How to Dose & Stack Creatine for Mental Boost (Legal Nootropic)

would you think that I’m just a complete internet huckster if I told you that I literally had a way for you to improve your IQ by 20% yeah most of you have probably already bounced from this video okay the reality is there’s serious serious proof that that actually is real it comes down to the proper the proper utilization of creatine now in this video I’m going to teach you how to use creatine for nootropic purposes to improve your brain function okay now before again you turn off this video remember that creatine is not a muscle building supplement creatine is an energy producing supplement it just so happened to have been commandeered by the fitness industry and then also building crew so it’s kind of like just misconstrued everything reality is it helps us create ATP which I’ll explain in just a second you’re tuned into the internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel with new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time please hit that subscribe button so you never miss a beat but also hit that little Bell button so you know whenever I do a live broadcast or anything like that alright let me go ahead and start off with a study that was published in the Proceedings of royalty Society B biological sciences I know crazy name okay what this study did is it took a look at individuals that were either on creatine or not on creatine over a six-week period so what they did is they actually took vegans and vegetarians who are more than likely in a state where they probably weren’t getting a lot of exogenous creatine coming in from meat sources and they said okay half of you we’re gonna give 5 grams of creatine a day to for six weeks and half of you we’re simply not okay well they measured their IQ at the beginning of the study and then they measured their IQ at the end of the six weeks and they found that those that were taking the 5 grams of creatine ended up having a 20% improvement on their IQ test that is off the charts improvement for literally just a few weeks ok 20% improvement now here’s what we have to understand how creatine actually works see creatine allows us to create more ATP when we come down to how we create energy it’s really simple well it’s actually very complex but it’s explained simply ATP adenosine triphosphate is adenosine and three phosphate molecules when we go through the process of creating energy we remove one of the phosphate molecules and that adenosine triphosphate now becomes adenosine diphosphate now what happens is to some degree in order to turn that adenosine diphosphate back into adenosine triphosphate we need some creatine okay so what happens is it’s the energy of removing that phosphate molecule from ATP to ADP that creates a spark of energy so in order to recreate that spark we need to reattach that phosphate molecule so we’ve removed a phosphate molecule but now we got to put it back so that we can rip it off again and create more energy now there’s a couple different ways that we can do that but creatine allows us to do it really quick you see creatine is also known as creatine phosphate so creatine carries the phosphate over to the adenosine diphosphate so that it can create new energy again without that creatine it doesn’t happen as fast so what happens is it’s really hard to pull creatine from our system all the time eventually it slows down so when we take a small amount of exogenous creatine it allows that ATP process to occur faster that’s why we can get more strength and more energy in the gym with creatine but here’s what’s wild per capita if you will our brain uses more energy than anything our tiny little heads our tiny little brains take up 20% of our entire body’s adenosine triphosphate twenty percent of our entire molecular energy and we are so busy thinking about what it does in the muscle that we forget that we need it all in the brain so creatine plays a role in the brain which is exactly why that society the study showed that people got smarter now there are some caveats to this right creatine can make you hold water creatine can be hard if you’re not drinking enough water so you need to make sure that you’re doing this properly because I do believe that a small micro dose of creatine is very powerful for long-term brain health and for overall quick bursts of energy the nice thing about creatine is you notice it fast right you don’t have to load with a bunch of creatine in fact it’s been shown that just one to two grams that creates can have a pretty solid effect five grams is enough to load your muscles with a lot of creatine if you are trying to get a little bit more of a weightlifting effect if you’re not doing a lot of physical activity one to two grams of creatine per day is going to get you a phenomenal mental boost if you are doing physical activity you have to account for that too because what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to take just 1 to 2 grams of creatine then go work out burn it all up and not have enough left over to get a mental boost but I would say the rege rams is about where you need to be if you’re moderately working out and if you’re working out with a lot of intensity maybe bump it up to 4 5 in my opinion is the absolute upper limit after 5 is where you start to see a little bit of excess water retention and nobody wants that it doesn’t matter who you are you don’t want to be holding extra water we do just want to be able to create ATP at a faster rate and now specifically we see a big increase in ATP regeneration within the hippocampus the hippocampus is really important for memory so if I were to go into the other room right now and I were to read a research paper which is kind of what I do before I film a lot of times and then come back out here I would be using a lot of my hippocampus to explain what I read ok now if I was consuming some creatine I could access the hippocampus potentially 20% faster right I could get more energy more energy from an exogenous form of creatine so the way that you can get more out of this I mean you can get creatine for like dirt cheap like dirt cheap you just want regular creatine monohydrate right but you can literally almost double the effect of creatine by combining it with like lion’s mane or reishi mushroom simply because that has a powerful effect on creating what is called nerve growth factor so we’re producing more nerve growth factors now the specific protein what it does is it encourages or allows more fluent and rapid communication between two neurons in short distances so basically if you have two neurons that are communicating to each other short distances not traveling really far but short distances just like for memory things like that quick movements ok that transmission requires nerve growth factor that protein assists that so the more nerve growth factor we have the faster and the more efficiently neurons can communicate with each other ok so now imagine being able to improve that superhighway between the neurons with lion’s mane or reishi mushroom but now imagine adding ATP to the mix with creatine so you just increase that so you now have more activity going just because the communication is clearer and you have a faster vehicle okay so it’s like instead of taking a wine D back Road in a Prius you’re taking a superhighway freeway that’s a direct line in I don’t know a McLaren or Ferrari or something right okay so a whole different ballgame it’s just gonna be faster and more efficient now creatine you can get anywhere and just so you guys know when it comes down to like lion’s mane and reishi you’ve probably seen my videos on nootropics before for sig Matic really paves the way here everyone talks about them Tim Ferriss talks about them a lot of people online seamen Whole Foods so for stigmatic is coffee that has the reishi and the lion’s mane in it so I put a link down below in the descri
ption for anyone that wants to get a special discount because I do have a special discount because I work with them all the time so you guys can take advantage of that I’ll link to creatine down in Amazon to no specific link there honestly you can just get whatever creatine you want just don’t get a creatine ethyl ester okay just get plain old creatine monohydrate get a cheap one and when it comes to the reishi and the four sig Matic and everything like that again special link in the description for a special discount for everybody so with what you’d want to do with that again you’d want to start out probably with like one gram of the creatine and increase your way up until you feel good but you don’t feel like you’re getting water attention if you start gaining weight like a half pound or a pound consistently like you’re holding that weight you know you need to back it off about a gram that’s just how you find your sweet spot I play around with it try to figure out sometimes I retain more water than others anyway that’s how you do it that’s how you get more boost out of that so as always keep it locked in here in my channel you have ideas for future videos you want more nootropic tips just let me know see you soon

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