Hashimoto Thyroiditis Simplified (Autoimmune Hypothyroid)

Hashimoto Thyroiditis Simplified (Autoimmune Hypothyroid)

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hey dr. Berg here in this short video we’re going to talk about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis simplified now Hashimoto’s is a type of a thyroid problem which is a hypothyroid but it’s a different type it’s actually an immune issue problem and I want to give you some insights because when you do research on this you really won’t find much about it so I want to show you something this is a sipper collection of medical illustrations endocrinology vol 4 by dr. Frank nitori’s and MD I’m going to show you on page 84 just going to read something too and this page is on something that describes cortisol the biological actions of cortisol that’s the stress hormone so it’s as cortisol diverts amino acids from the lymph tissue now the limp tissue is all the immune tissue so it the cortisol pushes in protein from that limp tissue so you don’t you don’t get as much amino acid and so we get a marked reduction in size of your lymph nodes in other words it causes an atrophy or a shrinkage of your immune system yeah cortisol will cause the shrinkage of the immune system and then this accompanied by a release of anti-bodies now what does that mean it means that all those stored antibodies now are released into the blood so we’re getting a release of these little antibodies which basically help they’re part of the immune system and then it says that eventual decrease in overall antibody production so what happens with cortisol is you get a lowering of the entire immune system and the ability to protect our bodies which then breaks down the immune barrier and raises susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections so now what does all that mean it means that there’s a huge connection between stress and the immune deficiency issues when we get into Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune problem just ask the person this one question when did it start and you’re going to find it will always start after some stress event Allah of a level-one the divorce job loss an injury a trauma whatever and all of a sudden it sets up a weakness within the adrenal lowering the immune system and then your body starts attacking itself so why would your body develop antibodies to attack itself other than that whole system is lost control and it’s out of control and that’s what this is it’s a your body’s has producing little antibodies against itself and so it’s a self attack and it keeps the thyroid inflamed so that’s what this is and it’s triggered by I believe high cortisol which is stress and then the whole thing starts becoming a problem so now okay so that’s that’s kind of my theory on what’s going on but now what can we do about it well we want to do two things we want to reduce the inflammation because there’s an itis and some really good things to do for that to help the immune system is to take vitamin d3 and by the way that adrenal thing that cortisol that will deplete your vitamin D as well so you want to take a little bit more than you normally take so take about 10,000 IU’s but make sure you take vitamin k2 with it I’ve done videos on this this is very important you need to take these together because they work together so take about 100 micrograms of k2 10,000 IU’s of vitamin d3 and then add some cod liver oil norm about 500 milligrams and this combination is very anti-inflammatory so it will actually help the inflammation piece of it but there’s something else that is out there that you may want to look into it’s a product by standard process and you’re going to have to find a practitioner that has it but it’s called thyroid thyrotropin PMG I wrote Rauf in PMG and the PMG part is really DNA extract of thyroid gland from my cow or a sheep whatever so it’s a glandular extract but it’s a siphoned out DNA from that so they take the DNA out and they put it in tablet it’s the news spurt for probably 40 years in the area of alternative health and so when a person would take thyrotropin PMG before bed they’d probably take one it goes into the stomach and because that DNA is very similar to our DNA instead of the thyroid attacking itself it goes what what the heck is this let’s go back over here and start attacking this thing in the stomach so it actually never even leaves the stomach it goes into the lymphatic system around the stomach and it kind of just hangs out there and it it causes a diversion it distracts the antibodies to attack this decoy and it leaves the thyroid alone so the guy who developed this theory is a genius dr. Royal Lee back in probably 20s and 30s but this is a really simple way of kind of taking the immune system and shifting it over here and leaving the thyroid alone so we can start to heal so those are a couple tips in my two cents on the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

This Post Was All About Hashimoto Thyroiditis Simplified (Autoimmune Hypothyroid).
Hashimoto Thyroiditis Simplified (Autoimmune Hypothyroid)

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Dr. Berg talks about the potential causes and remedies of Hashimotos thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune hypothyroid.
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