Dr. Berg’s Anti-Aging Seminar

Dr. Berg’s Anti-Aging Seminar

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welcome to the anti-aging seminar today we’re going to answer a question is it possible to reverse the aging process or at least slow it down I believe it is so before we get into how to do that I want to talk about a big problem in health care we’re running into right now and that has to do with there is no prevention it’s all treating symptoms it’s not preventing anything so let me just show you something right here this is a book called franc net or MD endocrinology and we’re going to talk about the adrenal gland because there’s an aging horror mountainous called cortisol and cortisol will make you older and so you need to know about it you need to know how to undo it and slow it down and this is what it says the normal adrenal gland has an enormous functional reserve indeed the adrenal deficiency does not become clinically manifest until 9/10 of the adrenal has been rendered unresponsive now what does that mean that means that before it shows up in a blood test it has to be 90% destroyed you see the problem if you wait for your adrenals to be showing up on a blood test it’s too late and the same thing goes with the heart does anyone know the first symptom of a heart attack over 50% the time well guess what it is it’s actually there is no symptom its death you just die so sometimes your body gives Clues some your times your body does not give Clues you really can’t go by symptoms same thing with the liver your liver has to be almost completely destroyed before it shows up in a blood test so what we’re going to get in today is some of the problems some of the solutions in relationship to the anti-aging cycle all right there’s two situations you have right here you have creating health okay versus treating disease so the medical model is this will be here treating disease and that’s that basically what they do I want to set up a new model and that’s called creating health and avoiding disease it’s completely different what we want to do is we want to stay over here and how do we create health well through your food the nutrients in your foods the type of exercise the sleep the things you’re doing to reduce stress all these things are creating health and of course the counter creating of the health is just the opposite you know it’s what you’re putting in your food as far as junk foods bad foods artificial things alcohol not sleeping stressing your body out all those things are counter creating your health but there’s also something else and that has to do with doing nothing all right doing nothing is counter creating your health because if you do nothing it’s your body’s gonna fall apart so if you sit in the couch all day you’re not going to create any health or you’re going to counter create your health so here’s the thing here’s the problem with treating the disease model what happens is that the doctor says you have to wait you have to wait six months and we’re going to test you again so every six months we’re going to test you we’re going to test you until you have this disease well by the time you wait you’re already going to have it so my suggestion is that we actively and aggressively create your health now because the odds are against you do you realize that cancer takes 20 years to grow in your body before even shows up on a test twenty years that’s two decades so you really can’t wait and then because when you wait and then you actually are diagnosed it takes incredible energy to undo this thing in fact when you get chemotherapy the success rate after five years there’s only 2% so the disease model treating the disease model doesn’t work it’s very very expensive and the prognosis is not very good and there’s a lot of side effects because the drugs create other complications what I suggest is we do this we really focus on this creating health thing because this is all if you want to know about anti-aging it’s right here it’s all about creating your health it’s about creating your cells healthier it’s like building this thing up that will make you younger I’m doing it personally in about three years I’ll be 50 I feel like I’m 20 but when I was in my 20s I felt like I was 90 so I’ve been actively building up my health and creating my health and I will tell you that this model really works so my goal with you is to make you more we’re of this right here put your attention on this okay because every single day whether you know it or not you either creating your health or your counter creating your health which is basically creating disease so there are little actions that you can do each day that make a huge difference but there’s really two mistakes that people make number one is waiting until they have a problem and men are too notorious for this because they tend to be more macho or they wait and they don’t want to admit that they have weaknesses and I treat small percentage of men but only because their wife dragged them to my office and then they decided okay I’m ready to do something about it but women tend to be more responsible hopefully you men in the audience are going to be more responsible today but what we want to do is we want to not wait anymore we want to take action waiting never works because sooner or later you are going to have a health problem I know some of you have parents or grandparents in your family right now that just out of the blue got sick and now all the family is sucked into trying to help this person so waiting always leads to more problems down down the road so that’s that’s mistake number one mistake number two is that you have no health goal or your goal is