What does a Fitness Model eat for a Snack? LIVE broadcast

What does a Fitness Model eat for a Snack? LIVE broadcast

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what’s up everybody just taking a little break from work here and just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek on what a fitness cover model will typically eat it’s not as boring as you may think okay yeah it’s pretty boring hey what’s going on creme delicious I can’t say your name anyway guys so here we go that’s the fridge all right here’s what I’m having I’ve got 99% lean ground turkey I’m sorry this is ground chicken so I get organic ground chicken and I have the butcher go ahead and grind it up for me so you’re just watching my replay with my stand-up desk yeah man it’s like I’m not gonna sit on my ass all day that’s just the way that I’m freakin ham I’m not gonna go and like I don’t know if I sit on my ass I gain weight and I don’t want to do that so anyway continuing on what I’m having for a little snack I’ve already got the lean ground chicken out I’m gonna go ahead and grab some sprouts these are just organic like regular finna Greek some alfalfa sprouts I’m gonna mix that in with it and let’s see what else do I want I’ve got some organic broccoli organic broccoli someone says take my shirt off yeah okay there you happy okay shirts off so this is what goes to fuel a body that looks like this just so that you guys know yeah I’ve got some awesome asparagus I’m not taking my pants off you’re not getting me to do that I’m sorry all right so boom you got some asparagus i sauteed this stuff in some garlic I’ve only got a few of them right now so usually I’d have like five or six at least and the asparagus is an awesome diuretic helps you drop some water stuff like that so that’s the trick you guys want abs like this then you got to eat like this and it’s not exactly fun it’s not exciting all the time there we go you’re grabbing a bowl asparagus is the I love asparagus hey so uh hi guys I appreciate all the hearts if you guys keep the hearts coming I’m gonna keep the videos coming cuz if there’s no hearts there’s no videos there’s no incentive right I love getting stuff out to you I love you guys help I love motivating you I love telling you to get your ass in the gym get your ass outside do stuff don’t be a lump on the log get excited get out there come on let’s do it you got to get excited about it and don’t be phony about it so I’m excited about this disgusting fricking meal are you let’s see what happens okay I’m going to grab the scale I’m going to try to do this with one damn hand and my pants just got caught on the frigging handle of a drawer alright so actually to save a bowl here’s what I’m gonna do I’m just to eat out of the damn Tupperware so those of you that are just joining us I am showing you what I’m gonna eat right now I don’t away the asparagus I’m gonna tear that so that it’s down to zero zero see all right here we go now I got my turkey for my chicken turkey its ground chicken I actually don’t respond well with Turkey so come on stay with us guys keep this going keep the hearts coming let’s keep it rolling come on go out to show ABS to get hearts there we go abs okay hearts come on come on come on I need hearts I like hearts all right so now that I’ve got the scale all set up hang on one second see this stuff looks freaking amazing doesn’t it not like I’m just gonna break it up and pour it in slow thanks bud so I’m just gonna weigh this out this is tough this one hand my wife is here show me I’m about 5 to 6 ounces of chicken I’m weighing it out because I I’m pretty strict on how much I can you know try to measure it out because I I try to have a certain amount of protein per day and I dropped a little bit that’s perfect I got six point three ounces that’s gonna get me just about 35 38 grams of protein yeah it’s just a snack how you you know I eat six or seven times and actually just about dead on I did about 2,500 calories a day I’m usually about about 30 to 40 grams of protein per meal and a relatively low card so this one I’ve got asparagus I’ve got my broccoli is it bad to eat too much protein actually all some question it anything in excess is bad if you eat a lot of protein just make sure you’re drinking a ton of water make sure that you are trying to ice cream sometimes make sure you drinking a ton of water and you just want to make sure that you’re not totally over doing it because protein yeah it can be a little bit hard on the kidneys if you’re taken in too much but generally what you don’t can swear you don’t utilize your body excretes it does that the process of the kidneys but good job drinking three liters that’s awesome guys keep on those hearts keep on those hearts come on you making me smile I love the hearts the hearts make me happy and it makes me want to eat but I’m gonna hang out with you guys before I eat cuz I’m not gonna stuff my face well I’m eating while I’m talking to you guys now the next thing I’m gonna put in there I got to put these sprouts in these sprouts make my life happy too because these sprouts are awesome for a bite oh they’re just good you know they’re just awesome so I’ve got 6 ounces of my 99% lean ground chicken I’ve got a little bit of asparagus I think I’m gonna put some rock me in there to rock is cold because it’s pretty much the same redundant