Understanding Probiotics and Friendly Microbes

Understanding Probiotics and Friendly Microbes

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hey dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about probiotics now what is a probiotic Pro means four biotic body it’s friendly to the body it’s for the body probiotics would include things like acidophilus all those friendly microbes that help you digest I want to give you a little background on those friendly microbes because you have about 400 different strains of friendly bacteria friendly yeast friendly fungus and so when these microbes become out of balance then you get an overgrowth of yeast that’s candida and overgrowth the fungus that we toenail fungus over both the bacteria which will create all sorts of other issues so we need a certain balance of all the microbes in our digestive system our bodies are made up of only 10% human cells in 90% of what makes up our body is microbes and these microbes live within our body and on the surface of our skin so we’re bathed in these microbes is kind of weird but they really really help us so most of the stuff that cells that make up our body are microbes even though it’s a lot smaller it does comprise about 3 pounds of what you weigh so what these microbes do is they exchange we provide a house or a space to live and then in exchange they help us digest our food and they help us eliminate the waste without these microbes you would have a lot of health problems because they protect the immune system they help detoxification they help provide nutrients they make B vitamins so they really really help us some of the symptoms that occur if you’re not having the right balance of probiotics or number one constipation of course after taking antibiotics that would do it also gas bad breath chronic halitosis or bloating in the stomach so those are some of the symptoms there’s two words I want to help you understand number one is symbiosis so it comes from the Greek word which means living together so all the these microbes are in a symbiosis relationship which they actually one microbe helps another one and then it helps our bodies so it’s like all works as a community it’s quite interesting and then we have another word called microbiome and that means that collection of all the microbes that live in and under our body in and on our bodies sharing the same space and that’s why it’s important to eat healthy and and not keep taking more and more powerful antibiotics because soon as you strip this down now the unfriendly microbes start to grow and thrive and they take over the body so we always have this balance of good and bad friendly bacteria that’s why it’s most important to take fermented foods as well I developed my own probiotic it’s called live probiotic flora flora is a word that describes the whole layer of microbes in your body that actually protects so it’s kind of collective term to describe all the pro microbes on your body what’s unique about this is that it has a blend of a lot of different microbes that all work together it’s in a liquid and I take take it on a rotational basis I might take it for a month on a month off and I take a cap full in a little bottle of I guess maybe one third of a glass of plain yogurt or kefir I mix it up take before I go to sleep go to sleep and all night long it grows through the body some of the things that people tell me about this is number one when they go to the bathroom it doesn’t have an odor anymore they need to actually have this at the airport bathrooms also there they don’t have any bad breath anymore so these microbes really really help that other people use it diluted in some water to clean up mold in their basement yeah you can use it on that too or they put it in your sump pump if there’s an odor within a day you’ll seal that that odor will go away so these microbes are soil based organisms that are the same microbes that are supposed to help the plant in the soil is the same microbes that help our body so this is something that you may want to test that on yourself so I just wanted to give you a little summary of what a probiotic is and it’s essential so we need microbes we don’t want to become so sterile that’s why it’s important even for a small child to not be so so utterly clean the parents that over clean child where they scrub and keep the child very very clean their environment they have not developed the immunity from the microbes in the environment and they have a lot of allergies and asthma things like that so it’s very very important to build your immunity from birth so and this could even be taken by a small child as well so thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Understanding Probiotics and Friendly Microbes.
Understanding Probiotics and Friendly Microbes

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Dr. Berg explains what a probiotic is and their benefits. There are 10 times more microbes living in and on our bodies than there are body cells. These microbes assist in making vitamins and breaking down food, not to mention protecting our immune system.
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