too small it’s like what does your health go well I don’t know I’m just going to wait til see what happens to my life in a couple years my goal for my body is to get younger every year that I get older does that sound like a good idea yeah absolutely because if you do that if you actively create on your health then guess what happens to this disease State you avoid it in fact when it’s like learning karate then no one wants to fight you you’re actively countering and bulletproofing your health for the future and so that way you take yourself out of the risk factors and out of the state where your doctor saying hey let’s wait in six months and let’s test you and see when you have it so then we can treat with the drug I want to aggressively actively promote and create a health reserve that you are totally bulletproof for the future now let’s talk about the three mistakes that people make repetitively over and over and over without really knowing they’re making mistake the first mistake is these things called antioxidants and I know some of you are taking them vitamin E and vitamin C and and I guess the Chinese herb tea that you’re drinking and the ginkgo biloba and all that stuff well let me explain something the whole free radical theory is a myth now before you reject that because I was the guy that was pushing that at one time thinking that there’s these free radicals going around destroying her body making it ourselves older until I started to go and read some of the studies that were done on these antioxidants so let me read you a couple these are scientific studies that will show you that these the antioxidants either don’t work or they make you worse check this out here’s one the alpha tocopheryl it’s vitamin E beta carotene it’s vitamin A prevention study this was done in 29,000 people okay it increases taking antioxidants increase the risk of cardiac death stroke and risk for coronary events okay that the trial was stopped early all right the next one called the polyp prevention study done in 751 people neither beta carotene or vitamin C or vitamin
E reduce the incident of tumors or polyps or prevented any polyps okay and then we have another study the physician study this says that showed no difference in the incident of malignant cancer stroke or cardiovascular disease or overall mortality in 12 years of taking the supplement here’s another one so there’s no significant difference in major coronary events but significantly more deaths from fatal coronary heart disease is this mind-blowing or what the actual solutions that people are trying to take the actual vitamins that people are take are actually making them worse now how can that be let me explain something in nature all vitamins come in complexes okay a complex is a series of complex parts that make up a whole now let’s just take the vitamin C complex here we have one part called the ascorbic acid that’s the anti oxidant portion of the vitamin C complex and it also has some cofactors here vitamin J vitamin P that the bioflavonoids that you probably have heard about and then you have copper that’s some mineral and then you have vitamin K so this is what makes up the vitamin C complex well when you’re taking these antioxidants and all those studies most of the studies were doing and we were doing on on synthetic vitamins and synthetic antioxidants they weren’t using natural antioxidants so anytime you take a vitamin fraction or a part of vitamin out of the normal complex you create deficiencies in the other factors I had a patient go to Mexico he had cancer and they injected him with over a hundred thousand milligrams of synthetic ascorbic acid which is vitamin C and this guy came back with the worst vitamin C deficiency that you ever seen in your life he had bleeding gums he had spider veins in his nose he looked like he had scurvy which is a vitamin C because he was very tired and he had varicose veins and hemorrhoids which are all vitamin C deficiencies the very thing that you’re taking in high dosages but synthetic are creating the deficiency and you know many people are doing that they buy cheap vitamins that are believe it or not made from petroleum products they’re not natural they’re not from plants but they can they sit and some people say there’s no difference well let me ask you this is there a difference between artificial flavoring and real flavoring I mean I think there is I believe there’s a big difference between synthetic and natural so anytime you take artificial synthetic fraction native vitamins from the complex and take those in mega dosages you’re gonna be creating problems and I can prove it because right in the studies all those were done synthetically mistake number two taking hormones all right now I know there’s a lot of people are doing the bioidentical hormones and doing synthetic hormones and let me just explain some challenges but before I do that I just have to explain what a hormone is because it can be very complex first of all that you have to know there’s six hundred hormones in your body and when you add a hormone into the mix you create a lot of confusion but what happens is that hormones are communications that are sent from one part of the to another and they travel through the blood so these are hormones and what makes a hormone are things called glands and it usually goes to some other part of the tissue like let’s say this is the ovary and this is the pituitary so you always have these glands that are sending receiving and then returning communications just like you would talk to someone you know you talk to someone they spoke supposedly there should be listening to you and they should be acknowledging here