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morning guys we are on week 5 of 20 of lean bulking doing a little bit of a physique checking before we start today’s vlog and at that dad-bod still going on last night guys I had this huge french toast meal before about I actually had french toast and Captain Crunch I’m actually pretty hungry pretty hungry I’m pretty full from that meal because the low-calorie bread that I used is filled with fiber and I hadn’t had a low-calorie bread in a really long time so it’s just a ton of fiber I also had eight pieces of french toast so that might have had something to do with it but regardless what I’m trying to say trying to give you guys a little bit of a pro tip some advice is don’t eat just to eat especially in the morning like if you eat breakfast just eat breakfast just because it’s a thing people do I highly recommend just saving your calories for the times of the day that you’re the hungriest if you wake up in the morning and you’re not hungry don’t feel like you have to eat breakfast for some reason just fast then wait and have lunch later in the day or even later than that if you’re still not hungry and just save the calories for when you are your hungriest still on that hazelnut life guys crack open a new package that you’re gonna hit the strong button or did you even really make coffee kind of want to show you guys a deep dive into my spreadsheet which is really what’s guiding me in terms of lean bulking and just showing you how everything is going in terms of numbers wise because this is what I use to make all my adjustments and keep myself on track so I’ll probably do a screen grab of my spreadsheet here and I’ll show you guys exactly what’s been going on so first and foremost this is the last week of this month cycle so I have an average weight for the month and my average weight for the month is 212 0.85 at this moment at today’s win now that’s gonna change by the end of this week because obviously there will be more weigh-ins then I’m up point six one percent of my body weight from last month I’m only trying to be up about a half a percent of my body weight each month but I do have taken into consideration that I had like for heavy winds because of Thanksgiving and that probably threw things off a little bit so I’m probably realistically right in at about half percent of my body weight gain a real number compared to last month’s average weights so right now this week I’m averaging two 13.2 I’m eating about twenty eight hundred and thirty calories of course I’ve definitely been doing a lot more guesstimating because I’m lean bulking I’m not dieting so I’m not being exact with all of my numbers I’m not laying everything out I’m having a little bit of freedom I’m doing morgue estimations so this is definitely a rough estimation of what my macros and calories have been but it’s good enough at least from the bulking I’ve been taking in about two hundred and seventy-three grams of protein each day about forty seven grams of fat I’ve been trying to hit 60 grams of fat but it just seems like I love carbs more than I like eating fat and with that being said I’m always conscious and taking in healthy fats every day almost I eat smokes them and giving omega-3 fatty acids into my diet I don’t take fish oil supplements I like to eat my omega-3s and that’s why I’m constantly eating smoked salmon every day and then like I was saying I’m usually eating a lot more carbs than I am fat so my carbs have been about 330 and my goal has been 300 but that’s just because carbs just tastes way better than fats at least I think so that’s sort of a deep dive into my spreadsheet into what I’m logging into here every day that you see me kind of like drinking my coffee and being on my computer that’s what I’m doing I’m putting all those numbers in there and then based on what I see from the spreadsheet is how I make my adjustments I think socks are overrated guess I’m not going to the gym today typically if I go to the gym I wear socks cuz counter socks to go to the gym if I don’t have to put socks on I don’t put socks on I also don’t like to tie my shoes it’s waste of time – you guys think work is out the store you think if I open this door we’re gonna go to work that’s not work that’s my that’s my apartment let’s try again check it out dudes we are super festive at the restaurant we got all of our holiday decorations up I just made some lunch made some chicken kept it it’s a pretty poverty lunch actually because I ran out of oats my oats – behind the clock over here it’s empty so just doing chicken and hot sauce today it’s like 150 grams of chicken and we’re just drinking as much water as I possibly can that’s almost an entire gallon gone and it’s like 1 o’clock in the afternoon good doing good with the hydration one of the longest running things on the channel is why it’s awesome to own a restaurant especially Duff’s and I think one of my favourite reasons for owning this place is free hot sauce hot sauce is like one of my favorite condiments if not well G Hughes barbecue sauce is like taking the number one spot but this is a close second and it’s like Frank’s hot sauce but just a little less spicy than Frank’s hot sauce super good dad showed off the office what are you doing with DIRECTV you’re gonna lie to them gae-dwoh just tell DIRECTV you went back to cable I went back to cable I don’t want your