WE OPENED OUR 11th RESTAURANT | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 10 | Bench & Deadlifts

WE OPENED OUR 11th RESTAURANT | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 10 | Bench & Deadlifts

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so today is a much busier day than normal lots to do today I hate these they suck they always get stuck the first thing I have to do today is film the intro outro and some voiceover work to the taco chili recipe that’s going to do for today I hope you enjoyed the recipe I’m having cold Chinese food for breakfast that’s a thing right like people do this right this is one pot beef and broccoli it takes maybe 30 minutes probably less to make and it’s so delicious can’t wait to share this with you guys I’m going to have half of this because I must say the other half for later and then the two eggs brown rice thing that I do pretty much every morning for breakfast also a little gala Apple Alyssa and I we went to an apple orchard over the weekend we were on our way back from a wedding we’re thinking you know what we should get pumpkins we should go apple picking we’re out about let’s do this we get to the apple picking pumpkin picking place and we realize it’s freezing outside neither of us have a jacket we can’t pick apples it’s just too cold we have a partnership with the Buffalo Bills they sell our chicken wings there they’re out of the stickers that they put on each wing order so gotta pick those up and then I got to take him to the stadium I thought only had to bring two rolls it turns out after bring 10 rolls that would’ve been like four thousand stickers that wouldn’t have been delivered that would have been bad one of the things about our restaurant is that we’ve got a little bit of a warning for hot sauces and these stickers have the warning on them warning medium is hot medium hot is very hot hot is very very odd I’m just dropping off some Duff stickers for dollar north yeah I don’t ring the bell or use the loading dock and I use the loading dock hello I’m just dropping off some of these stickers for Duff’s you guys are all the stickers all right thank you stadium is like way out of the way it’s actually like not in the city it’s an orchard park so it’s not really the Buffalo it is the buffalo bills but really this things aren’t you’re probably good half-hour to get back to the restaurant I need to go to the restaurant and I need to find some like gift card sleeves they’re called because we’re opening up a new restaurant in georgia and the restaurant georgia doesn’t have any gift card sleeves found a box of the gift card sleeves if you don’t know what a sleeve is it’s just this thing that’s taped to the box and actually we’ve got a few loose over here what they are is they’ve got our our logo and our warning and then you can open them up and this is the part where you slide the gift card in and you can write the to the from the amount they’re really nice it’s nice to have this if you’re gonna give somebody or sell somebody a gift card it’s nice to have something like this and it’s not a huge deal that maybe we weren’t going to have those in Georgia for the opening but at the same time it’s nice to have even the small and minor details taken care of because it openings your first impression feeling kind of low energy today by the way guys but last hypertrophy push they did four sets of 265 and today I think I’m probably only going to be heading to 50 to 55 just by the way that I’m feeling but if I can hit do 65 I definitely will hit it you guys are only gonna see bench today I’m not gonna film the whole workout just because it’s gonna be crazy in the gym and that whole thing and also because it’s Tuesday listen I are playing tennis tonight and I have a very limited amount of time to work out right now you gonna take this feel like it’s been a week at least a week since I’ve had a good lift it’s been really frustrating lately I just felt like I went through the motions in there today and need to get on track need to like get some good listen cuz right now I’m just stuck in a rut good morning guys before we start today how about we do a little bit of a way in and then we get to breakfast wait this morning guys is 206 point for breakfast today is really not too exciting it’s actually it’s pretty boring but this is what I’m having this morning having 180 grams ground turkey a little bit hot sauce from the restaurant two cups of banal unsweetened almond milk and 60 grams of oats with a little bit of almond milk a little bit of brown sugar usually I don’t have oats in the morning just because I think it’s a little bit too heavy especially if I’m going to work out in a couple hours after i have this but i’m not going to be able to work out again today until later in the day so probably come back home and have myself a meal because i’ll be around the area and then go work out kind of like mid afternoon today is a huge day for the restaurant we are opening up our 11th location today Newnan Georgia is opening it’s really exciting i wish i could be there right now wish you could be there for the opening usually i am there for the opening but my partner at this location of the original location he is out of town for a wedding and I need to be here so I wasn’t able to go a bunch of the other guys in the franchise group when I’m hoping that it just goes amazing today I hope we have a successful launch and it’s really exciting to see that this place grill we’ve opened up a restaurant every year since I’ve been back to God from college new era the Hat Company new era hats they are now the sponsor of the Bills football field and they’re doing a wing-eating contest Sunday before the game the winner of the wing eating contest is getting this championship belt that new era is making maybe I can see it today I hope they have it done but the winner is getting this like championship Duff’s wings belt and also a hundred dollar gift card and I have to bring the hunter dollar gift card to their headquarters how are ya oh my god the stick is crazy this is actually really cool it’s gonna like the Duff sound woman stuff this is like a real dis time to get to keep this yeah the winner that belt was awesome that was like a real-deal WWF Championship belt and somebody’s gonna win it and get to keep it I thought you just win it maybe you take some pictures with it and they’re gonna keep it but no you could take that home with you I wish I could enter the contest and win that thing cuz it’s just so cool it’s got like the Duff’s emblem on it and the I pre-workout meal is made guys it actually goes against everything i said earlier in the video I’m actually having oatmeal pre workout today two eggs a little bit of brown rice 50 grams of brown rice pizza sauce turkey pretty standard pre-workout there two glasses of unsweetened and all all milk gonna go eat this and then going to go do some deadlifts it is a five rep a moderate volume deadlift day so my goal today for 25 for a five by five because I think that’s sort of hit the last time i did dads and I didn’t execute my high volume deadlift day like I want you I saw that it was like 40 5 45 sets of seven and didn’t go very well so today for 25 for five by five that’s the goal whoa whoa whoa no look who it is listen I are at tennis and it is the most absolute beautiful fall day it’s like 65 degrees a light breeze is perfect tennis weather listen I are back from dinner i just finished back from we’re back from dinner we’re packed from tennis i just finished making there and this is darren tonight three and a half servings of pretzel crisps 140 grams of frozen strawberries with 140 grams frozen blueberries serving and a half of the soybean explore cuisine pasta guys know I’m just like totally about lately and 180 grams of 9995 fi
ve lean ground turkey some low calorie pizza sauce I can’t talk right now so I actually didn’t realize this when I made that last meal but I went over my macros because I couldn’t stop snacking on these pretzel crisps I measured in the bowl the bag stays open right on the bag so my final macros for the day 216 grams of protein 334 grams of carbs my goal is still 300 so the pretzel crisps reason I went over and 46 grams of fat today so I hope you guys enjoyed kind of an extended blog you guys see a couple of days of my life haha I will catch you guys in the next one

This Post Was All About WE OPENED OUR 11th RESTAURANT | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 10 | Bench & Deadlifts.
WE OPENED OUR 11th RESTAURANT | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 10 | Bench & Deadlifts

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