when you talk to them you’re not going to talk to someone they’re just sitting there not acknowledging you same thing with the body so anytime you have too much of a hormone you have a certain problem anything not enough you have a completely other set of problems so here’s the problem when you take hormones you actually shut down the gland you make the gland not have to produce you make the body now dependent on that hormone same goes with thyroid any hormones in the body that’s why I’m not crazy about taking hormones unless you’ve tried everything here’s what’s really missing no one is looking at the glands repairing the glands healing the glands this is the secret to anti-aging because you have to be able to know what to do to heal the glands now one of the biggest things that destroys your glands are a thing called endocrine disruptors what is an endocrine disruptor an endocrine disruptor is anything in the environment that can destroy or interfere or mimic other hormones and specifically it mimics estrogen and you know that estrogen has a tendency to cause cancer and trigger cancer it can create a lots of problems for you too so even some of the anti breast cancer drugs are things that block estrogen in the body so endocrine disruptors are any chemical like pesticide insecticides herbicides fungicides heavy metal country-and-western I’m just saying if you’re awake all these things in the environment that are messing up your hormones golf course they pesticides the office everywhere so what happens what you have to do is you have to aware of that number one and you have to be able to detoxify your body from the endocrine disrupters it just so happens there is a wonderful set of foods that you can eat right now that can dismantle these chemicals from your liver without creating any detox reactions now would you like to know about that would anyone like to know about that okay you would like to know about that and they’re called cruciferous okay cruciferous are those vegetables like broccoli Brussels sprouts cabbage kale and these vegetables that not very many people are eating have the ability to reach out from your liver in pull these chemicals dismantle them and deactivate them why because these things cause cancer they create disease thank goodness that we have our own food supply we have things that can protect our bodies my favorite food is kale why because kale has the most nutrition of any plant on the planet it’s the healthiest food that you could possibly get does it taste good well that’s a different topic but it’s good for you it’s a little bitter but you can mix it with different things kale is my favorite because it can has anti-cancer properties it can make your cells young again it can pull these chemicals out so to salvage the gland we need to be consuming cruciferous and you know what’s really cool about that only three cups of cruciferous every single week will decrease certain cancer rates by 48 percent okay just remember that because these phytonutrients have special properties that if eaten in their complex not synthetically can create massive amounts of anti-aging properties okay so let’s let’s let’s look at something happen as you age every single year you age your hormones are declining that’s the good news I mean that’s the bad news so let’s look at this this is an aging over time there’s hormones that are decreasing with time and there are hormones that are increasing with time all right the ones that increase with time are the aging hormones specifically cortisol that’s the bad hormone that’s the one that causes belly fat that’s the one that destroys your collagen in your skin and your joints and your arteries that can set you up for strokes okay that’s the one that makes you old inside and out it keeps you from sleeping it it gets it causes it sets up a situation we can get autoimmune diseases I mean think about what cortisol is if they inject you with it it’s an anti-inflammatory so that means that all the inflammatory diseases are adrenal why don’t they fix the gland that’s a good question so cortisol that goes up as you age and let’s say this is 50 years old right here okay 50 years old and then we have this other one going down is called growth hormone okay now growth hormone is not just about growing it’s about making you young growth hormone is the main anti-aging hormone it occurs when you’re sleeping so if you’re not sleeping it’s not working well the other thing that triggers it is exercise but not any old exercise so no I’ll get to that
in a moment but this is a very very important thing that decreases and that’s why it’s so hard to lose weight as you age because this is the main hormone that burns fat especially in your belly okay so what we want to do with the anti-aging strategy is work we need to get the glands healthy and we need to get cortisol down to zero and get growth hormone as high as we can all right so that’s what we’re talking about so so what we want to do we want to understand what gland or what organ does growth hormone work through litter what destroys the liver is alcohol even wine beer mad dog 20/20 and also a lot of cooked proteins a lot of cook protein powders the soy powder is very bad for the liver soy protein isolate powder is very bad for the liver when you actually have these powders at your house that you’re taking look at the ingredients make sure it doesn’t have this soy because it’s very bad and liver in fact they found it increases tumors in your liver so we have the thing that the liver loves is bitter vegetables and there we got the cruciferous again we keep coming back to those darn cruciferous vegetables now the only thing green that