That Bulk Life Ep. 3 | A Special Guest Arrives

That Bulk Life Ep. 3 | A Special Guest Arrives

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everybody meet this studly man al Morelli of the San Diego Morelli ins we are getting ready to go to brunch right now last night we all went to that all-you-can-eat sushi buffet I have way too much sushi so the places like bagels and brews is kind of a theme of brunch I cannot eat a bagel right now so I’m having kind of like a cop not not a coffee I’m just having a protein shake with a banana unsweetened cocoa shake is like super thick mmm Wagyu back-alley you don’t want to go to brunch dressed like that you look great al he says that he’s actually gonna compete in the show that I’m gonna compete in which I didn’t tell you guys but I found a show to do it’s April 8th and I think my diet is actually gonna start like a week and a half from today so get excited because the dieting series is starting pretty soon there’s only gonna be like three bulking videos makeup on my jeans bro maybe it is cold and I don’t have a coat at our apartment all my coats are at my dad’s house this guy’s from San Diego and he’s got a coat it doesn’t make any sense pal watch my balls my balls down there special look at those shorts though oh oh man Morelli and I are going to the gym it’s deadlift day for me it’s agility day for him down the road today is 435 for 5×5 let’s do this to the coin so when Al and I got home from the gym L was craving sweet and sour chicken so he made sweet and sour chicken from scratch it’s not like original sweet and sour chicken is macro friendly sweet and sour chicken smell delicious it’s pretty damn good though so I also went with some sweet and sour chicken but I didn’t use rice because I’m saving my carbs for cake I think I’m gonna make either chocolate or vanilla cake are you in for kcal she’s just dunking geez dunk no it’s the milk no we’re leaving we’re really we’re ending the vlog here gives the vlog of like for this guy mr. Raleigh’s first appearance on the vlog on our workout today oh stop it you creep creepy guy I hope you enjoy the vlog and I’ll see you in the next episode guys John stop guys your girlfriend woof

This Post Was All About That Bulk Life Ep. 3 | A Special Guest Arrives.
That Bulk Life Ep. 3 | A Special Guest Arrives

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That Bulk Life Ep. 3 | A Special Guest Arrives
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