How Much Sun Do We Need to Get Our Vitamin D

How Much Sun Do We Need to Get Our Vitamin D

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so I wanted to answer the question how much Sun do we actually need to get our vitamin D our daily dosage it really depends on how much of your body is exposed to the Sun and where you live okay so let’s just take San Diego for example and also your age if you’re younger you absorb a lot more vitamin D if you’re older you’re a factor of three times more so you need three times as much Sun so if you’re in San Diego and you’re young and you’re just your hands and your face are exposed to the Sun you have to spend 22 minutes in the Sun to get the vitamin D that you need per day they already ace and that’s just the bare bones right we’re not talking about the stuff to maintain or even try to reverse some type of illness we’re talking just to prevent rickets for example all right so next one you have the short sleeves and then on your face and your hands 26% of your body 19 minutes okay so 19 minutes shorts and t-shirt 46 percent of your body exposed 11 minutes not bad right no shirt in just shorts 72 percent of your body is exposed to the Sun 7 minutes boom you got your dose right but if you’re in Seattle okay in the north and you’re young you need a hundred and sixty eight minutes if just your face and your hands are exposed if you’re older than Seattle five hundred and four minutes to get your daily dosage of vitamin D that’s a lot of time out in the Sun okay if you’re in Seattle and you’re younger short-sleeves in your face and your hands seventy six minutes okay a little more than an hour and if you’re older 228 minutes it’s a long time now you’re in shorts and a t-shirt 44 minutes okay versus 132 minutes no shirt shorts 28 minutes and then 84 minutes the reason why I’m showing you this chart is to get you to think with these variables it’s not just about the Sun it’s about where you’re living versus in the world certain latitudes your age the you know if your skin is lighter or darker you’re gonna need more Sun if you’re of a darker skin the health of your liver for example is important so there’s a lot of variables to this vitamin D and vitamin D is so important especially as you get older especially if you’re really young especially if you’re sick for viruses for the flu to prevent autoimmune problems so you may want to consider taking vitamin D especially nowadays since people are just inside so so much they just don’t get enough Sun alright thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About How Much Sun Do We Need to Get Our Vitamin D.
How Much Sun Do We Need to Get Our Vitamin D

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Here’s a video where Dr. Berg discussed how much sun do we need to get our vitamin D. It really depends on how much the body is exposed to the sun, where you live and your age. Vitamin D is very important especially as you get older or if you are really young, and if you are sick or to prevent the autoimmune problems and to boost your overall immune system.
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