I ate growing up was pistachio ice cream and lime green jello I never ate any vegetables until I got out of college and that’s why I hit bottom I was very very old on the inside and going down real rapidly I hit bottom when I was 28 but I decided at that point that I’m done I’m ready to get my body in the best shape that I’ve ever been because I if I didn’t I would end up in serious shape so I’ve I’ve been consuming a lot of cruciferous my favorite is kale for probably about 15 years why because I found that was the food that heals the liver and so that’s why I want you to eat that as well or eat similar types of food so that the liver needs bitter vegetables to heal itself okay so now let me show you something a strategy that I use to help people get younger is increase this growth hormone and by the way you can buy it you can buy it from Adam you can actually have your doctor ordered for you it will regenerate your organs within three months it will lose a lot of weight you get lean body mass it costs $12,000 though but it caused diabetes as a side effect about 3 to 4 months later so remember I talked about when you take a hormone it activates your gland that makes it so there’s another way to increase growth home and by 450 percent does anyone want to know what to do how to do that anyone I don’t think you guys are really ready for this maybe I’ll show you at the next seminar the advanced seminar you want to know ok fine I’ll tell you so to increase the growth from about 450 percent what we want to do is we want to do a type of exercise that is called interval training that would be the short little workouts with lots of rest back and forth you can do a little hopping on stairs you can do bike riding you can do little jogging things you can do jump rope whatever it doesn’t matter but the key is the interval short rest short rest as compared to jogging doing marathons okay you will not increase the growth hormone so the type of exercise but they found that increases of this interval training alright but here’s the problem with some of you you you’re not ready to do interval training yet because when you exercise you stress your body out and then you stop what’s supposed to happen you’re supposed to then recover and get healthy and burn fat right here in the recovery after the workout 14 hours later but most of you your recovery is so bad and I’m talking about your body’s ability to rejuvenate you’re not ready for the interval training because it’s more of a stress see here’s the thing it’s not about the quantity of exercise it’s about how your body can recover from that exercise I wrestled in college I was undefeated for the first week and then I was the worst guy on the team because I would work out twice thinking more is better the point is it’s not it’s about your ability to bounce back from things there is something in your body that is actively getting you to recover from stress actively it’s an active machine I’m not going to give you the long name for it but there’s something that helps you to recover so let’s just say you run up a stairs okay and you get to the top how fast is your pulse rate come back to a normal range well guess what gets your pulse rate back to that normal range this specific system so it’s called a recovery system and you also have something that reacts to the stress to get your pulse rate to adapt to the climbing of the stairs – so in any given moment you’re constantly reacting to stress and adapting the stress reacting and adapting to stress so this brings up the next most important thing and that is the aging hormone called cortisol what destroys your body is stress how many of ever experienced stress at least once before got one person and I’m being sarcastic all of you it’s okay to experience stress as long as you can recover from it so here’s another secret if you experience stress make sure you actually do things to extract the stress as you go through stress because unfortunately we can’t move you all to an island right now in the beach for about the next six months so you can rejuvenate so you’re gonna have to do things to undo the stress what I do for my body is I teach people how to do acupressure it’s a non-invasive way of extracting stress because that way each night you can pull the stress out because here’s the thing all stress is accumulative your bodies are like buckets and you’re filling up with stress every day and if you don’t get rid of it that sustained stress will burn you out a lot of you mothers in the audience are experiencing that you put your body on the back burner until one day when you get after menopause you’re like what the heck happened to my body because you’ve been pushing putting yourself on the back burner like I said it’s okay to experience stress as long as you can recover from it and you can keep going so sleep is vital extracting stress doing things to decrease stress is vital because stress is the number one killer out there right now and a lot of you are going through lots of massive stress so I want you to do things every single day that actively get rid of your stress or reduce your stress why because you can’t escape stress but you can do something about it you can you can actually handle your physical a body’s ability to adapt from the stress so like I said before there’s a program that I put people on that actually help them recover but sometimes that’s confusing the people they want like what do you mean recover what I mean bounce back how do you know you have low recovery well how was your tolerance of stress do people get on your nerves do you have a low tolerance to incompetent people you get on edge do you have you get overwhelmed