almonds in sacks for the bakery bake there are Sandra brilliant idea yes why didn't I think about that right.

Sandra has said obviously I went through all this effort of adding across that you can't really see because the camera's not picking it up so bake it upside down and then when you flip it over to top it it's got the right crust I will do thank you for that Sandra Louis doesn't look like he's going to be.

Home anytime soon because it's quarter to five and he's not here so it is a Wednesday so School finishes later for him on a Wednesday and it's mock season so we might be staying on I don't know the details he never tells me so um I can cook the pizzas one at a time no one's waiting around over there waiting for dinner which sometimes he.

Does especially with the members cooking sessions let me just comes downstairs is it ready yet I'm hungry okay I don't actually have a little bit of mozzarella left so I might grow some Shadow for Louis's second one so a Christmas gift from Tracy she got us some Mouse House cheeses and.

This is a charcoal cheddar it's really nice it's very rich but I don't know what Louis would think it's something do you reckon I should just put it on the pizza and just say sorry and lift it in the oven for a bit long which is great if I put black cheddar on Louie's Pizza here we go whether he'll.

Just eat with his eyes though and go oh it's burnt but then again he has certainly served me uh burnt Hunter's chicken before she took him two hours tomato dish it is hilarious when you make dinner sometimes it's gonna get started early and it still ends up being a late dinner okay so that is done enough to show I.

Might add it in for a couple more minutes because I like the cheese quite crispy thank you smells good though there we go so obviously that second bake was just to make the cheese a bit golden um sort of warm everything warm.

Everything you through I want to tell you for Stuff uh Tracy I don't know Dad was the one that had the black cheddar on the cottage pie last night well I think he enjoyed it uh I enjoyed mine which was topped with normal cheddar so let's see.

I'll get the plate have a pizza okay look at that I'm sorry it's not gonna Focus but you can see the goldenness which is you know typical for a pizza um so I'm gonna add the second one on.

The tray now this is Louie's first that'll go in for like that that was six minutes this will probably take about the same again just to make the cheese golden okay I think I think this is a winner I'll give it one more try before I write it up but keep your eyes peeled if.

You have our app I'll send out a notification when it gets added to the library we don't have our app search Peter Fitness club on your app store whether it's Apple or Google let's see how sturdy it is the sheets hang in there not bad not bad at all it goes me holding it on the edge.

You can see how sturdy is um yeah that looks pretty good I'm gonna I'm gonna take a proper photo of it before I start eating it um and yeah I will do one more experiment and then I'll go in the rescue library with or without water with or without parmesan whatever I.

Decide works best um thank you very much for watching the next live is I think it's Friday one second it's a new salmon recipe and I say that because that's literally what I've put on the uh timetable because we couldn't decide what sort of sound recipe it was but.

I've got a few different ideas most of them are like a type of marinade that you also add to the veg and then it just like all gets roasted together so that might be what it is or just tune into Friday Friday's live and and see see what it is so actually it might be two new recipes this week um and then Sunday 4 P.M Sue and Tracy.

Are making mushroom soup and then we've got the kick on Sunday evening as well I'll pop the link in here which goes to all of the lives like the timetable um that I upload each week for all of these lives and it also has the link if you want more interest more info on the kick session on Sunday evening as well.

There you go salmon surprise what I'm going to change the time to everyone else there's someone surprised that sounds a lot better than just a new salmon recipe you said I was tired and I made that all right I will see you on Friday I'm gonna enjoy the pizza goodbye
Making Pizzas :)
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