More Than Just Recipes…I’m Competing?!

More Than Just Recipes…I’m Competing?!

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all right so you guys may have noticed that I’ve been uploading full day of eating videos with some working out mixed in to those videos I’m not just doing recipes anymore and I really feel like it’s time for me to expand the channel beyond recipes I love doing recipes i’ve made over a hundred and fifty or sixty recipes for you guys but i found out that i also enjoy sharing full days of eating with you guys I enjoy sharing my workouts for you guys and I want to keep doing that so I just don’t want to continue uploading those videos without actually addressing that I’m going to be doing those videos more of those videos I’m still gonna be doing cooking videos do not worry about that i’m still doing recipe videos and probably still doing them once a week but when i started the channel two years ago now i was injured and i couldn’t really do as much in the gym as I used to be able to but since then my injuries have healed it’s taken two years I finally feel this is the first time this past month where I finally felt almost a hundred percent almost back to my normal self so in those two years I didn’t really have a chance or I didn’t think that it would be interesting to show you my workouts because for the first year of my injuries because I had to like really close to each other and I’ve talked about it on channel before I guys I could barely sit down a bench like it was painful my back was pretty messed up and then this past year things have been getting better and better and better and I just feel so good now I feel great it feels amazing to finally have those injuries kind of go away I mean not go away but pretty much not have to have them in the back of my mind when I’m working out anymore and I don’t have any pain when I’m working anymore working out was like a chore if you’ve ever had an injury and you’ve been in pain while working out it is the worst you mean feel like going to the gym anymore but I am more motivated than ever to go to the gym now and I actually have kind of been thinking about doing a physique competition in the spring just because I think it’d be fun it’d be a good challenge and now that I’m fully healed I can train how I want to train for that competition and I want to share that with you guys I think it would be really cool to track that journey even the track this journey from the reverse diet to then to the diet and you can see kind of a whole cycle of bulking and then dieting so I guess I just wanted to address the elephant is that the 900-pound gorilla I think that’s what it is in the room that yes I will be creating more content outside of recipes but recipes will still be part of this channel and I just wanted to let you guys know what to expect from the channel going forward this is not just going to be recipes anymore it’s gonna be a lot more than that I hope you enjoy the content that i’m going to create for you I’m having a really fun time making that type of content that is really interesting to me right now and now that I’m fully healthy to to do more of that it’s exciting to me I hope you’ll continue to be a subscriber if not I totally understand because you just subscribe for recipes but I had to let you guys know that thanks for subscribing I’ll see in the next video guys

This Post Was All About More Than Just Recipes…I’m Competing?!.
More Than Just Recipes...I'm Competing?!

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More Than Just Recipes…I’m Competing?!
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