IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 7 | Increasing My Macros | Bench Hypertrophy

IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 7 | Increasing My Macros | Bench Hypertrophy

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breakfast today is two whole eggs some ground turkey you guys know I love this for breakfast 99% lean ground turkey with three servings reduce your ketchup and rice krispie treats one thing I don’t talk about on the blog a lot is that I love cereal you guys never seen eat cereal haven’t had in a while really excited for this is like 50 grams of rice krispie treats that is a ton of cereal that’s a lot of volume so I’m kind of a weirdo guys and I’ve got my milk separate from my cereal because it’s a little judo mind trick right so if I add the milk to the cereal I just like scoop that stuff into my mouth and boom it’s gone in like two seconds so if I drink my milk separately it makes me feel like I’m heating more cereal even though that I’m not it’s just my games wait this morning was 205 point to which is actually less than last week’s to a 6.8 weekend way it weakened way in and as you guys can see here these are my average weekly weights 20 5.9 for that week 20 6.4 gained a quarter of a percent of my body weight so that basically means that reverse dining is going perfectly when I reverse diet I just try to gain maximum a half a percentage of my body weight per week so a four percent is right in line that’s like perfect I actually think that for this reverse diet in particular I’m not going to be gaining more than a quarter of a percent or at least going to try to gain more than a quarter of a percent I know that this looks silly I know that it seems silly but give this a try and I guarantee you you will think you a more cereal so one thing I forgot to tell you guys inside was my macro goals for the day and since I’ve been handling the increase in macros so well at the beginning of this reverse died I decided this week time to bump up the carbs going from 275 grams of carbs to 300 grams of carbs this week protein and fat still staying the same proteins to 20 that is 50 for windy out here but it’s beautiful outside and it is push day today so I won’t show you guys the entire push work out because I know the last full day of eating video that I did it was push day and I don’t want to bore you guys so i’ll just show you bench progress from today feeling good today guys feeling real good today i think it was that coffee that coffee has got me like amped up for this push workout it’s a hypertrophy push date today and the goal is to 54 a five by ten but i just got a feeling got a feeling it’s gonna be even better than that so I just got home from the gym and made myself a little snack but really it’s like a huge meal this is one and a half servings of black bean spaghetti and this is beautiful guys this took me like 10 minutes make it was so easy by the way I mentioned this in one other post no they’re not sponsoring the video although I wish there were because I’d probably be getting paid or at least some free spaghetti but this Explorer Asian pasta this stuff is ridiculous two grams of fat 17 grams of carbs 25 grams of protein for a 56 gram serving as far as pasta goes you can’t beat that stuff so one and half servings of that with three servings of shrimp and some grilled vegetables cannot wait to eat this and 250 grams of a sweet potato with like five grams of olive oil and of course what would a full day of eating be without frozen strawberries you want some oohs alright i’ll make you it i love you but i’m eating that one you’re not eating this look this one is alive get out of here you little jerk i’m not making you one now no i’m not making you one alyssa is notorious for stealing bites of my food and then just ruins my macros but it does just you eat just you eat it i’ll make more for myself listen i have been really into the oj simpson thing on FX people versus oj people versus that’s what’s called a versus the people it’s really good it’s like really good i feel like most people have already seen it though this has already seen most of it cuz she’s always done that tonight i always do this you always watch all the series cuz I’m not around and you you just binge watch on Sundays because you work yeah remember and then I have doing catch up how Wow let me go oh wow Oh Alyssa bites it’s not spicy meatball spicy elicit I are on our way to tennis it’s Tuesday and like you guys know we go to tennis on Tuesday hold your weight your Bulger wait your turn Lou this face look at his face look at this face look at this face it’s your face all right thank you think you played better than last week I think it did too you’re playing good lately bye take care I had fun with you I did so Alyssa and I are back from tennis she’s actually asleep now but I’m about to go to sleep still have to clean up the kitchen though and eat one more meal my last meal of day it’s a lot like breakfast actually I really enjoyed throw rice krispies treats at breakfast and instead of just rice krispie treats and Turkey I’m also having three servings of some regular pretzels course they got my milk on the side here and this is just 180 grams of ninety-nine percent lean ground turkey a little bit of you guys now reduce your ketchup as far as my macros end up at 218 grams of protein 308 grams of carbs and 50 grams of fat today anyways that’s going to conclude today’s vlog hope you enjoyed it if you made it this part of the video let me know in the comments below if your team pretzel or team chip I think he has already know my answer good I guess

This Post Was All About IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 7 | Increasing My Macros | Bench Hypertrophy.
IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 7 | Increasing My Macros | Bench Hypertrophy

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IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 7 | Increasing My Macros | Bench Hypertrophy
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