Did You Realize that Most People Drink 50 Gallons of Poison Each Year?

Did You Realize that Most People Drink 50 Gallons of Poison Each Year?

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hey guys it’s dr. Berg here in this video I want to ask you a question do you realize an average American drinks 50 gallons of poison every single year yeah check this out table sugar converts to glucose and fructose two different types of sugar glucose and fructose the difference is simply the shape of that molecule that’s it very very similar but just slightly different shape but the way the body processes these sugars are completely different in other words glucose is processed by all of the cells your cells can metabolize and use that sugar it does affect insulin as well so insulin comes in and lowers the sugar so your whole body is used to glucose but as far as fructose goes no not one cell in your body can metabolize fructose so what happens it ends up in the liver as the last resort and it’s treated like a poison okay so so the body has to get rid of it so what does it do it converts it into fat deposits around the liver around the heart around the organs and that’s what’s really behind the fatty liver so you might think well a fatty liver only comes from drinking alcohol no it can come from consuming fructose causes insulin resistance because that’s in the liver so it messes up the receptors for insulin because your body is trying to reject it and block it and block this poison by downgrading the receptors so it doesn’t get in anymore so that’s diabetes so get diabetes bad cholesterol if I deliver high blood pressure floow2 tension inflammation liver cirrhosis because the scar tissue and inflammation that occurs so it’s really a bad deal but if you actually listen to even some of the like the American Dietetic Association they say that there’s no difference between fruit and fructose it’s both the same sugar is sugar that’s not true in fruit which our bodies weren’t designed to consume very much anyway maybe seasonal seasonal when they’re in when it’s ripe but let me ask you this could you actually consume 10 apples or 20 apples no because the fiber in the fruit stops the consumption of it plus you have all the enzymes in there and you have the nutrients as well so it’s not the same as just pure fructose that we’re making from high fructose corn syrup so yes corn is so-called natural but the way that we’re consuming it is not natural it’s not meant to drink our corn sugar or our fruit sugar so it creates a serious situation on the liver and that’s actually happened to me as well growing up I had so much sugar and I’m still paying the price for that so if I were to go back in time I would have made sure especially all my kids in the very beginning that no sodas no juice what you should do is you could take a carbonated water and take liquid flavored stevia okay put ten drops or five drops in this carbon water it makes the greatest soda no sugar tastes great your kids won’t tell the difference okay that’s what you need to have your kids consume versus the sugar and the sodas and definitely like if you’re going to a fast-food place do not consume that liquid drink because most of that’s high fructose corn syrup 60% of it so it’s just it’s a cheap filler it subsidized subsidized by the government so it’s just like that’s why they’re doing it it makes more profit but it’s not good for your liver but an average person is consuming way way way too much there’s also no negative feedback so when you consume this drink there’s no turn off switch you can do a lot of fructose without being satisfied so it’s highly addictive so here you are something with something that’s more addictive than coke cocaine and you’re basically consumed this thing that’s a really dangerous situation because you’re going to crave it and then you’re going to drink it and there’s no turn off switch so it’s highly addictive the way you’re consuming it is not natural but even now corn is so-called natural not to mention not going to even get into the GMO thing with corn and soy but the problem is that our bodies do not process fructose the way we do with glucose and it’s a completely toxic poison to our bodies and we’re doing this huge experiment right now where we’re putting more and more into the food supply and people are buying it unknowingly not I mean not just in the sodas it’s in the foods it’s in the cereal it’s in the yogurt it’s in ice creams it’s in a lot of different foods so you have to start reading labels if it says I four just corn syrup or it says corn syrup which is the same thing a lot of times because they just switch the definition I would not consume it at all okay so go ahead and make the switch and start consuming more the carbonated waters with the liquid stevia and stay away from this sugar right here so I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Did You Realize that Most People Drink 50 Gallons of Poison Each Year?.
Did  You Realize that Most People Drink 50 Gallons of Poison Each Year?

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Dr. Berg discusses about an astonishing fact about an average american drinking 50 gallons of poison every year. Table sugar converts to glucose and fructose. Glucose can be absorbed by cells in the body (converts to insulin), but fructose cannot be absorbed and ends up in the liver and is treated as a poison in the body. Higher quantity of fructose causes insulin resistance (diabetes). High blood pressure and inflammation are also other symptoms of consuming high quantity of sugar. Avoid juice and soda as they have high quantity of sugars and are the 3 harmful foods. The body cannot process fructose and it is a toxic component for the body.
An average person consumes over 50 gallons of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) each year. Your body processes fructose very differently and it ends up in the liver as a poison. This causes a fatty liver, insulin resistance (diabetes), high blood pressure and a whole series of body problems.
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