The 6 Causes of Skin, Nails, Hair & Muscles Problems

The 6 Causes of Skin, Nails, Hair & Muscles Problems

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about body proteins I’m talking about muscle skin nails hair I mean your entire body is almost all protein you have minerals you have fat but protein is necessary to replace the body tissue so one talks about some factors because it’s a little bit involved with some complexities it’s not just a matter of eating any old protein to replace your body parts if you replace your body with poor raw materials you will going to have problems with you just kind of like look healthy you’re going to look kind of ragged you can look kind of you know wrinkly you’re going to have loose skin so we’re going to go through all the factors to make sure that your body stays beautiful throughout your whole life sound good number one incomplete proteins so if you’re doing trying to get your proteins from rice or beans or or vegetables you really have to know what you’re doing because you can be have an incomplete amino acid profile that’s why it’s much easier to get a complete protein from animal sources specifically eggs our real good complete source is probably the best source of amino acid seafood is a good one fish in general those are all really really complete proteins all right there are amino acids in vegetables but it’s not complete it has some so that’s one thing you have to also make sure that the quality of protein is high you don’t want to do soy protein isolates so when you buy those protein bars or your shakes you’re going to make sure that it’s high quality you want something that is non-gmo you don’t want to do soy protein you want to do whole proteins if at all possible and you just don’t want to do like some cheap like they have vegetable / textured protein like it’s just not good also when you add sugar to protein you really accelerate the insulin spike to a major degree so you never want to combine sugar with your protein and again it’s in the protein bars it’s in all the different foods when you’re taking like hamburger and a bun or hamburger with a coke or sugar not good because you’re going to raise insulin like way way up there so insulin is a going to create a lot of blood sugar problems and also belly fat many other things the other thing I’m talking about is hydrochloric acid in your stomach you have a very powerful stomach cold hydrochloric acid when you age you deplete the acids in the stomach when you don’t have enough stomach I’m stomach acid you have a lack of protein digestion you also have a lack of mineral absorption too so the purpose of the stomach is to break down proteins that’s a big purpose so if you’re not breaking down proteins you’re going to get purification and that’s called gas indigestion acid reflux GERD that all occurs in that same low acid state if you have good acid in a stomach you can break down collagen and have healthy tendons ligaments good connective tissue so you’re nice and strong and tight but hydrochloric acid is probably the single most common deficiency that I see and a lot of people especially when they get older thus the opposite of vinegar tablets or drink that you should do but this is a really common thing especially if the food sits there and one of the big symptoms of hydrochloric acid deficiency is acid reflux yeah so we need to have strong acid to be able to break down proteins okay trace minerals you need minerals potassium but also you need trace minerals trace minerals are minerals required in small amounts to be able to metabolize these proteins see the trace minerals are involved in all the cellular mechanics of protein so your body takes protein as raw material and builds immune cells and hair cells and ligaments but to do that they need a lot of enzymes enzymes are made from protein enzymes need trace minerals the DNA needs trace minerals so all the metabolism and your energy factories need minerals trace minerals so if you don’t have trace minerals you’ll find that your it’s very hard to grow hair or nails or connective tissue okay the problem is in our soils we don’t have enough based minerals so you end up having empty nutrition from in your foods and you you start wondering what the hair falls out so trace minerals are important certain B vitamins specifically biotin b6 b5 are all required for protein digestion and it’s not not just a matter of trying to eat foods high in B vitamins it’s trying to avoid the foods that deplete the B vitamins like the bread sugar pastas crackers alcohol those are the things that will deplete the B vitamins ok nutritional yeast is the best source of B vitamins okay and get it from health of storr quantity if you’re doing too much protein and and this is a big mistake doing six protein meals a day having snacks of protein between meals having large amount of protein is a bad idea because it’s going to spike insulin so anything more than about twenty-five to thirty to thirty five grams of protein per meal is converted to sugar it’s going to spike insulin so what does that mean it means just consume small amounts of protein maybe three to six ounces that’s enough okay that’s enough protein if your metabolism is really really fast maybe you can do a little bit more but for most people three or six ounces so it’s not that much like the palm of your hand maybe a little smaller and sometimes not even three times a day sometimes twice a day we don’t need as much protein as we think and if you do too much you it’s not going to help your hair or your muscles okay and I know there is some controversy about that saying oh if I don’t need a protein I’m not going to have muscle strength that’s a that’s not true because what builds muscle is a combination of hormones and protein and actually healthy foods and exercise and things like that and weight training not just eating more protein if in fact the more protein you eat the more you’re going to clog your liver up and then you’re going to not be able to utilize that protein effectively so the liver is a factor in protein metabolism too so raw vs. cooked when we eat the majority of our food cooked and then you add pasta and breads and starches and sugar bad because when you we cook protein you’re eating a dead protein your body as a harder time utilizing that protein it has to work harder to break it down and I mean to utilize it and absorb it so cook protein too much of that destroys the liver and then it inhibits your ability to process protein so what does that mean does it mean that you’re going to drive up to McDonald’s and have a raw hamburger no it means that you need to have less cooked vegetables more raw vegetables raw nuts I’ll do a SEM I’ll do a video on how to germinate the nuts which is soaking them in water overnight I’ll do that another one but raw nuts raw seeds those are good not overly cooked meat so maybe like medium or rare that would be better okay so the point is that we need more raw foods in the diet so these are just some factors that you might want to utilize to actually improve your own body tissues protein okay I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The 6 Causes of Skin, Nails, Hair & Muscles Problems.
The 6 Causes of Skin, Nails, Hair & Muscles Problems

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You need additional things to make body proteins, B-vitamins, trace minerals, good stomach acids and the quality of dietary protein also has to be correct too.
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