What You Don’t Know About Wheatgrass Juice Powder!

What You Don’t Know About Wheatgrass Juice Powder!

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hey guys dr. Burke here I want to share some real interesting things about week rest that you’ve probably never heard before okay now the first question is what is wheatgrass well it’s not the grass that grows in your backyard okay it actually comes from the wheat plant so wheatgrass is baby wheat okay it’s the stuff that they eventually can turn into flower that they divide the grocery store that they make bread and pasta and cereal and donuts and cookies right that’s what they make and they sell white bread and wheat bread the whole thing okay so that’s the flour this is made from the grain or the seed this seed is what has the gluten in it okay that’s what creates a lot of digestive issues people have inflammation from it they get all sorts of digestive damaging damage now this is a baby wheatgrass plant this is at the stage where it’s well before the seeds are going to grow so you have no gluten in this stage whatsoever so there’s no gluten in wheat grass juice powder only in the actual seed that’s grounded into flour okay so that’s one thing that people have a confusions about but the cycle of a plant when you have a seed or a grain it grows into this plant this is the reason why they capture the wheatgrass is it this is the peak nutrition for phytonutrients and nutrition at right when it gets about this size about four four to six inches that’s when you have the most nutrition in this cycle of growing wheat okay so the next thing we’re talk about is what’s the difference between the powder okay wheatgrass powder and wheatgrass juice powder okay real big difference very interesting number one is that if you take one of these grafts under if you’ve ever done this and you chew down some grass what happens you can actually crunch it there’s some crunchiness what is that crunchiness you’re basically grinding with your teeth this fiber and there’s little pockets of wheatgrass that’s in there odd juice I’m sorry and the juice is being released with all the nutrition so nutrition is inside a little pocket so it’s like a little air bubbles it’s very similar to bubble wrap okay so I’m starting to chew the subl wrap to it you could actually start to hear the crunching so when you’re abdui this you’re actually releasing the nutrition okay so the problem is that wheatgrass is mostly 99.99% of its fiber excess cellulose this fiber does not digest in a human digestive tract a cow has a very specific enzyme to break down this grass we do not so when you buy wheatgrass powder you’re basically buying the fiber mostly because when you consume it you don’t have the enzyme to extract the nutrition and it’s captured in there it’s kind of like eating hay and that’s really what hey toes it is like dried out grass and you feed it to you know horses and things like that so there’s not nearly the amount of nutrition in chlorophyll and the green grass powder and the wheatgrass juice powder there is no fiber okay it’s all nutrition extracted is preserved so it’s a hundred percent observable okay so that would be the difference now it takes this entire entire tray of wheat grass to make one heaping teaspoon of this stuff okay so I’ll show you so this right here is equivalent to this entire tray without the fiber so it’s super concentrated it’s like over two thousand percent more concentrated okay so this is like 25 dollars this is fifty eight cents and the reason we’re able to do this because we do this in massive quantities so the difference is is mainly fiber this is more nutrition and this is a lot more convenient because the amount of effort it would take to juice this with the juicer and then clean it oh my gosh going to the store buying the wheatgrass you incredibly not very convenient okay so anyway okay so there’s three very unique things about the wheatgrass that we have that I’m going to share with you the most amazing thing is how it’s grown we basically take seeds we take wheat berries we take the seat of the wheat and we grow them in late fall okay so the snow comes it covers them and it doesn’t actually become this high until May so that’s six months is sitting it in the earth and what is it doing it’s growing roots so the specific type of wheatgrass that we grow has a root structure that digs deep into the earth pulling all the nutrition up into that plant so that’s number one this stuff is grown within six to ten days look at this this root structure it’s like it’s just like basically fiber there’s no root structure and a lot of times we crash from the healthy store that grows mold well this stuff is very clean because the nutrition protects it against the molds and the viruses in the bacteria and insects that whole thing that’s what really see a weak plant will be susceptible to bugs in microbes even if there’s a vitamin deficiency so we don’t have to worry about a vitamin deficiency with it so we have a combination of the processing of the seed secondly where it’s grown it’s grown in an ancient seabed where does that mean it’s an old ocean floor okay what’s significant about that is that there’s all these trace minerals in them it’s like 93 trace minerals those are the minerals that are pulled into the root structure so you’re getting a product that’s so super enhanced with all