Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Proper Human Diet/Fasting Q&A

Got Keto/Carnivore/Fasting Questions?? We are here for you.
Invite a friend and let’s talk about the Proper Human Diet!!
Low-carb, Keto, Ketovore, & Carnivore consisting of real, whole foods are the Proper Human Diet spectrum.


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0:00 Proper Human Diet, Fasting Q & A
4:41 Is it true that 1 hotdog takes 36 minutes of your life
6:14 Is there a cure for alcohol withdrawal through diet
7:04 How to fix diarrhea while on Carnivore
7:45 How much of electrolytes and salt to consume
8:14 Is it common for a Carnivore to have a high morning blood sugar
8:59 Should I force fasting
11:08 Can Carnivore diet help with Lyme Disease
11:49 Will adapting to Keto help with Degenerative Disc Disease
13:15 Does Keto cause feeling weak during regular activities
13:54 Which diet is better for Celiac, Diabetes, and high BP
16:38 Can I drink Keto Chow shakes while on 5mg Lisinopril
17:02 How to stay Carnivore when the gallbladder is already removed
18:01 How to help fix Lichen Sclerosis through diet
18:36 Is there other options for CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea
20:29 How to cut out bread and pasta for Keto diet
22:36 How to stabilize weight using Carnivore diet
23:25 What to eat and drink to fight exhaustion
24:04 Does Carnivore diet make your BO worse
24:52 What diet should a person with Oral Lichen Planus do
25:19 Will Carnivore develop insomnia
26:37 How to help reduce menstrual cramps
28:36 What to do when you’re chronically constipated
29:13 Is it safe to fast for 3 days while on TRT
31:02 If you’re trying to get pregnant is it okay to fast 48-72 hours
31:39 How long does it take for your body to heal doing Keto
32:07 What’s the reason for increased urination when on Keto or Carnivore
32:36 Are protein powders good for you
33:02 How to find a good Keto or Carnivore doctor
33:33 Is it normal to not poop everyday when on Carnivore
33:59 Is blue cheese okay for Keto or Carnivore diet
34:24 Should I keep taking my Uloric and Colchicine when on Keto
35:20 Why would fasting cause Diarrhea
36:21 Is Keto and Ketosis okay during pregnancy
37:43 What causes itchy legs during Carnivore
38:25 Are slightly high calcium levels dangerous
40:42 Does Keto or Carnivore cause low energy levels
41:44 What’s the best strategy to wean off blood pressure medicine
42:48 Is nutritional yeast good
43:05 How to gain weight from Carnivore
43:33 Can Keto help with a sludge in gallbladder
44:48 What to use to measure ketones
45:14 What causes ravenous hunger when eating
46:02 Can bone spur pain go away on Keto or Carnivore
46:51 Will NDT flare up Hashimoto’s
47:19 Can Keto diet help with CKD
48:22 How to make a baby eat Keto or Carnivore
49:31 What can I do for Prostatitis
52:01 Can I eat 2 ribeyes every other day with ADF
53:30 Does eating too much liver bad due to Vitamin A toxicity
56:39 Are sugar free energy drinks good
57:13 How to gain weight back when doing Carnivore
57:50 How long should you eat meat & eggs for autoimmune disorder
58:53 What would be an optimal range for Vitamin C