Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Got Keto/Carnivore/Fasting Questions?? We are here for you.
Invite a friend and let’s talk about the Proper Human Diet!!
Low-carb, Keto, Ketovore, & Carnivore consisting of real, whole foods are the Proper Human Diet spectrum.


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0:00 Proper Human Diet, Fasting Q & A
3:41 Can people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta do Keto
4:21 How to start Carnivore when obese
5:36 Is it ok to do a few days a week of carnivore and a few Keto
6:10 What are the least inflammatory vegetables
7:25 Will Keto help have a successful pregnancy after reversal
8:12 Does taking Vitamin D reduce instance of sunburn
10:18 What is best pain reliever for high blood pressure
11:04 Does sodium increase risk of kidney stones
11:46 What is the average fat to protein ratio in eggs
12:45 Can people with epilepsy do Keto
13:46 Should I add PSMF to lose more weight in Carnivore
14:24 Will Keto help MCH/MCHC
14:28 Is Keto good for type 1 Diabetic
15:25 How long will the immune system take to bounce back from surgery
16:00 Update on Dr. Berry’s new clinic
17:31 Will Keto diet help varicose veins
18:21 What kinds of meat has nitrate
19:15 What type of doctor checks Thyroid condition
19:40 Will Carnivore help the remission of Crohn’s disease
21:43 What organ meat spectrum does chicken gizzards land
22:26 Is liverwurst a good substitute for real animal liver
22:51 Should I do higher fat or higher protein to lose more weight
26:48 Does Carnivore cause Cholesterol to go up
27:48 How to prepare for a cheat meal
29:19 Does Keto help with migraines
30:33 Is Metamucil okay with Keto
31:17 How to increase protein intake if one doesn’t like meat and eggs
32:54 How to combat fatigue
33:59 What Keto food is good for kids with ADHD
35:51 Can labs show normal for salt intake and still be not getting enough
36:32 Can you bulk up as bodybuilder on Keto
37:03 What to look out when eating cheat meat
37:38 Will Keto help decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis
38:45 Can Carnivore help fix Hirsutism
39:26 Will canning bone broth destroy it’s benefits
40:48 Does Keto help improve Lymphedema
41:15 What is Keto Chow electrolyte drops
42:30 Does taking insulin break a fast
43:59 Can Carnivore help the Hemoglobin go down
46:00 Is Carnivore still good for 80+ year old people
48:14 What to do if you’re getting Diarrhea on Carnivore
48:54 Will Keto help with Interstitial Cystitis
49:03 How to do Keto when pregnant
50:43 Does longer fasting cause the blood sugar to go up
51:37 What type of toothpaste is good with Keto
52:41 Do women need carbs for healthy hormones
53:29 Are people eating toothpaste
53:46 Can taking insulin break the fast
54:25 What should I do if I still don’t have bowel movement
57:19 What is the best Carnivore cookbook
57:54 Does Keto and fasting help with Parkinson’s
58:55 Is high protein low carb the same as Keto diet