Day In The Life | My Restaurant, The Gym, And An Odd Day Of Eating

Day In The Life | My Restaurant, The Gym, And An Odd Day Of Eating

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what’s going on diet chef Pham I just woke up I’m not eating breakfast I had a refeed day yesterday it was 5 600 grams of carbs so today I’m putting off my breakfast for a little while let’s head to work and we’ll eat later I guess so I just had a mini panic attack because I couldn’t find my cell phone it was seriously on the couch so I’m at work and I didn’t bring any food obviously because I thought that I was still full from yesterday and it turns out that I’m starving so if you’re wondering how I’m at work and I’m wearing this wife beater well that’s because I actually Cole in a restaurant so I do have some food in there that I could eat but I’ll probably just eat some hard-boiled eggs we do chicken wings deep fried food not really a lot of healthy choices in here there’s some what I’m gonna probably have some hard-boiled eggs and maybe I’ll give you guys a little tour of the restaurant here so it’s check it out my grandmother started this place in 1946 pretty amazing a woman being a business owner just after World War two my dad took over for her I’m taking over for him I don’t know if you can cure this but he’s actually filling up of ice bucket right now works here every single day twice a day three times a day he’s here all the time so whenever he decides to either retire or die probably tie that’s what I’m gonna take over for him you’re ever wondering why buffalo wings are called buffalo wings while they were invented here in Buffalo New York there are two places to go my place which is the place you should go and the originator which is called the Anchor Bar they’re no longer family owned and operated which I think adds a little bit of something to the business we really care a lot about the quality of food that we serve everything’s coming in fresh almost daily here when it snows here which is about six months out of the year he’s out there shoveling the parking lot making sure the yellow lines are cleared off so people know where to park so I’m actually looking at the cameras right now think he’s sweeping somewhere so let’s see if we can catch him surprise him you’re done it’s good you’re gonna die out here they didn’t have time to make breakfast this morning so I just grabbed a few hard-boiled eggs from the kitchen little salt little pepper I don’t know it’s something it’s my first meal of the day all right guys so I just got home it’s about 2:30 in the afternoon we’re back from work who was shocked that I own a chicken wing restaurant that’s how I make my living it’s pretty ridiculous right pretty ironic that a guy who does a healthy dieting YouTube channel owns a deep-fried unhealthy chicken wing restaurant right I actually really enjoy working at the restaurant it’s my second passion behind health and fitness are just kind of born into the restaurant industry but I do have a business degree I went to college for business it really gives me a chance to use that and I’m grateful for that and it also gives me a chance I’m I’m grateful for the restaurant for a bunch of reasons that’s just one of them but it gives me an opportunity to do a whole bunch of things one of which is this YouTube channel and by these great cameras and all this stuff to make videos for you guys so I’m very thankful to have that in my life I’m also thankful to be able to work with my dad he’s an amazing guy he grew up and lives eats breathes duff’s chicken wings and when I mean he grew up in Duff’s I literally mean that there was a time where his mom owned the restaurant and they went through rough times and they actually lived in the restaurant him his sister and his mother lived there for a few years anyways so he’s my inspiration he’s the hardest worker that I know he’s there literally day and night as you can see he’s still sweeping the parking lot at 76 years old but this YouTube thing it’s my passion it’s probably my number one passion it’s what I love to do not really YouTube although I do love to do YouTube but just health and fitness and working out I just that’s just what I’ve always loved to do is since about 14 years ago and about five years ago is when I started toying around with making recipes that were a little bit lower calorie didn’t making them taste good so I hope you enjoyed seeing what I do for a living kind of getting a taste of the restaurant if you’re in Buffalo really come by check it out and if it’s a Sunday night like I said I’ll probably be there work in the door well let’s get to lunch and get to the gym this is pre workout we’re just gonna for this wall to the farmers counter Creek chocolate syrup on in there and that is you whole eggs four egg whites a hundred grams of oats and a boatload of Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup so making a whole bunch of Pancakes sounds this is a disaster this is a disaster this is a disaster oh my god this is what happens when you just say I’m gonna make one giant pancake and then when I go to flip that pancake I’m gonna film it and you just break your pancake your giant pancake into five different pieces so here’s the final product of my pre-workout meal my failed chocolate pancake attempt want or or we have five servings of PB two here mixed with a little bit of Walden Farms calorie-free maple syrup pancakes or whatever you want to call it that pancake like I was talking about and somebody might say Joe where’s your fork that you’re gonna eat this pancake with don’t you need a fork no I don’t use Forks I just use my hands I’m going to dip this right in there mmm that is good this is the secret you eat your peanut butter on your spoon you dip that in there right on that coconut it sticks the coconut sticks to your spoon focus oh my god yes that is how you eat your shake mmm so good we’re finally at the gym it’s a little later than I’d like it to be it’s like 6:30 right now Alyssa had called me kind of when I was finishing up lunch asked me if I would wait for her to go to the gym and I did but when she got home she made some food one of the things she was putting in her meal was a jalapeno I don’t even know what she’s making this rice egg thing and she touched her I after touching the jalapeno so we had a little bit of a crisis his then she did the wrong thing and put water in her eye which actually makes the burning worse so if you ever get jalapeno made probably anything hot in your eye you need milk and it turns out our milk was spoiled turn milk I don’t drink regular milk was spoiled so I ran out of the apartment how to pick up some milk took care of her and she decided she didn’t want to come now so I’m gonna head inside hopefully film some of this workout I don’t know if they’re gonna let me with this camera but we’ll find out and maybe I’ll be able to put something on video for you guys so that workouts in the books and we are at the grocery store I need to pick up some groceries I am totally out of fresh protein right now I have no chicken no turkey no ground beef none of my staples I need to get some food I’m gonna pick up some food for Alyssa too so let’s go shopping so that was an abrupt end to grocery shopping my camera actually died when I was in there so let’s make dinner so right now in the kitchen we’ve got a little bit of a stir-fry going on it’s a peppers and onions mix with some bean sprouts and some crunchy bean sprouts I’m gonna be putting this entire package that is a pound of ground turkey 99% lean ground turkey in there with that and probably top it with some reduced sugar ketchup in this little pot boiling away is this great pasta that I found at the grocery store purely made of chickpeas there’
s only like 3 other ingredients that see if it focuses so the macros are pretty amazing as you can see per serving it’s 3 and 1/2 grams of fat 32 grams of carbs 8 of which are fiber and 14 grams of protein just chickpeas pretty amazing it’s a little bit chewier than regular pasta but it is delicious and as you can see some shells right here yum Yee turkey stir-fry covered with pizza sauce definitely a weird combination but I have a huge hankering for pizza sauce moving on we have two servings but it’s really like one and a half now of that pasta with 5 grams of olive oil and some salt and finally a whole bunch of egg whites drowning and reduced sugar ketchup this stuff is so delicious and unripe peach I know what a lot of you are thinking you were thinking that pizza sauce on it stir fry terrible decision but what I have to say to that is no no my friends it was a delicious decision this Donald Trump haircut has got to go better worse better worse I just finished that meal it’s about 1 o’clock in the morning right now I need to get some sleep I’m stuffed and I’m sleepy but I just want to say thanks for checking out this first day in the life blog I know it probably suck I know is probably poopoo but they will get better I promise you that I will do better next good night guys and thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Day In The Life | My Restaurant, The Gym, And An Odd Day Of Eating.
Day In The Life | My Restaurant, The Gym, And An Odd  Day Of Eating

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Day In The Life | My Restaurant, The Gym, And An Odd Day Of Eating
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