That SHREDDED Life Ep.13 | Dialing In My Physique | HUGE Deadlift PR

That SHREDDED Life Ep.13 | Dialing In My Physique | HUGE Deadlift PR

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[Music] mmm-hmm for the past two weeks I have two of these for breakfast – six cup 48 ounce so it’s like 96 ounces of liquid just turn my day and that’s like two and a two and a half liters it is a secret to my success the secret sauce is the protein shake so you following I can’t talk my lips and my tongue are frozen warm up lips so if you guys have been following my vlogs for a little while you know that I use this calendar to track all my weigh-ins and then I write my like weekly average weights and all that stuff really this thing is is not super useful so since the beginning of the year since the first year I decided the show is getting closer holidays are over I need to get more serious about this prep so for the past ten days I come over here I drink my – protein shakes and then I input my Fitness Pal macros and my daily weigh-ins into the spreadsheet this is the spreadsheet that comes along with the dieting ebook but as you can see here I’ve already input yesterday’s numbers and my weight for today the point is is that I highly recommend if you are sort of more taking your diet more seriously if you’re really trying to dial in your dieting I highly recommend having a spreadsheet like this even if you don’t buy my ebook just create a spreadsheet that can kind of do something like this just so that you can see firsthand and it can update itself you don’t have to do any of the math by hand it’s super helpful and I really think that having this spreadsheet and like utilizing in the past 10 days has actually taken my diet to another level and I’ve I’ve seen a lot of success because of it it’s like a week ago my cars check engine light turned on you can see it right see that yeah that’s not good also the check coolant lights warning is going on and off so the first thing I need to do today is take the car to the dealership and hopefully it’s not gonna cost me an arm and leg to fix this thing dun-dun-dun add or comma how are you my check engine lights on and the coolant warning is been beeping okay thank you so much all right so we’ll diagnose we’ll check for the I know you got the Internet and cool for you initial here and then just sign down no problem my brother’s here to pick me up take me to my dad’s house my dad has two cars so I’m gonna borrow his truck it’s a hundred and twenty five dollars just to plug the diagnostics and and run the check engine light and see if there’s anything wrong he goes there might not be anything wrong with your car the coolant could be like a little funky causing the check engine light to go off like if there’s nothing wrong exactly exactly it’s like there’s nothing wrong with your car but you still owe us $125 just kick your right the nuts that’s what it is then you got the keys oh yeah I got the keys thanks again for being my shuttle later who’s the prettiest girl in the whole world who’s the prettiest girl so one thing nobody’s ever commented on but I really wonder about this is that if you guys think I wear the same gym sweatshirt every day some people at the gym they think I just wear the same shirt over and over again really though I have like 25 of these sweatshirts all right guys so this is my rental car this is the rental truck or my dad’s spare car anyways today’s a pool day and I slept like absolute garbage last night like garbage so a lot of times I have I have a plan with my lifts there’s definitely some structure but with that being said I also kind of intuitively lift and today is going to be an intuitive lift I think I’m gonna do 10 reps on deadlifts lights just probably more cardio than actually working out in my head thinking like in the 365 to 385 range that’s gonna end up being and then I’m going to do some really light speed straight leg deadlift work and accessory work and maybe I’ll film everything who knows but that’s a plan today I will see you guys at the gym [Music] all I’m seeing is great and all I know is I’ve been dragged down been too long my star I’ll rise up and embrace this peacefully [Music] I’ve been too long my storms all rise up in embrace the silence [Music] do you want dinner you want me to make you dinner what do you want me to make you alright easy enough yeah I’m making the both of us dinner this meal that I’m about to make myself though the steak potato broccoli meal with the dessert is blueberry frozen Greek yogurt I’ve been making this like the past two weeks not because I feel like I have to you after my workout just because it’s delicious it’s just like what I want to eat after my workouts [Music] dinner’s ready babe come & get it well top oh this is having a beef cutlet that she made a couple of nights ago I split up some broccoli for both of us she’s having half of a Jersey way sweet potato she’s a baby she can’t eat a whole potato so I’m eating the other potato you’re a baby I still love you I love eating half of your potato I get to eat more potato so I’ve got like five hundred and fifteen grams of potato between mind and the other half of hers a little bit of olive oil on there some button mushrooms with some onion 240 grams our sirloin steak and this is a buffalo steak which is a little bit leaner than the sirloin steak and then a hundred and seventy grams of broccoli by the way guys Liam parents there I think there’s like three types of people in the world there’s the type of people who don’t like to put anything on their steak there’s a type of people who like a1 and then my kind of people are the people who like Liam parents on their steaks so I asked to make this out to be like 10 grams of carbs and what I do is I’d like get a little bit of the mushroom and then Eickhoff a little bit of steak and then I just dip it in the bowl so listen I just finished dinner and I just made some quick dessert this is like one of my go-to desserts especially just because it’s super quick and easy it’s a cup and a half of blueberries 1 cup of Greek yogurt nonfat Greek yogurt like a half a tablespoon of sugar substitute you Luis it’s like Froyo but better because they’re chunks of blueberry in there all right guys so it’s like midnight and I totally got sucked into editing a vlog I am very very tired Alyssa’s already asleep I have been trying to upload a video every other day for this series that shredded life and it’s just been a challenge kind of not a New Year’s resolution because I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but since the beginning of the year that’s kind of where my head’s been at and I’ve been doing that for the first two weeks this is the first day that I’m going to days without a vlog anyways today was a pretty great day pyaare on deadlift 400 pounds for five to ten at a body weight of – OH – are you kidding me that is awesome guys I’m like I can’t believe I hit that I really can’t and I also can’t believe I had 13 more weeks I’ve been looking at my physique in the mirror and I just I really you know you’re making some serious progress when you actually can see it in the mirror instead of like seeing photos of yourself because photos definitely I think help you see it a little bit more clearly but when you’re looking in the mirror you’re like wow today I look a little leaner here here I think that’s one like you’re making some big steps forward and I’ve been seeing that this is super encouraging and I can’t wait to see what the next 13 weeks have in store and just to feel like I have so much time to I’m Way ahead of the game the last time I competed six years ago I competed like around this body weight I was two pounds less well 3 I was like 199 and I’m gonna end up being like 19
2 which is kind of crazy cuz when I got my body fat measured last March the amount of lean body mass that I had was 192 pounds I’m not saying that I’m gonna be 0% body fat cuz that’s just not how it works but I think I’ll end up close to 5 percent and I don’t even I can’t even imagine what that looks like so I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog I’ll wrap this up I like this is kind of a long outro I hope you enjoyed it I’ll see you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About That SHREDDED Life Ep.13 | Dialing In My Physique | HUGE Deadlift PR.
That SHREDDED Life Ep.13 | Dialing In My Physique | HUGE Deadlift PR

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That SHREDDED Life Ep.13 | Dialing In My Physique | HUGE Deadlift PR
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