thing the trickiest guys any leafy greens as you can give those leafy greens I’m getting hearts up the wazoo oh that sounds like it would hurt anyway I eat so much of this damn meal it’s like constant so you would totally eat that that’s awesome hey guys real quick I appreciate all the hearts I mean on a serious note periscope is so new so these hearts are just totally helping me the more hearts that I get the the higher that I get ranked on periscope and if I get ranked on periscope I can bring on more diet tips more motivation for you I see we’re still having people join so welcome for those of you that just joined I’ve got my awesome Lane meal with some sprouts some broccoli some 99% lean ground chicken and then I’ve got some asparagus in there if I didn’t already say that with some gar keeping it low seasoned low you know low on the salt I don’t need the sodium I’ve got a photo shoot this week I’m gonna be on TV on Tuesday so I’m trying not to hold a lot of water sodium I’m almost catching up to your heart count I’m gonna beat you buddy I’m gonna beat you can dogs eat veggies have you guys seen my facebook you see my YouTube video that my dog eating the broccoli this little guy okay I got four dogs and that was just two of them this will rock so anyway thanks all the hearts guys most like dogs I’m gonna guess that it’s my dog you have four dogs so let’s see my back okay hang on that’s a kind of random question but so your dog loves spinach and carrots you know veggies are good for dogs so and thanks for the compliment on the back the back is an important body part to train so don’t neglect it in fact having building your back up is an awesome way to just torch calories because it is a big muscle group and big muscle groups take up a lot of calories throughout the day and that’s what we want I’ve got two covers out currently and I’ve got another one coming out here May 1st natural muscle then I’m gonna be cut the cover of Iron Man magazine coming out actually all the way in August who knows what happens in between there so muscle and performance March go check that one out also the 10 page spread in Iron Man back in back in March I’ve also got a couple pages in Iron Man this month so pick up a copy and guys if you want to see you know the best content you guys are gonna want to go on any bed covers yeah you know I actually have a full-on sheet set with my face on it and that way you guys
can always you know always see Tommy you know when you go to bed that’s just one month right so guys I am gonna probably sign this off but thanks again for all these hearts I’m gonna eat my scrumdiddlyumptious kind of meal and hope you all will think of me while I’m scarfing it down and hey if you guys like these videos I will keep going yeah you know sometimes it’s a little bit weird and redundant again we’re all new to this periscope thing right it’s so just come with me keep these hearts coming can we get one last finale of hearts one last finale of hearts for this possum you’re right come on keep going poor and poor and poor them before I go come on motivate me motivate me come on let’s go let’s go all right I sound like a total crackhead so thanks man thanks for saying I’m awesome you’re awesome to everyone that’s watching you’re awesome get out there Sunday’s not over yet heart attack um oh I was like oh god what I’m not gonna lick the hearts you’re crazy guys so it is Sunday get out there get a little bit more out of this day before y’all gotta go back to work tomorrow yeah I don’t know about you but it’s a beautiful day here in LA a quick leg show okay hang on that doesn’t show it real well bad lighting but anyway you know you guys got to see that I do have wheels too if you go to my facebook to go my Instagram you will see that I’ve got good legs I’m not one of those guys it just builds the upper body that’s why I’m getting magazine covers because I’ve got a well-rounded 4c but guys do know that as a fitness model my primary focus is helping people it’s not about just showcasing my body if I can use my body to motivate people then that’s great I love it I love motivating people that’s what I do hopefully my energy can transfer over you guys do you guys got to get excited about this you can’t just do so many people I just want to show themselves off I’m 26 men just want to show themselves off and this is not the way not what it’s about you know at the end of the day you got to have energy you got to inspire others otherwise what is your purpose on life right what is your purpose on this earth so get out there and enjoy what you’re doing and I will be here to motivate you every step of the way if you guys have questions if you guys need diet tips or anything like that always ask them in on my videos happy to help you out you guys are helping me out with these heart you guys are getting me up there and I’m glad I’m inspiring you buddy I am gonna go back to eating this meal or I’m gonna start it and I will be back on periscope later thanks guys

This Post Was All About What does a Fitness Model eat for a Snack? LIVE broadcast.
What does a Fitness Model eat for a Snack? LIVE broadcast

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Taking a break from the office to build a quick snack! Answering all your questions about what I eat and how I stay lean!

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