The Amazing Neutrophil

The Amazing Neutrophil

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about the amazing neutrophil now what is a neutrophil neutrophil is a type of white blood cell and the white blood cells are part of the immune system but the interesting thing about the neutrophil it’s your primary defense against bacteria fungus candida and some viruses it’s kind of like your army or your police force that goes in there that protects you so if you want to protect yourself against infection and other types of lowered immune system you really need to understand more about this system because there’s some unique things about it so it’s a specialized type of white blood cell and when you have an infection or an injury the majority of the white blood cell is the neutrophil so let’s just talk about what it is it’s a it’s a type of phagocyte it’s a cell and that means the cell that eats things up so it consumes bacteria and if you ever see a little video of it you’ll see that the cell just kind of goes around and just like pac-man just eats it right up and that would be probably the best analogy it’s your pac-man of your body so it also releases very powerful enzymes to break down proteins because these bacteria are made out of protein so releases proteases that’s there’s an enzyme cytokines and other things that are involved in the immune process that actually help destroy so you can look at it like the neutrophils have claymore mines they have m16s they have light ant anti-tank weapon tree they have shotguns they have all this weapon tree to do with these microbes and so so that’s really good news right there’s some bad news we’ll get to that so they’re involved in infection and injury and the interesting thing about it is that if there is refined carbohydrates in the diet if there is sugar in the diet fructose especially what will happen is these neutrophils will go after that sugar and leave the infection alone okay so they kind of our in activator neutralized with sugar or glucose so I’ve noticed when people do lot of sugar there there’s – is get congested or they might have more mucus buildup and a lot of times people get sick after the trigger as well and that’s probably why because it it’s a bit of an inactivation of the nutria set new troe film the other thing is there’s a study i’m going to put this below and i’ll put the sugar study down below the motion of grief apparently suppresses the neutrophil so there’s a study done that shows that when people go through losses or grief it really suppresses this white blood cell making the person very susceptible to infection and autoimmune so i mean i’ve over the last 27 years almost every single autoimmune case occurred after some type of law for lots of a loved one divorce you know when they were grieving because you really set your immune system up for opening the door for all sorts of the microbes and viruses kind of invading the body also neutrophils and high amounts are found in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis it’s in the joint rheumatoid arthritis patients so what does that mean it means that these things can go rogue and they lose their ability to differentiate between a microbe and your own tissue and that’s an autoimmune case so rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune case so you have these your own immune system attacking itself so you have a lot of neutrophils going on in that in that situation so vitamin c is the remedy for most people so vitamin c happens to be a real good antihistamine natural antihistamine it’s a good thing to speed up the activation of neutrophils the neutrophils even have receptors for vitamin c and when there’s an infection or an injury they dump up to a hundred times 100 percent 100 times more vitamin c into the cascade into the infection that he normally would leaving the blood actually a lot of times when you check the blood and affection it goes way down with vitamin C that’s because the the neutrophils and the white blood cells are pulling it and it’s needing it to put into this whole immune reaction so what does that mean it means that if you’re low in vitamin C you’re not going to be able to fight these infections that well and that’s probably why the adrenal glands have a huge store to the storage of vitamin C ready for this reaction to infections the other thing is cortisol in general cortisol is the adrenal hormone they basically treat autoimmune cases with cortisone because cortisol tends to suppress the white blood cell but not necessarily the neutrophil it actually will increase the neutrophil which is very interesting so they don’t really know why it does that but I think the reason why is it has a temporary boost of immune support if it’s temporary but then what happens over a long period of time when cortisol decreases where the person burns out when they have low cortisol like in the condition called Addison’s their immune system is very very fragile and weak they’re always getting sick they get autoimmune type situations so what happens is low cortisol puts the person at risk too so we need core salt in the right amounts so it just goes to show you that if you’re stressed out burnt out on sugar nutritionally deprived of vitamin C you’re setting yourself up to have more affections and more arthritis and more inflammation now as far as vitamin C goes yes there are synthetic versions of vitamin C and there’s some natural versions now if you’re going to take vitamin C and I’m not opposed to you taking a short term synthetic version if it’s something like calcium sorbate which is a buffered ascorbic a vitamin C as long as you take it with bioflavonoids because you need the whole complex because if you take straight scorebook acid or even one portion of them and see out of the complex you can end up being deficient and the other factor so make sure it comes with a with a complex the Routan bioflavonoids and as many additional things as possible lemons limes are awesome it’s really really important to do a lot of that so that’s one thing you can do number two is to avoid the sugar but the other thing too is you can get these these lymphocytes to work faster by acidifying them through the outside of vinegar there’s some really cool studies that show that when you acidify the body the phagocytes go to work and they clean up the infections a lot faster there’s even a book I’ll have to put try to find it if I find out for the link down below is talking about using hydrochloric acid they used to dilute people I’m sorry inject people with diluted hydrochloric acid back in I think the 40s and they could be found they can actually get rid of an infection really really fast so that was hydrochloric acid but you can use other acids too like absolute of integral actually drink it in a glass of water with a straw but that will help as well but the neutrophil is your primary defense mechanism I think it’s good to understand what to do and to protect yourself by supporting these guys and I just want to give you a little insights on what you can do if you actually find that you’re susceptible you’re running run down these are some actions that you need to think about alright thanks for watching

This Post Was All About The Amazing Neutrophil.
The Amazing Neutrophil

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Dr. Berg talks about neutrophils and what they do. They are the primary defense against bacteria, fungus, candida and some viruses.
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