that means you lost your ability to recover okay when the more you lose your ability to recover the less exercise is going to help you lose weight especially in the midsection why because that’s when all the fats burned all right so this recovery thing is everything and to build up your recovery in yourself get them to adapt better is then probably even more important than anything so you want to adjust your exercise to your to recover okay so we have two things going on we have the reaction the stress and the recovery from stress and we want to be able to react to it but we have to adapt to it as well and this is one of the most important things so let’s say you’re stressed right now and you don’t know what to do and you you’re probably maybe me or you’re overtraining well just do walking right now and build up to it over a period of time but the key is never to over train because again if we can get you to recover better we can increase growth hormone and we can then make you younger as you get older mistake number three not isolating and being aware of and getting healthy your weakest link all of you are gonna die of something someday the key is knowing what you’re gonna die of is it going to be the heart is it going to be cancer is it going to be the pancreas is it going to be the liver i
s it gonna be an artery what is it gonna be you’re as strong as your weakest link and what you want to do is you want to identify what weak links you have and put a lot of attention on creating health in that area it’s so simple but people don’t look at it like that now you how do you know you wake us link look at your parents do they have diabetes I know some of you are on medication right now well that will be a weak link right there to start with I mean if you want if you’re confused with what weak link you have you can get help from me or you can just start with the heart because most people die of a heart attack some of the common things that destroy the heart are vitamin B deficiency coming from eating too many refined grains like breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins things like that and sugar that will destroy the heart faster than anything also depletes you a vitamin E which then will cause a different type of heart problem which is like heart attacks angina that’s why vitamin E is good for the heart if it’s done naturally but how do you become deficient vitamin E by consuming too many of those refined grains breads pastas or crackers biscuits you know everyone’s doing it so we want to avoid those to protect your heart we already talked about the liver it doesn’t like a lot of cook protein doesn’t like soy powder it does like cook fats it likes raw bitter vegetables okay what about the pancreas well it doesn’t like sugar it doesn’t like hidden sugars like juice and like the hidden sugars as msg and some of the Chinese restaurants in the fast food places all right so all these things are very very vital when you’re talking about healing the body in getting younger you don’t want to take a global approach you want to take a specific approach and take one organ at a time take your weakest like and bring it on up some of you are so stressed out your adrenal glands need to be rejuvenated that would be a good place to start because if you take that weak link and you bring that thing up guess what you did you allow the anti aging hormones to work on your body just by automatically bringing that down cortisol down and that cortisol is at the heart of so many illnesses from degenerative disease to autoimmune to cancer to burning out the heart so that would be a very vital goal

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg’s Anti-Aging Seminar.
Dr. Berg's Anti-Aging Seminar

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Dr. Berg talks about anti aging and answers questions like is it possible to slow down or reverse the anti aging process. Cortisol is the main hormone for aging. There are 2 basic situations that can be encountered : Creating health vs treating diseases. If we talk about the first model i.e creating health, it can be done by controlling your diet, eating the right amount of nutrients, reducing stress, avoiding bad foods – junk food, artifical foods, alchol, not sleeping. A person should actively create his / her own health and avoid diseases. These are the anti aging secrets by Dr. Berg that he suggests of living and taking care of one’s health actively and not passively. You should have a health goal to achieve and motivate yourself to get the best anti aging. There are few mistakes which should be avoided : taking antioxidants, taking hormones and ignoring your weakest link.
As a person’s age increases, the amount of cortisol increases in the body which causes the aging process and the amount of growth hormone to decrease. The Growth hormone depends on the liver and liver is destroyed by foods such as wines, alcohols, beers, protein powder, soya powder. The liver needs bitter vegetables to heal itself.
Dr. Berg then talks about some of the anti aging foods that can help slow down this process and enable a person to live longer. He discusses about the anti aging strategies that can be followed to increase the amount of growth hormone in the body. This can be done by following simple interval exercises that consist of walking, joging, bike riding (the key is to give rest and then exercise again and follow this pattern over a period of time).
Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 50 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University.
Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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