sir I don’t want to hurt their feelings all right I love you dad okay I’ll see you later bye all right we are on our way out of here I’m probably gonna head to the grocery store get some stuff pretty much out of almost everything all right yes so we are back home from the grocery store back home from work figured I just show you guys what I got from the store I pretty much cleared out the entire store of kin pops I’ve been really really obsessed with these a lot more than I even was before just like I don’t know I love the crunch and the crunch maybe the macros are awesome two grams of carbs per pop they’re just way better than rice cakes though if you can find them try to buy as many as you can like I did it this way I think that’s like eight packages of Kim pops I just I’m afraid of running out I guess picked up some pure vanilla extract because a lot of my recipes have vanilla extract picked up some unsweetened Hershey’s cocoa powder because my morning shakes I always put some cocoa powder some red beets or on crackers for the sports 7 some super greens which is kale spinach Swiss chard arugula is there a real oh no there’s no rule adjust kale spinach and Swiss chard I add arugula and Sorrell usually for those pretty much just pick this up because of health guys because as far as micronutrients goes I don’t think it gets more micronutrient dense than kale spinach and Swiss chard so try to have a serving it to or two of this everyday and then underneath there what pack of chicken for the proteins got some unsweetened vanilla almond breeze almond cashew milk got some shrimp for the proteins got some pancake syrup for the French toast that I’m probably gonna make here to second because I’ve been on this like french toast kick lately of course I had to pick up more of my boy here gee Hughes the sugar free hickory smoked barbecue sauce I feel like I’m so late to this game but this is just a game changer guys two grams of carbs for 30 grams of barbecue sauce are you kidding me it’s delicious everybody who I’ve let try this I get addicted to it so pick that up if you could find it I hurt Walmart has this stuff and they have the maple I think there which is supposed to be even better than the Hickory that agrees awesome all
the pretzels because you know I love husbands and then for more protein 99% lean ground turkey which of course is probably just going to be covered by mr. G Hughes over here kind of in a weird day of eating instead of having my shake for breakfast and having it at 5:30 at night instead only had chicken so far today but basically the same ingredients that is always that are always in my morning shake except some oats showed up in the shake so didn’t even take me ten minutes to drink that entire shake I’ve got like a shake baby in my belly right now you know when people say they got food baby in their belly well mine’s a shake baby because that was over a liter of chocolate protein shake it’s very delicious so delicious that I drink it way too fast but still kind of hungry so I’m gonna have some kin pops actually I’m gonna have all these kin pops think about Kim pop says I can’t just have one I’ve to eat the entire sleeve it’s a problem if I open up a bag gotta eat the whole thing but listen this crunch guys this is why Kim Pop’s are far superior to rice cakes listen to this you will never get the crunch of a Kim pop and a rice cake that and it actually tastes like something no exactly there’s no I’m not having chicken limited rice soup I’ve got my own dinner prepared over here a couple of sterling steaks it’s like 320 grams between the two of them sweet potato like 450 grams of that some peppers and onions a bowl of peas like a serving of hockey’s and then I think I have like five or six probably five and a half I’m just gonna say six servings of pretzels I didn’t weigh anything so just estimating on the pretzels but I’m going this and watch some curve with the fam so that’s what’s going on yes so it’s that time of the night guys where you plug all of your macros into MyFitnessPal from the day and then you just see how many macros you have left and then you make your last meal fit whatever those macros are that you have left so that’s exactly what I did I’ve got 210 grams of sub frozen blueberries because half of my calories today have been pretzels so I just want to add a little bit more health into today’s day of eating and then I’ve got some shredded chicken about 180 grams of the shredded chicken with my boy over here G H Hughes and then I’m gonna also have some almond breeze almond cashew milk macros today I’m gonna finish at 262 protein 347 card which is 47 grams whole from my goal of 300 grams 38 grams of fiber that’s a nice fiber total for me and that’s mainly because I tones of pretzels so I kept that fiber number down and then I’m gonna end at 40 grams of fat and I’m trying to hit 60 grams of that but I never hit 60 grams of fat and then overall calorie wise I ended up at 2795 trying to hit like 28 50 right now so pretty good on the calories pretty good on the macros hope you guys enjoyed today’s full day of eating today’s lean bulking diary entry I guess since I’m calling this the lean bulking diet Diaries now so yeah thanks for hanging out guys I hope you enjoyed the video I will see you in the next one I’m going to bed have a good night guys bye [Music]

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