of the minerals like this does not have the trace minerals this does okay so we have how it’s grown we also have words grown up and lastly and most importantly converting this graph into this powder is very very unique so the company that I work with use this process called bioactive dehydration okay it’s a very unique patented process where they basically take the juice of this and within minutes turn into powder using very low heat so when they juice it the problem is that all the enzymes all the oils the fat sisal vitamins the essential fatty acids in this graph the vitamin E complexes are very fragile to oxygen and heat so number one we have to do this fast so it’s quickly converted into a powder within minutes under low heat nothing above a hundred and six degrees and even for one minute so we have a it’s only heated from like 106 degrees for one minute and then the temperature goes down and it turns into a powder so what you’re getting right here is a raw Glyde product in a powdered form when it becomes a powder the enzymes are preserved and protected so all you have to do is add water to this I’ll show you to activate the enzyme so basically alive so I’m going to take this the teaspoon now one one thing with my other wheatgrass juice powder and I didn’t talk about this is that I would say put it in a glass and stir it there’s a lot of clumping that occurs with that so I’m going to highly recommend you get a shaker bottle okay tighten it up and you shake it this gets a hundred percent of it in the form that you really smooth with no clumping okay look at this thing this is like liquid health liquid life so then you can actually drink this and it’s very very refreshing okay so number one the seeds are grown for six months in the soil which allows for the root structure secondly you have where it’s grown on ancient seabeds a third you have the bioactive dehydration where we convert this into the within minutes so as to protect the enzymes and all the other delicate nutrition okay so there’s a couple other unique benefits what I did with this week rest is I added what’s called kamut wheatgrass what is kamut wheatgrass well there’s a kind of a story a background story 1949 this air man was in Egypt and apparently he was visiting the pyramids and he came back with some wheat berries that he found in some tomb of some feral candy shipped him
back to Montana where they started to grow them basically they found the ancient wheat berry and that’s why they call it sometimes King Tut’s wheat and that’s what kamut is when other people take kamut and make flour and make bread even know it has gluten because it’s a seed they don’t seem to have the inflammation or the digestive issues so that’s very interesting that the ancient grain doesn’t create the reaction like you would get you know at your local store but what they did is they the company I work with basically take the seed commit and it grows it same soil same process but we added 25% kamut into this and the reason why I wanted to do that is because kamut has some unique health additional health factor factors number one it has tons of selenium selenium is great for the thyroid in converting t4 into t3 especially if someone has Hashimoto’s okay secondly it’s really loaded with more protein okay and a lot of other phytonutrients so I kind of spiked this even more than my other version which is kind of a plain version with more nutrition then we added an organic natural lemon flavor with a hint of stevia so when you consume this it’s exist it’s delicious okay it’s like a lemon drink it doesn’t taste bad at all and it’s like quite amazing okay so to make it easier to drink and then two other things number one it’s very convenient you don’t have to get a juicer you just take this around take a taste teaspoons stick it in here it has a little scooper in there as well get a shaker bottle that’s going to be important shake it up and drink it some people do it in the morning some people do at night some you’ll do it morning and night if you take one serving it’ll last you 60 days okay the cost per serving is 58 cents 225 dollars okay so so we’re able to bring the cost down because we get in bulk I have to order a year in advance of this stuff because how is it seasonal and they have to grow it I can’t just order it tomorrow I have to wait and then I have to make sure it’s that’s why I keep running out of the stuff because it’s such a great product people I’m gonna have to wait until it comes back okay and I put a link in the description box so you can get more information about this and then send me your comments thank you so much for watching hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What You Don’t Know About Wheatgrass Juice Powder!.
What You Don't Know About Wheatgrass Juice Powder!

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Dr. Berg talks about wheatgrass juice powder and what it really is. He then compares the powder form versus the juice form. Dr. Berg’s raw organic wheatgrass juice powder is unique in how it’s grown, where it’s grown and how it’s processed. He uses a processing procedure called bioactive dehydration in quick low heats (nothing over 106 degrees F) is used to take the water out and preserve the delicate enzymes. This allows higher level nutrients, phytonutrients and selenium to be preserved.
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