What is Dopamine?

What is Dopamine?

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hi guys dr. Berg here in this video I want to talk about this very interesting thing called dopamine dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is a hormone like communication or message that travels through the nervous system versus hormones are communications that travel through the blood and this neurotransmitter has the effect of giving you pleasure ok so it’s a pleasure neurotransmitter does other things that are involved with reward and even motion so if you have a problem with dopamine deficiencies you might have resting tremors in Parkinson’s which is a different thing but mainly pleasure it’s a feel-good hormone it also gives you that vitality so if you could imagine not that you ever took cocaine but the sensation of taking cocaine what you would feel like this heightened pleasure you know ability of the conquer everything it’s only because cocaine and other drugs stimulate dopamine so the actual physical feeling that you have is coming from dopamine not really the drug the drug is only the trigger that creates more dopamine in the body so my thought is why can’t we just increase make sure this is high naturally right so if you’re deficient in dopamine you lack motivation you lack that drive you become fatigued you kind of lose your goals addictions very addictive personality mood issues anxiety depression resting tremor things like that so you can see that this is a very popular neurotransmitter that people are trying to increase by doing a lot of things especially you know drugs the causes of a dopamine deficiency would be excessive caffeine can deplete it but if you it’s interesting because caffeine will initially make you feel good but if you take too much over time it kind of decreases the dopamine effect alcohol will decrease dopamine certain drugs cocaine all those type of drugs and even all how the psyche drugs Prozac Paxil wellbutrin all of those do increase Dilton a so over time it depletes dopamine so it’s a trick because it’s you bring it up and Springs down same thing with like drugs if you’re addicted to drugs you’re going to deplete your dopamine reserves and it we’re caused a necessity to take more and more more drug over time insulin sugar will deplete dopamine stress will deplete dopamine cortisol from the adrenal will deplete dopamine low stomach acids if you don’t have enough stomach acid you can’t digest protein in general so you start developing a problem with making neurotransmitters in general so you’ll be deficient in a lot of different transmitters you know transmitters so the point is how do you know if you’re deficient in semuc acids well number one do you have heartburn do you have acid reflux do you get indigestion that would mean that you’re probably deficient in stomach acids as you age you need more stomach acid so just by adding website of vinegar or betaine how to chloride you can increase your neurotransmitter reserve okay then we have adrenal stress the adrenal gland the inside of the adrenal gland makes dopamine so if your drina’s are burnt out or exhausted you’re not going to make the level of doping so chronic stress you know all these things deplete your neurotransmitters not just dopamine deficiencies but all the neurotransmitter deficiencies so here’s some things that you can do of course don’t consume as much caffeine or alcohol get off the drugs get off the sugar cut the stress down increase the acid improve the adrenal but also here’s nutrient Lives you can take tyrosine that’s a natural amino acid that as a precursor to dopamine you can take elfia 9 which is a precursor to dopamine it can help build it up it’s a natural amino acid vitamin D getting a lot of Sun will help recharge and build up dopamine reserves vitamin b6 + b5 are two other additional B vitamins that are necessary in making this neurotransmitter of course and a lot of the other videos I talked about you know all these things will deplete these vitamins too so so you may not need these if you stop taking these right here okay exercise will also increase dopamine so as you can see there are things that you can do about this so I just want to bring your awareness up that there is a hormone behind this and if you have any of these symptoms you might want to do some of these actions okay thanks for watching take five do it and where am I going with this press the subscribe button forgot the last part and I’m going to see you next time am I going to I will press up please and yeah you’ll get future updates that’s right updates I knew there was a word press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future events

This Post Was All About What is Dopamine?.
What is Dopamine?

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Dr. Berg talks about dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter, which is a hormone like communication that travels through the nervous system. It is involved in pleasure, reward and motion.
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