Cooking With Joe Show Ep. 2 | Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Cooking With Joe Show Ep. 2 | Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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hey guys welcome to another episode episode 2 the cooking with Joe show this series is different from my other videos and if something can go wrong it probably will we’re gonna make a huge mess that’s for sure and the food it’s still gonna be delicious don’t worry about that so I took a picture of a breakfast burrito the other day that I made and I post it on Instagram and tons of people probably three people we’re like hey what’s the recipe to this will you show me how to eat that burrito it’s not what they said isn’t what they said it all anyways I am getting hungry and I think we should start making this breakfast burrito first thing you want to do guys is get out some bacon oh my god bacon just smells delicious started the bacon and you always want to start with the bacon first because the bacon takes the longest to cook it’s better than turkey bacon macros 5 grams of fat for 3 slices 7 grams of protein turkey bacon it’s two and a half grams of fat per slice you can find a lower fat bake in your grocery store with better macros than turkey bacon so now I’m gonna get out some chicken sausage and I’m gonna show you what to look for when you’re looking for chicken sausage one gram of fat zero grams of carbs five grams of protein so this is kind of what you want to look for in terms of your sausage then you have a leg mens by you get these they’re amazing sausage is going in with the bacon and now we can start with the eggs so the next thing I’m gonna do guys is get 250 grams of my egg beaters going in this bowl 252 plus enough we’ve got our bacon cooking we’ve got our sausage cooking our eggs are just starting to cook now we need to get some wraps out so I really like to use the josephs lavash bread why because the macros are ridiculous you have to times this by two because they try to deceive you 3 grams of fat 16 grams of carbs 8 of which is fiber and 12 grams of protein you could go with a flat out but here’s the thing flat out is super small compared to these Josef flawless breads Josef lavash bread just totally covered the flat out it’s not even close once your bacon is almost done cooking you got to do the bacon trick guys you’ve got to get a couple of sheets of paper towel fold them over on each other now you can come over here you can get your bacon oh my god look at how good that looks and then cover it again guys with two more sheets of paper then you’re just gonna press down and dab off all that oil I actually like to do a little sweet with my salty so I’m gonna add just a touch of maple syrup so our eggs are done our sausage is done our bacon is done we have a wrap assembly line going on over there before we start this breakfast burrito assembly line is actually cut by sausage cuz you want sausage in every bite you don’t want to put a whole link in there you won’t get sausage in every blade so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is add a little bit half your egg it’s one of your burritos half the egg to the other one of your burritos next add half of your sausage and then you’re gonna want to add half of your bacon to each one of these burritos biggest if I can give you guys is the first roll is the most important role when it comes to breo’s you want this super tight Luis guys so delicious if Heaven was a burrito it would be this burrito I hope you give these burritos a try because they really are addicting up and eating them every day for the past I don’t even know how many days but I hope you enjoyed the recipe and I will catch you in the next video

This Post Was All About Cooking With Joe Show Ep. 2 | Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito Recipe.
Cooking With Joe Show Ep. 2 | Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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How To Make A Healthy Breakfast Burrito| Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast Burrito Recipe
1 Joseph’s Wrap (or a similar 90 calorie per wrap)
3-4 Egg whites (125g egg substitute)
1 1/2 Breakfast chicken sausage links (should be around 1g of fat | 30 calories each)
2 Strips of low fat bacon (should be around 2g fat per)
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